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  1. 9,857 downloads
    is_unique (0.1.2) Makes ActiveRecord return existing records instead of creating duplicates
  2. 1,068 downloads
    isunit (0.0.1) IsUnit ensures your unit tests don't have external dependencies or dependencies on other classes ...
  3. 3,179 downloads
    isup (1.0) isup is a command line utility to check if a site is up or down. Type 'isup -h' to see the help p...
  4. 5,941 downloads
    isurvey (0.1.4) Communicate with the iSurvey SOAP api.
  5. 585 downloads
    isvalid (0.0.0) Check email
  6. 1,632 downloads
    is_visitable (0.1.0) Rails: Track unique and total visits/viewings of an ActiveRecord resource based on user/account o...
  7. 10,016 downloads
    it (0.2.5) A helper for links and other html tags in your translations
  8. 472 downloads
    it4korea_gem_test (0.0.1) A simple test gem by it4korea
  9. 5,525 downloads
    ita2 (0.1.3) Converts strings to ITA2 codes or to a punchcode ASCII graphic in 5-bit ITA2
  10. 533 downloads
    itaiji (0.1.2) Convert japanese itaiji(異体字) to seijitai(正字体) and also reverse convert.
  11. 2,365 downloads
    italian_job (0.0.2) If you want to validate Italian tax Code (Codice Fiscale) or Italian VAT (Partita IVA) then you n...
  12. 3,024 downloads
    itau_shopline (0.0.3) Gem para integração com Itau Shopline e implementação do itaucripto
  13. 189 downloads
    itc (0.1.0) iTunes CLI with tab completions
  14. 3,033 downloads
    itc-autoingest (1.0.2) This library makes it easy to fetch iTunes connect reports using the official autoingest system.
  15. 1,519 downloads
    itcf (1.0.0) == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: FiscalCode.calc will throw an ArgumentError Exception if it cannot do the ...
  16. 5,607 downloads
    itch (1.0.5) Allows control of iTunes for Windows via a command line.
  17. 141 downloads
    it_cloud_sms (0.1.0) A gateway to send SMS using HTTP POST, through IT Cloud Services Colombia, written in ruby
  18. 365 downloads
    itds (0.1.0) A very simple SQL server client.
  19. 263 downloads
    itebooks (0.0.1) Ruby client for the IT-Ebooks API
  20. 3,275 downloads
    iteh-zabbixapi (0.2.4) Ruby module for work with zabbix api.
  21. 462 downloads
    iterable (0.0.11.pre) Provides the class IterableArray, which implements all of the methods of Array (as of Ruby 1.9.3)...
  22. 961 downloads
    iterated_local_search (0.0.4) iterated local search to solve travelling salesman
  23. 3,058 downloads
    iteration (1.1.1) Iteration is class that encapsulate an step in an each loop. It can be used to query infromation ...
  24. 2,754 downloads
    iterationlabs-my_obfuscate (0.3.6) Standalone Ruby code for the selective rewriting of MySQL dumps in order to protect user privacy.
  25. 1,063 downloads
    iterationlabs-rarff (0.2.5) Rarff is a Ruby library for dealing with Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF) files. ARFF files ...
  26. 1,178 downloads
    iterm2_escape (1.0.1) A simple interface to iTerm2 proprietary escape codes.
  27. 2,778 downloads
    iterm2_tab_formatter (0.8.0) An RSpec2 formatter that uses your iTerm2 tabs' color and titles to inform you of your spec status.
  28. 1,079 downloads
    iterminator (0.0.1) It's always a hassle to open different tabs and panes in iTerm and prepare to work environment fo...
  29. 1,678 downloads
    itermwindow (0.4.0) The ItermWindow class models an iTerm terminal window and allows for full control via Ruby commands.
  30. 2,147 downloads
    iterm_window (0.3.5) The ItermWindow class models an iTerm terminal window and allows for full control via Ruby commands.