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  1. 2,991 downloads
    javaobj (0.2) Takes Java serialized objects in a file or stream and creates Ruby wrapper objects and decodes. T...
  2. 1,580 downloads
    javaobjs (0.3) Takes Java serialized objects in a file or stream and creates Ruby wrapper objects and decodes. T...
  3. 3,087 downloads
    javaobs (0.3.1) Takes Java serialized objects in a file or stream and creates Ruby wrapper objects and decodes. T...
  4. 1,751 downloads
    java_override (0.1.4-java) Support for Java class and interface inheritance in JRuby. Enable overriding native Java methods ...
  5. 11,021 downloads
    javaparse (0.1.5) Parsing info from Java files
  6. 49,122 downloads
    java_properties (0.0.4) A class that can read and write to Java properties files that behaves otherwise as a standard rub...
  7. 2,535 downloads
    java-properties (0.0.2) Tool for loading and writing Java properties files
  8. 1,294 downloads
    java_regex (0.0.2) For the most common cases, either converts to the Ruby equivalent, or throws an exception...
  9. 3,054 downloads
    javasand (0.0.2) Sandbox support for JRuby. Only usable with JRuby
  10. 1,180 downloads
    javascript2latex (0.0.2) Gem for creating a LaTeX expressions from JavaScript ones.
  11. 2,847 downloads
    javascript_auto_include (0.2.0) Rails helper for automatically including javascript files. Looks up assets in public/javascripts ...
  12. 1,199 downloads
    javascript_dlog-rails (1.0.1) Super basic gem for defining a javascript debug function that works in development and does nothi...
  13. 4,050 downloads
    javascript_eraser (1.0.2) Rack middleware to simulate what happens when a user disables Javascript.
  14. 247 downloads
    javascript_exception_handler (0.0.2) Get notfied via exception handler or bug snap when any js exception occurs in your rails application
  15. 5,354 downloads
    javascript_features (1.0.3) Structured, unobtrusive JavaScript for Rails applications
  16. 9,371 downloads
    javascript_i18n (0.2.2) Dead simple JavaScript i18n
  17. 2,320 downloads
    javascript_localize (0.0.2) javascript localize solution
  18. 677 downloads
    javascriptmvc (3.0.0.pre14) Binaries for interacting with JavascriptMVC
  19. 831 downloads
    javascript_namespace (0.0.2) To use it, you must require namespace in your JavaScript manifest. Add this line to your applic...
  20. 2,981 downloads
    javascripto (0.0.2) Client-side Javascript Application Framework
  21. 3,926 downloads
    javascripto-rails (0.0.3) Rails plugin gem for Javascripto Client-side Application Framework.
  22. 6,104 downloads
    javascript_safe_logger (0.1.0) == Rails 3.1 and up javascript asset for Paul Irish console.log wrapper This gem makes a javascr...
  23. 3,634 downloads
    javascript-securehash-rails (0.6.2) The Javascript Secure Hash functions collection is ready to require and use in your Rails app pro...
  24. 2,077 downloads
    javascript-state-machine-rails (0.0.7) A finite state machine javascript micro framework
  25. 10,572 downloads
    javascript_util_asset_pack (0.2.0) == Rails 3.1 javascript - Util asset pack == Sets up a window.Util object which includes * Spin...
  26. 1,039 downloads
    java_streamify (0.0.1-java) that's really about it...
  27. 1,605 downloads
    java_testing_guff (0.0.2) Generates java source code that provides fluent interfaces to configure mock objects in particula...
  28. 347 downloads
    java_to_base64 (0.0.2-java) simple utility module to provide to_base64 and from_base64 for java objects
  29. 160 downloads
    javy_foodie (0.0.2) Test again to create rubygems width bundle.
  30. 956 downloads
    javy_tool (0.0.3) pack some used methods