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  1. 1,196 downloads
    jashmenn-activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter ( Install this gem to use MySQL with JRuby on Rails.
  2. 962 downloads
    jashmenn-apriori (0.2.2) Ruby Apriori is a library to efficiently find item association rules within large sets of transac...
  3. 174 downloads
    jashmenn-basket (0.0.2) Easily process and sort a directory of files.
  4. 1,118 downloads
    jashmenn-dalli (1.0.3) High performance memcached client for Ruby
  5. 1,028 downloads
    jashmenn-feedzirra (0.1.3) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  6. 1,097 downloads
    jashmenn-git-style-binaries (0.1.10) Ridiculously easy git-style binaries
  7. 2,247 downloads
    jashmenn-httparty-icebox (0.0.4) Cache responses in HTTParty models
  8. 18,755 downloads
    jashmenn-method_cache ( Simple memcache-based memoization library for Ruby
  9. 325 downloads
    jashmenn-mrtoolkit (0.1.2) Simplify the creation of Hadoop Map/Reduce jobs
  10. 488 downloads
    jashmenn-poolparty-extensions (0.1.1) Extensions on to of poolparty
  11. 12,764 downloads
    jashmenn-redis-lock (0.1.1) Adds pessimistic locking capabilities to the redis gem. Since these capabilities are utili...
  12. 248 downloads
    jashmenn-restful-authentication (2.0.0.beta1) Generates common user authentication code for Rails/Merb, with a full test/unit and rspec suite a...
  13. 12,889 downloads
    jashmenn-statsd-instrument (1.1.3) A StatsD client for Ruby apps. Provides metaprogramming methods to inject StatsD instrumentation ...
  14. 2,450 downloads
    jasl_tenpay (1.1.1) An unofficial simple tenpay gem
  15. 1,438,788 downloads
    jasmine (2.0.3) Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a nice desc...
  16. 6,083 downloads
    jasmine-ajax (0.0.2) This is an asset gem version of the Pivotal jasmine mock ajax library
  17. 671 downloads
    jasmine-blanket ( Make it easy to work with Blanket.js and Jasmine 2.0
  18. 1,477,597 downloads
    jasmine-core (2.0.2) Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a nice desc...
  19. 11,896 downloads
    jasmine-coverage (0.3.2) A gem that runs jasmine javascript tests with all the goodness of coverage reports.
  20. 1,714 downloads
    jasmine-coverage-kikuchiyo-patch (0.1.5) patch for jasmine-coverage
  21. 11,879 downloads
    jasmine-fixtures (0.1.7) Dump out DOM that you want to test. Use jasmine-fixtures to load that DOM into your Jasmine specs...
  22. 15,175 downloads
    jasmine-fixtures-generator (0.1.5) Fixtures Generator for Jasmine BDD framework under Rails 3.x
  23. 282,040 downloads
    jasmine-headless-webkit (0.8.4) Run Jasmine specs headlessly
  24. 1,807 downloads
    jasmine-headless-webkit-firstbanco (0.9.0.rc.5) Run Jasmine specs headlessly. This is a fork gem that makes firstbanco deploys easier. We don't n...
  25. 1,108 downloads
    jasmine-init (1.0.3) Downloads and builds a basic directory structure for Jasmine.
  26. 84,703 downloads
    jasmine-jquery-rails (2.0.3) jasmine-jquery via asset pipeline
  27. 3,326 downloads
    jasmine-jstd-conf (0.0.3) Based on jasmine.yml, write a jsTestDriver config file to the supplied path.
  28. 593 downloads
    jasmine-junitreporter (0.0.1) Provides a JUnit reporter suitable for use with jasmine-rails
  29. 2,583 downloads
    jasmine_junitxml_formatter (0.2.0) Format jasmine results as junit compatible XML so CI servers, like Hudson/Jenkins can parse it
  30. 8,033 downloads
    jasmine-multi_json ( Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a nice desc...