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  1. 3,372 downloads
    joopo (0.0.4) A universal proxy for external apis.
  2. 12,990 downloads
    joosy (1.1.2) A gem wrapper to include Joosy via the asset pipeline.
  3. 1,301 downloads
    joosy-rails (1.0.0.beta.2) Assets, Generators and beer delivery
  4. 409 downloads
    jop (0.0.2) Jop is a gem that adds operations of the J programming language to Ruby arrays
  5. 532 downloads
    jor (0.1.1) JSON on top of Redis
  6. 1,430 downloads
    jordan-brough-hoptoad_notifier (2.3.0) Send your application errors to our hosted service and reclaim your inbox.
  7. 824 downloads
    jordanyeo-simple-navigation (3.11.1) With the simple-navigation gem installed you can easily create multilevel navigations for your Ra...
  8. 755 downloads
    jorgchart-rails (0.1.0) jOrgChart for Rails 3 asset pipeline
  9. 989 downloads
    jorm (0.0.2) Normalize JAV folder name
  10. 1,422 downloads
    jorp (1.0.1) Jorp lets you edit remote files using local editors
  11. 1,296 downloads
    joseph (0.1.0) Yet another take on application configuration
  12. 771 downloads
    josephholsten-jasmine (1.1.0.pre.1) Personal fork, do not use.
  13. 8,009 downloads
    josephholsten-rets4r (1.1.18) [DEPRECATED] Please use the rets4r gem.
  14. 2,343 downloads
    joshbuddy-guard (0.10.0) Guard is a command line tool to easily handle events on file system modifications.
  15. 1,475 downloads
    josh_cutler-thinking-sphinx (1.3.17) A concise and easy-to-use Ruby library that connects ActiveRecord to the Sphinx search daemon, ma...
  16. 1,329 downloads
    joshcutler-thinking-sphinx (1.3.18) A concise and easy-to-use Ruby library that connects ActiveRecord to the Sphinx search daemon, ma...
  17. 5,208 downloads
    josh-splat (0.0.5) SPlat is an integration platform to make use of SMS integration really easy. Using this plat...
  18. 1,926 downloads
    joshuapinter-cijoe (0.9.5) cijoe is a sinatra-based continuous integration server. It's like an old rusty pickup truck: ...
  19. 1,545 downloads
    joshua_son_of_nun (1.0) (using scary WWF wrestler voice) Just like the walls of Jericho, the same will happen to all batt...
  20. 8,943 downloads
    josso-client (0.1.6) JOSSO client for Rails.
  21. 4,365 downloads
    JOT (1.0.8) Uses the JIRA SOAP interface to retrieve issues from a JIRA instance for processing with a user s...
  22. 6,854 downloads
    jota (0.9.0) A jotter application
  23. 442 downloads
    jotform-api (0.3.0) Jotform have an API, and an official Ruby client, but it's not a gem. Now it is.
  24. 204 downloads
    jottit-to (0.1.1) A tool for converting a list in jottit page to any formats
  25. 1,530 downloads
    jou (0.2.2) A simple command line utility that helps with maintaining a journal file
  26. 6,270 downloads
    joule (1.0.4) Joule parses and does some basic analyzing of powermeter data. Supported formats include SRM(.srm...
  27. 5,951 downloads
    journal (0.0.7) Simple way to log activity on an object using a redis db
  28. 4,784 downloads
    journala (0.1.4) a library that reads and write ledger format ledger files
  29. 955 downloads
    journal-font-rails (0.0.1) Journal font from fontsquirrel for Rails.
  30. 1,884 downloads
    journalize (0.0.1) Simple Journal Accounting