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  1. 5,846 downloads
    is_contacted (0.1.3) Short description for contacted gem
  2. 6,031 downloads
    is_crawler (0.1.5) is_crawler does exactly what you might think it does: determine if the supplied string matches a ...
  3. 1,319 downloads
    isd-color-palette (0.1.4) ISDColorPalette is a color selection panel for the RubyMotion iOS app.
  4. 30,056 downloads
    iseq ( This is a library, by the ISeq freaks, for the ISeq freaks, of the ISeq freaks. (will be in the f...
  5. 1,850 downloads
    is_filterable (0.0.5) This Gem implements the option to filter/search in a ActiveRecord model by a search pattern
  6. 682 downloads
    is-fixed (0.2.0) Provides a fixed point numeric class.
  7. 2,767 downloads
    is_gd (0.1.0) A lightweight ruby wrapper around the service. It will minify and expand urls.
  8. 2,583 downloads
    is-gd-shrinker (0.1.0) Use to shrink and expand URLs for your Ruby application. A one-liner does it all.
  9. 6,059 downloads
    is_graffitiable (0.1.4) tagging that allow you to use key:value tags
  10. 942 downloads
    ish (0.0.1) Adds random fuzzy helper methods to various ruby classes
  11. 1,581 downloads
    IsHealthyAgg (0.0.1) Monitors multiple URLs for a configured string. Expects to find the string on at least one of th...
  12. 278 downloads
    is_heroku (1.0.0) heroku?
  13. 1,281 downloads
    ishikawa_air_pollution (0.0.2) Fetch the observed value of air pollutants in Ishikawa pref
  14. 242 downloads
    ish_rails (0.0.1) A Rails engine that provides a special url to test a rails site in different view ports.
  15. 12,439 downloads
    isi (1.2.3) "isi" is a package of Ruby libraries and scripts for ISI Export Format. "isi2bibtex" co...
  16. 117 downloads
    isic (0.0.1) International Standard Industrial Classification
  17. 2,847 downloads
    isikukood (0.1.2) Estonian personal identification number validator
  18. 860 downloads
    isin_code_generator (0.0.2) Simple random ISIN Code generator
  19. 1,544 downloads
    isi-rb (1.1.0) isi.rb converts ISI Export Format to BibTeX Format. This is a Ruby script. You can use this scrip...
  20. 512 downloads
    isit (0.0.0) ...
  21. 269 downloads
    isitfree (0.0.1) This is a silly gem that is used to check if a gem name is free on
  22. 4,408 downloads
    is_it_iphone (1.0.0) The code to check for the iPhone user agent is from This doesn't hav...
  23. 9,064 downloads
    is_it_mobile (1.4.1) Simply determines if a user agent is for a mobile device.
  24. 2,329 downloads
    isitopencoffeetomorrow (0.3.0) Embedded sinatra app for answering the is it tomorrow question
  25. 539 downloads
    is_it_up (0.0.2) A Ruby gem for adding a simple endpoint to see if your application "is up".
  26. 3,699 downloads
    is_it_working (1.0.10) Rack handler for monitoring several parts of a web application so one request can determine which...
  27. 5,534 downloads
    is_it_working-cbeer (1.0.16) Rack handler for monitoring several parts of a web application so one request can determine which...
  28. 1,113 downloads
    iskr (0.9.0) simple ruby mapper for isk-daemon, isk daemon search image with similarity
  29. 206 downloads
    island (0.0.1) Helper for creating standalone ruby scripts with all dependencies.
  30. 776 downloads
    is-lazy (0.9.1) Provides an object-placeholder for lazy and threaded calculations.