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  1. 676 downloads
    jeremymcanally-context (0.5.5) If you've ever wanted contexts in your Test::Unit tests, then context is for you. Your tests wil...
  2. 227 downloads
    jeremymcanally-matchy (0.1.0) Hate writing assertions? Need a little behavior-driven love in your tests? Then matchy is for you.
  3. 123 downloads
    jeremymcanally-pending (0.1) pending lets you define a block of test code that is currently "pending" functionality, similar t...
  4. 221 downloads
    jeremymcanally-stump (0.0.2) Stubbing and mocking that isn't painful, fanciful, and doesn't inspire any sort of contempt or bi...
  5. 120 downloads
    jeremy-RedCloth (4.1.1) RedCloth-4.1.1 - Textile parser for Ruby.
  6. 116 downloads
    jeremy-ruby-prof (0.6.1) ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many times faste...
  7. 214 downloads
    jeremyw-better_partials (1.1.3) Wrapper around render :partial that removes the need to use :locals, and allows blocks to be take...
  8. 2,513 downloads
    jeremyw-paper_trail (1.2.14) Track changes to your models' data. Good for auditing or versioning.
  9. 2,296 downloads
    jerk (0.0.4) Jerk is insensitive, particularly about URL casing.
  10. 116 downloads
    jeroenvandijk-bob (0.3.1) Bob the Builder will build your code. Simple.
  11. 115 downloads
    jeroenvandijk-rack-bug (0.2.1) Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware
  12. 229 downloads
    jerome-localized-frontend (0.2) Localize the frontend of single language Rails apps.
  13. 224 downloads
    jerrett-simple-flickr (0.1.1) A wrapper for Flickrs REST API.
  14. 309 downloads
    jerry (1.0.1) Jerry is an Inversion of Control container. It allows you to decouple the code that bootstraps yo...
  15. 118 downloads
    jerry-captain_oveur (0.0.2) Admins for Clearance
  16. 201 downloads
    jerrygem (0.0.2) Simple Hello World
  17. 439 downloads
    jerryluk-jruby-rfc2445 (0.0.4) A JRuby implementation of RFC 2445 (ical) recurrence rule
  18. 1,110 downloads
    jerryluk-rabbitmq-jruby-client (0.1.7) A RabbitMQ client for JRuby
  19. 1,500 downloads
    jerryvos-acts-as-taggable-on (1.0.6) With ActsAsTaggableOn, you could tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, interest...
  20. 3,073 downloads
    jerryvos-authlogic_facebook_connect (1.0.2) Extension of the Authlogic library to add Facebook Connect support built upon the excellent faceb...
  21. 120 downloads
    jerryvos-hpricot (0.8.1) a swift, liberal HTML parser with a fantastic library
  22. 115 downloads
    jerryvos-jerryvos-hpricot (0.7.230) a swift, liberal HTML parser with a fantastic library
  23. 342 downloads
    jerryvos-prawn-layout ( An extension to Prawn that provides table support and other layout functionality
  24. 229 downloads
    jerryvos-sprout-flexsystemsdk-tool (0.1.1) A sprout tool for interacting with your local sdk
  25. 112 downloads
    jerryvos-sprouts-extensions (0.1.2) Some extensions to sprout
  26. 450 downloads
    jesnault-bgp4r (0.0.4) BGP4R is a BGP-4 ruby library to create, send, and receive BGP messages in an object oriented ...
  27. 23,636 downloads
    jessica (1.0.2-java) A RabbitMQ client for JRuby with some AMQP gem api compatibility
  28. 4,375 downloads
    jesus (1.0.0) A web interface for god to speak with mankind
  29. 1,439 downloads
    jet (0.0.2) Go higher, farther, faster
  30. 1,502 downloads
    jet-facebooker (1.0.64) Facebooker is a Ruby wrapper over the Facebook[] {REST API}[http://wiki.develo...