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  1. 10,043 downloads
    jekyll-sass (1.2.2) Convert Sass SCSS files to standard CSS files as part of your Jekyll build.
  2. 197,677 downloads
    jekyll-sass-converter (1.2.1) A basic Sass converter for Jekyll.
  3. 22,423 downloads
    jekyll-scholar (4.1.3) Jekyll-Scholar is for all the academic bloggers out there. It is a set of extensions for Jekyll ...
  4. 1,123 downloads
    jekyll-scientific (0.0.3) A group of plugins that make Jekyll sites easier for research publications. Includes support for ...
  5. 78 downloads
    jekyll-serve (1.0.0.rc1) The `jekyll serve` command.
  6. 431 downloads
    jekyll_shell_command (0.0.1) Jekyll tag that renders the output of arbitrary shell commands
  7. 60,829 downloads
    jekyll-sitemap (0.6.1) Automatically generate a sitemap.xml for your Jekyll site.
  8. 4,225 downloads
    jekyll-slim (0.10.0) Slim html converter for Jekyll
  9. 1,899 downloads
    jekyll-stitch-plus (1.0.3) A Jekyll plugin for compiling javascripts with Stitch Plus
  10. 2,675 downloads
    jekyll-svg-plugin (1.1.0) A plugin for adding an SVG liquid tag to Jekyll. This tag expands and SVG reference to object wit...
  11. 1,054 downloads
    jekyll-swfobject (1.0.1) Liquid plugin for using SWFObject with Jekyll
  12. 13,633 downloads
    jekyll-tagging (0.6.0) Jekyll plugin to automatically generate a tag cloud and tag pages.
  13. 991 downloads
    jekyll-tags ( Provides filter for create tag cloud.
  14. 7,772 downloads
    jekylltask (1.1.0) A Rake task to run jekyll over your textile files.
  15. 432 downloads
    jekyll-task-i18n (1.0.1) jekyll-task-i18n is GitHub pages ready i18n approach for Jekyll.
  16. 8,276 downloads
    jekyll_test_plugin (0.1.0) A test plugin for Jekyll's 'gem' config option
  17. 5,751 downloads
    jekyll_test_plugin_malicious (0.1.0) A malicious gem for Jekyll (for testing)
  18. 2,872 downloads
    jekyll-testtasks (0.0.2) Test your Jekyll plugins with ease.
  19. 6,095 downloads
    jekyll-timeago (0.8.2) Custom timeago filter for Jekyll (Liquid Filter and Tag). Localization and futures supported.
  20. 734 downloads
    jekyll-time-to-read (0.1.1) A liquid tag for Jekyll to indicate the time it takes to read an article.
  21. 891 downloads
    jekyll-torrent (0.0.2) A simple plugin that creates a .torrent file with your whole site after it'...
  22. 550 downloads
    jekyll-transform (0.1.0) Jykell Transform converts transforms external sources into a Jykell managable material.
  23. 437 downloads
    jekyll-twitter-plugin (1.1.1) A Liquid tag plugin for Jekyll that renders Tweets from Twitter API
  24. 3,290 downloads
    jekyll-ultraviolet (0.0.3) Ultraviolet syntax highlighting in Jekyll
  25. 773 downloads
    jekyll-utf8 (0.0.1) Add UTF-8 charset header to HTML files when using `jekyll serve`.
  26. 176 downloads
    jekyll-versioning (0.0.1) Create multiple versions of your Jekyll website using Git tags
  27. 656 downloads
    jekyll_version_plugin (1.0.1) A Liquid tag plugin for Jekyll that renders a version identifier for your Jekyll site, sourced fr...
  28. 257 downloads
    jekyll-video-tag (0.1.0) Responsive video tag for Jekyll. Allows and iframe embeddable video to be responsive.
  29. 139,641 downloads
    jekyll-watch (1.1.1) Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes with the `--watch` switch.
  30. 2,357 downloads
    jelaniharris-activemerchant (1.29.2) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...