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  1. 1,826 downloads
    itunes_app_reviews (0.0.3) Scrapes iTunes for app reviews
  2. 2,537 downloads
    itunes-charts (1.0.1) A simple rubygem to retrieve itunes charts from
  3. 1,419 downloads
    itunes-cli (0.1.0) a command line interface for itunes (only supports windows/cygwin currently)
  4. 6,500 downloads
    itunes-client (0.1.7) iTunes client with high level API
  5. 3,733 downloads
    itunes-command (1.6-universal-darwin-9) Search, queue, and play iTunes tracks from the command line.
  6. 8,295 downloads
    itunes-connect (0.13.0) Programmatic and command-line access to iTunes Connect Reports
  7. 1,002 downloads
    itunes-controller (0.1.0) A application to control enable iTunes to be operated on a headless server without the GUI. It pr...
  8. 686 downloads
    itunes_crawler (0.1.0) ITunesCrawler provides an easy way to download the requested iTunes data through Apple's Search API.
  9. 2,578 downloads
    itunes_csv (0.0.3) Export iTunes Library XML data to CSV
  10. 1,126 downloads
    itunes_epf (0.0.1) A ruby library to access the iTunes EPF feeds
  11. 278 downloads
    itunes-iap (0.0.1) iTunes In-App Purchase and Subscription Receipt Analysis and Validation
  12. 365 downloads
    itunes_information_slack (0.0.3) Send information on itunes play music informatio to slack
  13. 5,064 downloads
    itunes_ingestion (0.3.0) A simple port of Apple itunes Autoingestion tool to ruby.
  14. 3,175 downloads
    itunes_link_maker (1.0.1) Create iTunes links
  15. 3,533 downloads
    itunes-observer (0.1.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  16. 16,381 downloads
    itunes-receipt (1.0.0) Handle iTunes In App Purchase Receipt Verification
  17. 5,191 downloads
    itunes_review (0.0.5) iTunes review list
  18. 5,007 downloads
    itunes-rm-dups (0.3.1-universal-darwin-9) This ruby gem allows a OS X Leopard user to remove duplicate tracks from her iTunes library and f...
  19. 18,703 downloads
    itunes-search (0.4.1) Simple interface for the itunes search api will return results as array of results objects and of...
  20. 6,574 downloads
    itunes-search-api (0.1.0) Ruby interface to the ITunes Search API
  21. 2,740 downloads
    itunes-search-rb (0.3.4) This project allows you to search iTunes using Ruby
  22. 276 downloads
    itunes_store_bot (0.1.3) [Alpha version] Get your iOS App Rating, number of votes.. from the iTunes Store
  23. 3,231 downloads
    itunes_store_transporter (0.1.1) iTunes::Store::Transporter is a wrapper around Apple's iTMSTransporter program. It allows you...
  24. 446 downloads
    itunes_track (0.0.1) Object wrapper of iTunes music tracks
  25. 6,364 downloads
    itunes_transporter_generator (0.4.8) A command-line tool for generating and packaging app store assets for Game Center and In-App Purc...
  26. 3,970 downloads
    itunes_validator (0.4.5) iTunes Receipt validation
  27. 5,683 downloads
    itunes_video (0.4.2) A gem to import and organize your video collection in iTunes. OS X only.
  28. 1,565 downloads
    itunes-web-frontend (0.1.0) Simple web front-end for controlling an iTunes instance
  29. 1,649 downloads
    it_will_be_mine (0.0.2) Determine whether a gem name is available using Ruby
  30. 4,545 downloads
    iudex (1.4.0-java) Iudex provides general purpose and extendable web feed aggregation and web crawling facilities.