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  1. 1,834 downloads
    iuid (0.0.3) Iuid generates and keeps uids stored. It generates the next unique uid based on a category range
  2. 509 downloads
    iulianu-iban-tools (0.0.3) Validates IBAN account numbers
  3. 313 downloads
    iuri (1.1.0) Build complex URIs with chainability and immutability. No string concatenation required.
  4. 6,165 downloads
    iut (0.2.1) After Xcode 4 released, the format of template project was changed. The aim of this command is to...
  5. 4,539 downloads
    iv (0.0.6) A wrapper for several gems related to infrastructure visualization
  6. 334 downloads
    ivanoats-whm_xml (0.3.1) The whm_xml library provides a Ruby wrapper for the cPanel Web Host Manager (WHM) XML-API
  7. 1,231 downloads
    ivanvanderbyl-amqp ( An implementation of the AMQP protocol in Ruby/EventMachine. Fork of original ruby-amqp/amqp 0.6....
  8. 180 downloads
    ivanvc-choice ( Choice is a simple little gem for easily defining and parsing command line options with a friendl...
  9. 1,554 downloads
    ivanvc-devise ( Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden
  10. 4,305 downloads
    ivanvc-dictionary (0.0.2) Dictionary
  11. 1,562 downloads
    ivanvc-geolocation_city (0.0.1) Ruby C wrapper for location by city.
  12. 332 downloads
    ivanvc-pft (0.1.1) pft is a simple command line twitter client.
  13. 1,475 downloads
    ivanvc-sweat (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  14. 510 downloads
    ivanvr-faker_es_mx (0.1.2) Generate "fake" data formatted for es_MX.
  15. 351 downloads
    ivanvr-fakeweb ( FakeWeb is a helper for faking web requests in Ruby. It works at a global level, without modifyin...
  16. 4,781 downloads
    ivapi (1.1.2) Gem which helps to communicate with API.
  17. 451 downloads
    ivar_encapsulation (1.0.0) Provides similar functionality to the attr_* methods, but can also generate private getter/setter...
  18. 5,688 downloads
    iv-cli (0.0.6) Peer into your cloud infrastructure, using APIs from various providers
  19. 1,633 downloads
    ive (1.2.0) A gem that allows you to bump the version of your Xcode project. You can do a major, minor, patch...
  20. 770 downloads
    ivebeen (0.2.0) extract exif from image, and convert it to a geojson file, for present
  21. 3,448 downloads
    ives (0.2.0) Ruby gem to access the IVES Venue ID API
  22. 1,519 downloads
    ivey-longurl (0.1.7) LongURL expands short urls (tinyurl,, ...) to original ones, using on, internal...
  23. 522 downloads
    ivey-merb_has_flash (0.9.7) Rails' 'flash' session notification system ported to Merb
  24. 180 downloads
    ivey-merb_has_rails_plugins (0.1.1) Merb plugin that provides autoloading of Rails plugins from plugins/ dir
  25. 1,050 downloads
    IVLE (0.0.2) Basic Ruby gem wrapper for NUS IVLE LAPI interface. All methods are implemented (but not tested).
  26. 520 downloads
    ivona (0.0.1) Ruby client to talk to ivona speech cloud / Repackaged from the speechcloud gem
  27. 1,139 downloads
    ivory_tower (0.0.6) Easy abstraction for working with rabbitmq
  28. 20,791 downloads
    iv-phonic (0.1.8) phonic is ruby binding for iv AST API
  29. 76,638 downloads
    ivy4r (0.12.10) Ivy4r is a Ruby interface for Apache Ivy dependency management library. Offers support for using ...
  30. 15,979 downloads
    ivy4r-jars (1.2.0) Contains all java jar dependencies for ivy4r[] to se...