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  1. 32,128 downloads
    jekyll-assets (0.7.7) Jekyll plugin, that allows you to write javascript/css assets in other languages such as Coff...
  2. 6,292 downloads
    jekyll-attendease (0.5.1) Bring your event data into Jekyll for amazing event websites.
  3. 2,543 downloads
    jekyll-auth (0.3.1) A simple way to use Github Oauth to serve a protected jekyll site to your GitHub organization.
  4. 1,821 downloads
    jekyll-beastiepress (1.0.1) Extend Jekyll with easy tags for linking FreeBSD manual pages, ports, and problem reports.
  5. 1,949 downloads
    jekyll-categories (0.0.2) Provides a category index page, category pages and category atom feeds for Jekyll.
  6. 480 downloads
    jekyll-category-aware-prev-next (0.0.1) jekyll-category-aware-prev-next adds category aware cat_next and cat_previous to posts since jeky...
  7. 518 downloads
    jekyll-cdn (0.0.1) Jekyll CDN support smooth as butter
  8. 1,976 downloads
    jekyll-coffeescript (1.0.0) A CoffeeScript converter for Jekyll.
  9. 3,029 downloads
    jekyll-compass (1.0.6) This project is a plugin for the Jekyll static website generator to allow for using Compass p...
  10. 1,532 downloads
    jekyll-contentblocks (0.0.2) Provides a mechanism for passing content up to the layout, like Rails' content_for
  11. 618 downloads
    jekyll_date_chart (0.0.2) Jekyll block that renders date line charts based on textile-formatted tables
  12. 361 downloads
    jekyll-date-format (1.0.0) Automatically adds variables with nicely formated dates and time tags to Jekyll posts and pages.
  13. 1,365 downloads
    jekyll-ebook (0.0.2) A gem to generate an EPUB e-book from Jekyll posts and pages
  14. 4,000 downloads
    jekyll-epub (0.0.3) Create an eBook (epub) of your Jekyll blog
  15. 542 downloads
    jekyll-events (0.1.0) Lets you create posts that represent future events. They're post's but in the future!
  16. 962 downloads
    jekyll-exiftag (0.0.2) jekyll-exiftag is a LiquidTag Extension for Jekyll to get Exif data from images
  17. 9,109 downloads
    jekyll_ext (0.1.4) jekyll_ext allows you to extend the Jekyll static blog generator without forking and ...
  18. 1,464 downloads
    jekyll-eztags (0.0.12) A very simple Jekyll plugin to automatically generate tag pages. No fancy features.
  19. 321 downloads
    jekyll_figure (0.0.3) Add a figure tag to output figures and captions in Jekyll
  20. 2,166 downloads
    jekyll-file-protocol (0.4.2) Small set of helpers to generate a static website that works on file protocol using relative path...
  21. 241 downloads
    jekyll-foundation (0.0.1) Jekyll plugin to Zurb Foundation
  22. 884 downloads
    jekyll-ftp (0.2.0) Jekyll deployment made easy.
  23. 474 downloads
    jekyll-galleries (0.8.0) Jekyll plugin to automatically generate photo gallery (album) from image folder.
  24. 4,692 downloads
    jekyll_generator (1.0.2) A nice generator for a Jekyll website including Disqus comments integration. Probably tightly int...
  25. 398 downloads
    jekyll-generator (0.0.1) A simple generator for Jekyll content
  26. 1,487 downloads
    jekyll-geo-pattern (0.4.1) A liquid tag for Jekyll to generate an SVG/Base64 geo pattern
  27. 391 downloads
    jekyll-gettext-plugin (0.0.3) A quick and dirty i18n plugin for jekyll based on gettext and po files
  28. 481 downloads
    jekyll-github-pages-search (0.1.0) A liquid tag for Jekyll to call out to GitHub Pages Search via GitHub's API
  29. 2,251 downloads
    jekyll-haml (0.1.1) HAML html converter for Jekyll
  30. 636 downloads
    jekyll-handlebars (0.1.0) Easily compile Handlebars template for use with Jekyll