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  1. 1,435 downloads
    is_sequenced (0.0.1) Simplify creation of a sequence column in a class, scoped to another class.
  2. 339 downloads
    IsSigned (0.0.0) A simple gem
  3. 1,483 downloads
    isst-vlad (2.0.1) Vlad the Deployer is pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy. Much like Capis...
  4. 4,186 downloads
    issue-beaver (0.2.1) Issue Beaver creates Github Issues for TODO comments in your source code
  5. 2,009 downloads
    issues (0.0.2) GitHub Issues Command Line Interface
  6. 12,984 downloads
    issuu (0.3.0) Provides basic methods to access the Issuu API
  7. 9,252 downloads
    is_taggable (0.1.0) tagging that doesn't want to be on steroids. it's skinny and happy to stay that way.
  8. 1,256 downloads
    is_taggable_rails3 (0.3.0) tagging that doesn't want to be on steroids. it's skinny and happy to stay that way.
  9. 8,753 downloads
    istart-rails (0.1.0) iStart-Rails is a set of common helpers to improve your app and speed up it's development
  10. 3,164 downloads
    istat (0.0.3) an istat client library for ruby
  11. 3,357 downloads
    iStats (0.0.9) iStats is a command-line tool that allows you to easily grab the CPU temperature, fan speeds and ...
  12. 1,576 downloads
    istc (1.0.0) a (very) small library for working with ISTC
  13. 790 downloads
    is_the_site_still_up (0.1.0) If you're building an application that has both online and offline functionality it can be useful...
  14. 2,098 downloads
    is_translatable (1.0.0) Simple translation of dynamic db fields.
  15. 9,923 downloads
    is_unique (0.1.2) Makes ActiveRecord return existing records instead of creating duplicates
  16. 1,076 downloads
    isunit (0.0.1) IsUnit ensures your unit tests don't have external dependencies or dependencies on other classes ...
  17. 3,234 downloads
    isup (1.0) isup is a command line utility to check if a site is up or down. Type 'isup -h' to see the help p...
  18. 6,056 downloads
    isurvey (0.1.4) Communicate with the iSurvey SOAP api.
  19. 594 downloads
    isvalid (0.0.0) Check email
  20. 1,640 downloads
    is_visitable (0.1.0) Rails: Track unique and total visits/viewings of an ActiveRecord resource based on user/account o...
  21. 10,129 downloads
    it (0.2.5) A helper for links and other html tags in your translations
  22. 481 downloads
    it4korea_gem_test (0.0.1) A simple test gem by it4korea
  23. 5,564 downloads
    ita2 (0.1.3) Converts strings to ITA2 codes or to a punchcode ASCII graphic in 5-bit ITA2
  24. 724 downloads
    itaiji (0.1.3) Convert japanese itaiji(異体字) to seijitai(正字体) and also reverse convert.
  25. 2,379 downloads
    italian_job (0.0.2) If you want to validate Italian tax Code (Codice Fiscale) or Italian VAT (Partita IVA) then you n...
  26. 3,051 downloads
    itau_shopline (0.0.3) Gem para integração com Itau Shopline e implementação do itaucripto
  27. 207 downloads
    itc (0.1.0) iTunes CLI with tab completions
  28. 3,064 downloads
    itc-autoingest (1.0.2) This library makes it easy to fetch iTunes connect reports using the official autoingest system.
  29. 1,530 downloads
    itcf (1.0.0) == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: FiscalCode.calc will throw an ArgumentError Exception if it cannot do the ...
  30. 5,646 downloads
    itch (1.0.5) Allows control of iTunes for Windows via a command line.