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  1. 1,226 downloads
    isd-color-palette (0.1.4) ISDColorPalette is a color selection panel for the RubyMotion iOS app.
  2. 29,520 downloads
    iseq ( This is a library, by the ISeq freaks, for the ISeq freaks, of the ISeq freaks. (will be in the f...
  3. 1,780 downloads
    is_filterable (0.0.5) This Gem implements the option to filter/search in a ActiveRecord model by a search pattern
  4. 658 downloads
    is-fixed (0.2.0) Provides a fixed point numeric class.
  5. 2,740 downloads
    is_gd (0.1.0) A lightweight ruby wrapper around the service. It will minify and expand urls.
  6. 2,541 downloads
    is-gd-shrinker (0.1.0) Use to shrink and expand URLs for your Ruby application. A one-liner does it all.
  7. 5,939 downloads
    is_graffitiable (0.1.4) tagging that allow you to use key:value tags
  8. 822 downloads
    ish (0.0.1) Adds random fuzzy helper methods to various ruby classes
  9. 1,559 downloads
    IsHealthyAgg (0.0.1) Monitors multiple URLs for a configured string. Expects to find the string on at least one of th...
  10. 225 downloads
    is_heroku (1.0.0) heroku?
  11. 1,232 downloads
    ishikawa_air_pollution (0.0.2) Fetch the observed value of air pollutants in Ishikawa pref
  12. 206 downloads
    ish_rails (0.0.1) A Rails engine that provides a special url to test a rails site in different view ports.
  13. 12,239 downloads
    isi (1.2.3) "isi" is a package of Ruby libraries and scripts for ISI Export Format. "isi2bibtex" co...
  14. 2,761 downloads
    isikukood (0.1.2) Estonian personal identification number validator
  15. 804 downloads
    isin_code_generator (0.0.2) Simple random ISIN Code generator
  16. 1,517 downloads
    isi-rb (1.1.0) isi.rb converts ISI Export Format to BibTeX Format. This is a Ruby script. You can use this scrip...
  17. 488 downloads
    isit (0.0.0) ...
  18. 245 downloads
    isitfree (0.0.1) This is a silly gem that is used to check if a gem name is free on
  19. 4,336 downloads
    is_it_iphone (1.0.0) The code to check for the iPhone user agent is from This doesn't hav...
  20. 8,926 downloads
    is_it_mobile (1.4.1) Simply determines if a user agent is for a mobile device.
  21. 2,256 downloads
    isitopencoffeetomorrow (0.3.0) Embedded sinatra app for answering the is it tomorrow question
  22. 439 downloads
    is_it_up (0.0.2) A Ruby gem for adding a simple endpoint to see if your application "is up".
  23. 3,572 downloads
    is_it_working (1.0.10) Rack handler for monitoring several parts of a web application so one request can determine which...
  24. 5,323 downloads
    is_it_working-cbeer (1.0.16) Rack handler for monitoring several parts of a web application so one request can determine which...
  25. 1,089 downloads
    iskr (0.9.0) simple ruby mapper for isk-daemon, isk daemon search image with similarity
  26. 176 downloads
    island (0.0.1) Helper for creating standalone ruby scripts with all dependencies.
  27. 752 downloads
    is-lazy (0.9.1) Provides an object-placeholder for lazy and threaded calculations.
  28. 1,615 downloads
    is_listable (0.0.4) This will allow you to very quickly get the "Move Up" and "Move Down" button functionality to mov...
  29. 547 downloads
    islo (0.1.1) Makes app completely self-contained by abstracting service process settings and execution
  30. 2,241 downloads
    islock (0.2.0) orig: Simple engine that can lock down controllers/actions with a password. Useful for locking a...