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  1. 342 downloads
    isaac-deprec (1.99.32) This project provides libraries of Capistrano tasks and extensions to remove the repetative manu...
  2. 345 downloads
    isaacfeliu-aws-s3 (0.4.1) Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  3. 176 downloads
    isaacfeliu-beanstalk-client (1.0.0) Ruby client library for the Beanstalk protocol
  4. 3,017 downloads
    isaac-formatting (1.0.1) Formatting for your isaac-powered IRC bots.
  5. 167 downloads
    isaac-malline (1.1.0) Malline is a full-featured template system designed to be a replacement for ERB views in Rails or...
  6. 7,610 downloads
    is_a_collection (0.1.1) A small gem that adds #find, #all and #destroy to a class to keep track of its instances.
  7. 1,202 downloads
    is_addressable (0.0.1) Adds addressable attributes to a model
  8. 411 downloads
    isa-friendly_id_datamapper (3.2.0.beta1) An adapter for using DataMapper::Resource with FriendlyId.
  9. 4,207 downloads
    is_alias (0.0.2) A rails plugin to make simple aliases for boolean fields in active record models.
  10. 552 downloads
    is_an (0.0.2) This gem will help you check if something is AN Array, without being gramtically incorrect
  11. 1,646 downloads
    is_association (0.0.2) Patches ActiveRecord::Base to expose a method is_association? The method will return true for...
  12. 416 downloads
    isbm_adaptor (1.0.rc8.7) ISBM Adaptor provides a Ruby API for the OpenO&M ISBM specification
  13. 21,854 downloads
    isbn (2.0.10) library to transform ISBN's from new to used, between 10 and 13, etc...
  14. 53,086 downloads
    isbn10 (1.2.0) a (very) small library for working with ISBN10 codes
  15. 1,122 downloads
    isbn13 (1.0) Provides validation and proper formatting for ISBN13 numbers.
  16. 1,616 downloads
    isbn-converter (0.1.0) Provides methods to convert ISBNs to and from 13-digit format.
  17. 9,059 downloads
    isbndb (2.0.2) Ruby ISBNdb is a amazingly fast and accurate gem that reads's XML API and gives you in...
  18. 869 downloads
    isbnify (1.0.1) This gem verifies, creates and hyphinates ISBN13 numbers
  19. 15,750 downloads
    isbn-tools (0.1.0) A series of methods to manipulate ISBN numbers.
  20. 2,334 downloads
    IsbnUtils ( Gem Utilities for ISBN validation and Isbn Conversion
  21. 16,796 downloads
    isbn_validation (1.2.1) isbn_validation adds an isbn validation routine to active record models.
  22. 8,477 downloads
    is_bot (0.3.6) Simple gem to reduce the spam attacks on sign-up, sign-in and other similar sorts of forms.
  23. 1,499 downloads
    is-build ( Autoincrement build number.
  24. 3,955 downloads
    isbumiawake-chef (0.1.5) Chef Handler to notify isbumiawake to track if the peritically chef run is running
  25. 3,841 downloads
    is_business_day (0.2.0) Adds some methods to the Ruby Date object for testing whether or not a specific date falls on a v...
  26. 1,225 downloads
    iscale (0.0.1) Manage your scalarium cluster from the command line
  27. 5,093 downloads
    isc_analytics (0.6.1) A simple client-side & server-side analytics library
  28. 3,229 downloads
    iscjs (0.1.4) JavaScript UI plugins we use in our projects.
  29. 1,007 downloads
    is-command (0.9.3) Multicommand apps helper.
  30. 5,846 downloads
    is_contacted (0.1.3) Short description for contacted gem