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  1. 3,295 downloads
    iteh-zabbixapi (0.2.4) Ruby module for work with zabbix api.
  2. 527 downloads
    item (1.0.0) Item is a Ruby on Rails plugin for integrating semantic markup and microdata without getting view...
  3. 462 downloads
    iterable (0.0.11.pre) Provides the class IterableArray, which implements all of the methods of Array (as of Ruby 1.9.3)...
  4. 987 downloads
    iterated_local_search (0.0.4) iterated local search to solve travelling salesman
  5. 3,077 downloads
    iteration (1.1.1) Iteration is class that encapsulate an step in an each loop. It can be used to query infromation ...
  6. 2,770 downloads
    iterationlabs-my_obfuscate (0.3.6) Standalone Ruby code for the selective rewriting of MySQL dumps in order to protect user privacy.
  7. 1,069 downloads
    iterationlabs-rarff (0.2.5) Rarff is a Ruby library for dealing with Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF) files. ARFF files ...
  8. 1,189 downloads
    iterm2_escape (1.0.1) A simple interface to iTerm2 proprietary escape codes.
  9. 2,804 downloads
    iterm2_tab_formatter (0.8.0) An RSpec2 formatter that uses your iTerm2 tabs' color and titles to inform you of your spec status.
  10. 1,086 downloads
    iterminator (0.0.1) It's always a hassle to open different tabs and panes in iTerm and prepare to work environment fo...
  11. 1,684 downloads
    itermwindow (0.4.0) The ItermWindow class models an iTerm terminal window and allows for full control via Ruby commands.
  12. 2,170 downloads
    iterm_window (0.3.5) The ItermWindow class models an iTerm terminal window and allows for full control via Ruby commands.
  13. 2,184 downloads
    itest (0.0.1) 前端测试HELPER类库
  14. 2,521 downloads
    itesttool (0.1.1) End-to-End Test tool for web api.
  15. 2,270 downloads
    itext (2.0.7-jruby) A gem that packages the iText library for Java.
  16. 4,963 downloads
    itext-jruby (0.1.3) IText
  17. 34,500 downloads
    itextomml (1.5.2) itextomml provides native Ruby bindings to itex2MML, which converts itex equations to MathML.
  18. 213 downloads
    itf-terms_and_modules (0.0.2) Simple Gem to treat Univ. of Tsukuba's complicated term and module system
  19. 1,573 downloads
    itg_test (0.0.1) for rails apps that are too complicated to be tested with builtin integration test
  20. 8,460 downloads
    itgwiki_mirror (1.0.4) Use two scripts, itgwiki_mirror_backup and itgwiki_mirror_deploy, to maintain a read-onl...
  21. 1,514 downloads
    itility (1.0.0) This simple itility parses your itunes library XML file and outputs song statistics. It also pro...
  22. 8,751 downloads
    itimer (9) Drop-in replacement for stdlib Timeout that uses POSIX interval timers instead of threads. Not a...
  23. 1,108 downloads
    itinerary (0.4) A Ruby gem to keep track of travel itineraries.
  24. 1,741 downloads
    itis (0.0.2) Ruby API for TIS / Telefonski Imenik Slovenije
  25. 2,286 downloads
    itium-theme (0.0.3) View generator for rails projects using simple_form and bootstrap
  26. 148,999 downloads
    it-logica-application-backbone (1.4.11) longer description of your gem
  27. 1,099 downloads
    itm (0.0.0) A ruby interface for SPLAT! the RF Signal Propogation, Loss, and Terrain analysis tool.
  28. 221 downloads
    itoen (0.0.1) convert numeric to English string
  29. 1,060 downloads
    i-told-you-it-was-private (1.0) Enough diplomacy, is time for punishment!
  30. 1,452 downloads
    itree (0.1.2) Interval Tree Data Structure