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  1. 172 downloads
    jferris-formtastic ( A Rails form builder plugin/gem with semantically rich and accessible markup
  2. 332 downloads
    jferris-hashpipe ( HashPipe connects an AR-backed model to a key-value store
  3. 6,965 downloads
    jferris-mocha ( Mocking and stubbing library with JMock/SchMock syntax, which allows mocking and stubbing o...
  4. 176 downloads
    jferris-moneta (0.6.2) A unified interface to key/value stores
  5. 174 downloads
    jferris-rr ( RR (Double Ruby) is a double framework that features a rich selection of double techniques and a ...
  6. 167 downloads
    jferris-rspec_macros (1.1.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  7. 169 downloads
    jferris-sconnect (0.1) Sconnect extends ActiveRecord's named_scope chains to allow scopes to be combined inclusively, in...
  8. 342 downloads
    jferris-webrat ( Webrat. Ruby Acceptance Testing for Web applications
  9. 664 downloads
    jfgomez86-track-r (1.3.0) track-r is a library that provides wrapper classes and methods for accessing PivotalTracker's pub...
  10. 636 downloads
    jfish (0.1.1) This RDoc Generator was forked from RDoc's own JFish template and made into a Gem for easy consum...
  11. 1,398 downloads
    jf--mini_magick (3.1) Manipulate images with minimal use of memory via ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick. With jf's fixes an...
  12. 3,116 downloads
    jfoundry (0.1.7) High-level library for working with the Jing Dong Foundry API.
  13. 176 downloads
    jfreeze-ruby-gdsii (1.0.1) GDSII reader and writer with both high-level (easier to use) and low-level (faster performance) m...
  14. 334 downloads
    jfrench-integritray (0.1.1) CCMenu support for Integrity
  15. 179 downloads
    jfrench-mimetype-fu (0.1.0) TODO
  16. 341 downloads
    jfrench-radiant-autotest (0.1.0) Autotest runner for Radiant extensions
  17. 3,303 downloads
    jfs-generators (0.2.4) My collection of Ruby on Rails generators which includes a new model and scaffold generator along...
  18. 491 downloads
    JGailor-except (0.1.2) Except let's you specify fields to be left out when populating ActiveRecord models.'
  19. 176 downloads
    jgarber-capistrano-deepmodules (0.2) This plugin allows you to easily deploy git repositories with submodules nested at more then one ...
  20. 3,563 downloads
    jgd (1.6.1) Automated deployment of your Jekyll blog to Github Pages
  21. 175 downloads
    jgdavey-formtastic (0.2.1) A Rails form builder plugin/gem with semantically rich and accessible markup
  22. 659 downloads
    jgdavey-movable_erb (0.2.1) A General-purpose CSV to ERB template formatter
  23. 36,661 downloads
    jgeoip (0.2.5-java) This gem wraps maxminds original java library, which should make things faster than using other p...
  24. 176 downloads
    jgillick-ruby-serialgps (0.0.1) Read NMEA data from standard serial GPS modules and provides the data as a hash.
  25. 2,601 downloads
    jgm-cloudlib (0.3.9) Cloudlib is a ruby library and commands for maintaining a library of books and articles on the Am...
  26. 178 downloads
    jgm-ecstatic (0.0.0) Ecstatic is a framework for maintaining a static website from templates and data in YAML files.
  27. 179 downloads
    jgre-couchrest (0.12.6) CouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as including ...
  28. 654 downloads
    jgre-monkeyspecdoc (0.9.5) Specdoc output for Ruby's Test::Unit and Shoulda
  29. 19,389 downloads
    jgrep (1.3.3) Compare a list of json documents to a simple logical language and returns matches as output
  30. 1,543 downloads
    jgre-rfeedparser (0.9.961) Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Ruby