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  1. 6,345 downloads
    j-cap-recipes (0.0.16) A litle knife to deploy Rails application
  2. 1,079 downloads
    jcarley-simplews (1.11.0) Generates WSDL automatically. It manages jobs as asynchronous processes
  3. 1,355 downloads
    jc_cms (0.0.2) Description of JcCms - base CMS.
  4. 504 downloads
    jcf-ansi_color (0.4.2) TODO
  5. 1,596 downloads
    jcf-autotest-rails (0.0.1) AutoTest Rails without ZenTest
  6. 1,857 downloads
    JCG-jquery-fileupload (0.0.4) jQuery File Upload by Sebastian Tschan integrated for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline, edited for deploy...
  7. 1,087 downloads
    jcgpz_string_extend (0.0.1) The library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the size of the ...
  8. 4,597 downloads
    jcheck_rails (0.5.0) Generate jCheck code according to ActiveModel validations
  9. 490 downloads
    jchris-couchapp (0.1.7) CouchApp is a set of helpers and a jQuery plugin that conspire to get you up and running on Couch...
  10. 4,644 downloads
    jchris-couchrest (0.23) CouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as including ...
  11. 173 downloads
    jchris-github (0.1.4) The official `github` command line helper for simplifying your GitHub experience.
  12. 1,765 downloads
    jchupp-is_paranoid (0.8.2) ActiveRecord 2.3 compatible gem "allowing you to hide and restore records without actually deleti...
  13. 332 downloads
    jcinnamond-httparty (0.4.6) Makes http fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy.
  14. 968 downloads
    jcnetdev-active_record_without_table (1.1) Get the power of ActiveRecord models, including validation, without having a table in the database.
  15. 959 downloads
    jcnetdev-acts_as_applyable (0.61) Rid yourself of attr_accessible and attr_protected. This plugin allows you to stop using mass ass...
  16. 175 downloads
    jcnetdev-acts_as_list (1.0.20080704) Allows ActiveRecord Models to be easily ordered via position attributes
  17. 655 downloads
    jcnetdev-acts_as_paranoid (1.3) Overrides some basic methods for the current model so that calling #destroy sets a 'deleted_at' f...
  18. 175 downloads
    jcnetdev-acts-as-readable (1.0.200807042) Wrapper around render :partial that removes the need to use :locals, and allows blocks to be take...
  19. 173 downloads
    jcnetdev-acts_as_state_machine (2.1.20080704) This act gives an Active Record model the ability to act as a finite state machine (FSM).
  20. 333 downloads
    jcnetdev-acts_as_tree (1.0.1) Allows ActiveRecord Models to be easily structured as a tree
  21. 644 downloads
    jcnetdev-app_config (1.5) Allow application wide configuration settings via YML files
  22. 815 downloads
    jcnetdev-auto_migrations (1.4) Forget migrations, auto-migrate!
  23. 323 downloads
    jcnetdev-better_partials (1.1) Wrapper around render :partial that removes the need to use :locals, and allows blocks to be take...
  24. 336 downloads
    jcnetdev-bj (1.0.38) Backgroundjob (Bj) is a brain dead simple zero admin background priority queue for Rails. Bj is ...
  25. 170 downloads
    jcnetdev-comatose (2.0.1) Comatose is a micro CMS designed for being embedded into existing Rails applications.
  26. 494 downloads
    jcnetdev-exception_notification (1.1.20080704) Allows unhandled exceptions to be captured and sent via email
  27. 320 downloads
    jcnetdev-paperclip (1.1) Paperclip is intended as an easy file attachment library for ActiveRecord. The intent behind it w...
  28. 176 downloads
    jcnetdev-restful-authentication (1.0.20080704) This widely-used plugin provides a foundation for securely managing user.
  29. 176 downloads
    jcnetdev-rspec-rails (1.1.5) Spec::Rails (a.k.a. RSpec on Rails) is a Ruby on Rails plugin that allows you to drive the develo...
  30. 1,137 downloads
    jcnetdev-seed-fu (1.11) Seed Fu is an attempt to once and for all solve the problem of inserting and maintaining seed dat...