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  1. 2,837 downloads
    jenkinsgrowler (0.0.5) Jenkinsgrowler is a growl notifier for jenkins jobs, uses growlnotify tool to notify
  2. 2,899 downloads
    jenkinshub (0.1.2) A Sinatra application that allows for communication between the Jenkins CI and GitHub.
  3. 3,468 downloads
    jenkins_job (0.1.2) Handle your Jenkins job configuration files in an easier way.
  4. 1,512 downloads
    jenkins-json-api (0.0.2) Ruby wrapper for Jenkins JSON API
  5. 5,364 downloads
    jenkins_launcher (0.1.5) This is a simple easy-to-use Jenkins jobs launcher that uses jenkins_api_client.
  6. 672 downloads
    jenkins-maestrodev (0.6.9) A suite of utilities for bringing continous integration to your projects (not the other way aroun...
  7. 2,538 downloads
    jenkins-nitro (0.0.6) Command line tool for analyzing Jenkins test duration changes between \ fast and slow builds and ...
  8. 792 downloads
    jenkinson (0.0.4) Jenkinson helps in installation of jenkins plugins
  9. 5,817 downloads
    jenkins_pipeline_builder (0.8.4) This is a simple and easy-to-use Jenkins Pipeline generator with features focused on automating J...
  10. 768 downloads
    jenkins_pivotal (0.1.2) Jenkins git changelog -> Pivotal Tracker
  11. 19,753 downloads
    jenkins-plugin (0.2.0) This gem has moved. Further development will be done on the `jpi` gem
  12. 34,678 downloads
    jenkins-plugin-runtime (0.2.3) I'll think of a better description later, but if you're reading this, then I haven't
  13. 1,450 downloads
    jenkins-rails (0.0.2) Jenkins integration for Rails
  14. 5,102 downloads
    jenkins-remote-api (0.0.4) It retrieves the api/xml from Jenkins Ci. Then it will parse it to get bui...
  15. 4,792 downloads
    jenkins-status-tool (0.0.8) Small tool to get the build status from Jenkins. Useful for embedding Jenkins CI status images on...
  16. 5,519 downloads
    jenkins_tracker (0.4.1) Integrate Jenkins build information with a Pivotal Tracker project
  17. 48,806 downloads
    jenkins-war (1.514) download and install a specific version of the jenkins war file which can be used for either runn...
  18. 684 downloads
    jenner (0.2.6) Jenner is an opinionated static site generator
  19. 3,680 downloads
    jenny (0.0.2) Useful helper methods for Rails views
  20. 6,327 downloads
    jently (2.1.0) A Ruby application that allows for communication between the Jenkins CI and Github.
  21. 1,127 downloads
    jeog (0.0.1) Handles the opening and parsing of Jeog files.
  22. 4,382 downloads
    jeokkarak (1.0.4) Hash to object helper methods for schema evolution forward-compatible services.
  23. 772 downloads
    j_era (0.0.1) Converts a date to Japanese Era format
  24. 1,700 downloads
    jerbil (1.4.8) Provides a reliable Object Request Broker and a simple framework for ruby-based services. Jerbil ...
  25. 1,509 downloads
    jerefrer-resque (1.1.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  26. 167 downloads
    jeremy (0.0.1) Write a longer description. Optional.
  27. 168 downloads
    jeremyboles-dm-adapter-simpledb (0.9.3) A DataMapper adapter for Amazon's SimpleDB
  28. 345 downloads
    jeremyboles-dm-is-sluggable (0.9.10) Simple Datamapper plugin for referencing Resources by 'URL slugs'
  29. 2,590 downloads
    jeremyboles-graffic (0.3.5) Graffic is an ActiveRecord class that helps you work with and attach images to other ActiveRecord...
  30. 1,639 downloads
    jeremyboles-smart-asset-helper (0.3.0) SmartAssetHelper helps ease some of the pain with dealing and organizing stylesheet and javascrip...