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  1. 1,469 downloads
    jerefrer-resque (1.1.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  2. 102 downloads
    jeremyboles-dm-adapter-simpledb (0.9.3) A DataMapper adapter for Amazon's SimpleDB
  3. 215 downloads
    jeremyboles-dm-is-sluggable (0.9.10) Simple Datamapper plugin for referencing Resources by 'URL slugs'
  4. 1,610 downloads
    jeremyboles-graffic (0.3.5) Graffic is an ActiveRecord class that helps you work with and attach images to other ActiveRecord...
  5. 1,004 downloads
    jeremyboles-smart-asset-helper (0.3.0) SmartAssetHelper helps ease some of the pain with dealing and organizing stylesheet and javascrip...
  6. 99 downloads
    jeremydurham-integrity-campfire (1.0.2) Easily let Integrity alert Campfire after each build
  7. 111 downloads
    jeremydurham-machinist (1.0.4) Fixtures aren't fun. Machinist is.
  8. 209 downloads
    jeremydurham-merb_paperclip (0.9.13) A Merb plugin that is essentially a port of Jon Yurek's paperclip
  9. 10,038 downloads
    jeremydurham-restful_authentication (1.1.7) This widely-used plugin provides a foundation for securely managing user.
  10. 611 downloads
    jeremydurham-serviceproxy (0.1.4) Lightweight SOAP library for Ruby
  11. 7,002 downloads
    jeremyevans-exception_notification (1.0.20100406) Gemified exception_notification rails plugin, compatible with Rails 2.3.5 with RailsXss
  12. 722 downloads
    jeremyevans-fixture_dependencies (1.2.2) Sequel/ActiveRecord fixture loader that handles dependency graphs
  13. 5,580 downloads
    jeremyevans-postgres-pr (0.6.6) A pure Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL (>= 7.4) database
  14. 197 downloads
    jeremyevans-sequel_postgresql_triggers (1.0.2) Database enforced timestamps, immutable columns, and counter/sum caches
  15. 103 downloads
    jeremyevans-simple_ldap_authenticator (1.0.0) Easy authentication to an LDAP server(s)
  16. 199 downloads
    jeremyevans-simple_mailer (1.1.0) Simple email library with testing support
  17. 111 downloads
    jeremyf-anemone (0.1.3) Anemone is a web spider framework that can spider a domain.
  18. 301 downloads
    jeremyf-comma_pile (0.1.2) Video Stats for an log
  19. 403 downloads
    jeremyf-gattica (0.3.8) Gattica is a Ruby library for extracting data from the Google Analytics API.
  20. 106 downloads
    jeremyf-gretel (0.4.2) A rather simple gem for generating breadcrumbs in a Rails project
  21. 208 downloads
    jeremyf-harvixture (0.8.1) Harvixture is a tool that can be used to extract data, in the form of fixtures, from a Rails proj...
  22. 106 downloads
    jeremyf-liquid (2.0.2) A secure non evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup.
  23. 102 downloads
    jeremyf-rails-stat-bucket (0.4.0) A simple gem that will traverse your Git history and report the rails stats for each day in the p...
  24. 103 downloads
    jeremyf-robot_rules (0.9.1) A tool to determine if the robots.txt would prevent a given user agent from making a request to a...
  25. 711 downloads
    jeremylightsmith-actionsite (0.7) ActionSite is a static site generator for ruby patterned after rails view templates supporting er...
  26. 102 downloads
    jeremylightsmith-fakeui (0.1) a view stub framework for testing rubycocoa applications
  27. 98 downloads
    jeremylightsmith-piston (1.9.3) description of gem
  28. 194 downloads
    jeremylightsmith-rename (0.2) command line script written in ruby to rename all files in a directory (or subdirectories) using ...
  29. 614 downloads
    jeremymcanally-context (0.5.5) If you've ever wanted contexts in your Test::Unit tests, then context is for you. Your tests wil...
  30. 197 downloads
    jeremymcanally-matchy (0.1.0) Hate writing assertions? Need a little behavior-driven love in your tests? Then matchy is for you.