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  1. 7,532 downloads
    je (0.1.3) Use jemalloc as default allocator, everywhere!
  2. 31,127 downloads
    jeanny (0.99.14) Lib for obfuscation css class names
  3. 398 downloads
    jeans (0.0.1) ...
  4. 1,299 downloads
    jeapie (0.2.0) Wrapper for Jeapie push service
  5. 718 downloads
    jebediah (1.0.4) A Gem to convert git hashes to memorable names, and vice versa
  6. 3,663 downloads
    jeckyl (0.3.7) Create and manage configuration files in Ruby for Ruby. Jeckyl can be used to create a parameters...
  7. 660 downloads
    jedis_jar (0.0.2-java) Gem wrapping jedis jars
  8. 957 downloads
    jedis-jars (2.0.0-java) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  9. 8,929 downloads
    jeditable-rails (0.1.1) An edit-in-place gem that uses the JEditable jQuery plugin to post updates to the server via AJAX.
  10. 3,397 downloads
    jedlik (0.1.0) Communicate with Amazon DynamoDB. Raw access to the full API without having to handle temporary c...
  11. 268 downloads
    jeera (0.1.0) Command line interface for the JIRA REST API
  12. 324 downloads
    jeet (0.0.4) Jeet was originally a Stylus grid framework but has since been ported to SCSS. This is the Compas...
  13. 4,382 downloads
    jeeves (0.2.3) Jeeves is a personal valet for your Ruby code. It is used to manage dependencies between loosely ...
  14. 113 downloads
    jeeves-pvr (0.2.0) = Jeeves Provide a brief outline of what the package covers, as the intro page to the rdoc docum...
  15. 4,268 downloads
    jefe (1.2.1) Through the magic of Thor and EventMachine, we give you a Foreman substitute in just 200 lines of...
  16. 23,394 downloads
    jeff (1.0.1) An Amazon Web Services client
  17. 987 downloads
    jeffersongirao_faraday-stack (0.1.5) A Temp fork of faraday-stack
  18. 2,763 downloads
    jeffkreeftmeijer-delayed_job (1.7.0) Delated_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer tasks in t...
  19. 290 downloads
    jeffleeismyhero-rails (3.0.4.rc1) Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable pr...
  20. 2,127 downloads
    jeffleeismyhero-rubycas-client-rails (0.0.2) Rails plugin for using the RubyCAS-Client as a controller filter.
  21. 1,388 downloads
    jeffrafter-factory_girl (1.2.3) factory_girl provides a framework and DSL for defining and using factories -...
  22. 1,371 downloads
    jeg (0.2.1) A command line tool to slice and dice JSON-encoded data as simple a structured text format
  23. 9,717 downloads
    jegolize (0.1.12) XMPP compatible reach chat organizer
  24. 365 downloads
    jejune (1.1.0) Make JavaScript look and feel like Ruby -- fancy JavaScript preprocessor. More info to come later.
  25. 5,667 downloads
    jeka (0.2.3) Jeka is an awesome build/test/benchmarking tool
  26. 487 downloads
    jektop (0.1.3) Ever wanted to make Jekyll post easily? Now you can with this gem
  27. 684,932 downloads
    jekyll (1.5.1) Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.
  28. 238 downloads
    jekyll-alt-urls (0.1.0) Seamlessly specify multiple redirection URLs for your pages and posts
  29. 5,007 downloads
    jekyll_and_hyde (1.2.0) JekyllAndHyde is a HTML presentation generator that generates a basic Jekyll scaffold with Slippy...
  30. 10,568 downloads
    jekyll-asset-pipeline (0.1.6) Adds asset preprocessing (CoffeeScript, Sass, Less, ERB, etc.) and asset compression/minification...