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  1. 5,400 downloads
    jekyll-timeago (0.8.0) Custom timeago filter for Jekyll (Liquid Filter and Tag). Localization and futures supported.
  2. 655 downloads
    jekyll-time-to-read (0.1.1) A liquid tag for Jekyll to indicate the time it takes to read an article.
  3. 823 downloads
    jekyll-torrent (0.0.2) A simple plugin that creates a .torrent file with your whole site after it'...
  4. 516 downloads
    jekyll-transform (0.1.0) Jykell Transform converts transforms external sources into a Jykell managable material.
  5. 3,208 downloads
    jekyll-ultraviolet (0.0.3) Ultraviolet syntax highlighting in Jekyll
  6. 574 downloads
    jekyll-utf8 (0.0.1) Add UTF-8 charset header to HTML files when using `jekyll serve`.
  7. 112 downloads
    jekyll-versioning (0.0.1) Create multiple versions of your Jekyll website using Git tags
  8. 555 downloads
    jekyll_version_plugin (1.0.1) A Liquid tag plugin for Jekyll that renders a version identifier for your Jekyll site, sourced fr...
  9. 71,023 downloads
    jekyll-watch (1.1.0) Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes with the `--watch` switch.
  10. 2,274 downloads
    jelaniharris-activemerchant (1.29.2) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  11. 924 downloads
    jelder_cloudfront-invalidator (0.2.0) Ruby library and command line utility included.
  12. 2,917 downloads
    jelegante (1.2.0) Guess whether text is japanese or not heuristically.
  13. 5,809 downloads
    jello (5) A library to watch the OS X pasteboard, and process/modify incoming pastes.
  14. 2,694 downloads
    jellog (1.0.17) A wrapper class around the standard Ruby logger that adds a simply logging level control and the ...
  15. 19,665 downloads
    jelly (0.8.10) Jelly provides a set of tools and conventions for creating rich ajax/javascript web applications ...
  16. 7,038 downloads
    jelly_bird (0.1.0) JellyBird is a ultra small factory to help generating objects for purpose of tests.
  17. 126 downloads
    jellybob-dns-builder (0.0.0) A tool to generate BIND DNS zone files from Ruby templates, and eventually database records.
  18. 7,514 downloads
    jellyfish (1.0.0) Pico web framework for building API-centric web applications. For Rack applications or Rack middl...
  19. 5,540 downloads
    jem (0.0.5) Quick and simple generic Ruby project (i.e. making gems) directory and file structure generator.
  20. 6,614 downloads
    jemalloc (1.0.0) Use jemalloc as default allocator, everywhere!
  21. 604 downloads
    jemandtheholograms (0.0.2) Hello World meets awful 80s zeitgeist
  22. 2,265 downloads
    jemc-reporter (0.1.5) A custom minitest reporter made to my personal aesthetic specifications.
  23. 6,065 downloads
    jemini (2010.2.17) Jemini is a game library designed to allow creation of reusable features. How many times has some...
  24. 461 downloads
    jemmyw-backs3 (0.0.4) S3 backup and restore program
  25. 883 downloads
    jemmyw-image_science ( ImageScience is a clean and happy Ruby library that generates thumbnails -- and kicks the living ...
  26. 239 downloads
    jemmyw-sprinkle (0.2.4) Ruby DSL based software provisioning tool
  27. 33,863 downloads
    jemoji (0.3.0) GitHub-flavored emoji plugin for Jekyll
  28. 1,232 downloads
    jemquarie (1.0.0) Connect to Macquarie ESI web services
  29. 3,233 downloads
    jena-jruby (0.5.0-java) A simple packaging of Apache Jena for JRuby
  30. 1,907 downloads
    jencil-rails (0.0.1) It gem are use jencil for Rails.