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  1. 1,009 downloads
    jminify (0.0.1) A wrapper for the YUI Java compressor: compress JavaScript and CSS, including whitespace remo...
  2. 311 downloads
    jml_thrift ( Ruby bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
  3. 125 downloads
    jmohr-blir (0.0.2) BLIR is a bunch of random stuff I've collected over the years.
  4. 32,580 downloads
    jmongo (1.1.5) Thin jruby wrapper around Mongo Java Driver
  5. 126 downloads
    jmonteiro-jmonteiro-safariwatir ( WATIR stands for "Web Application Testing in Ruby". See WATIR project for more information. Thi...
  6. 10,095 downloads
    jmonteiro-mongo_mapper (0.1.7) Awesome gem for modeling your domain and storing it in mongo
  7. 239 downloads
    jmonteiro-safariwatir ( WATIR stands for "Web Application Testing in Ruby". See WATIR project for more information. Thi...
  8. 1,105 downloads
    jmoses_api-auth (1.0.5) Full HMAC auth implementation for use in your gems and Rails apps.
  9. 710 downloads
    jmoses_apipie-rails (0.0.23) Rails REST API documentation tool (fork by jmoses)
  10. 505 downloads
    jmoses-couchbase (1.3.6) The official client library for use with Couchbase Server. This fork has been updated to require...
  11. 505 downloads
    jmoses-couchbase-model (0.5.3) ORM-like interface allows you to persist your models to Couchbase. This fork requires my forked c...
  12. 1,878 downloads
    jmoses_event_bus (1.0.4) event_bus provides support for application-wide events, without coupling the publishing and subsc...
  13. 1,036 downloads
    jmoses_fluent-logger (0.4.10) fluent logger for ruby
  14. 1,400 downloads
    jmoses-transmission-client (0.0.2) A Transmission RPC Client
  15. 2,468 downloads
    jms4r (0.2.0-java) A generalized JMS abstraction library for JRuby
  16. 599 downloads
    jmstacey-cfbackup (0.7.1) A simple ruby program intended to serve as a useful tool for automated backups to Mosso Cloud Files.
  17. 242 downloads
    jmstacey-ruby-cloudfiles (1.3.3) TODO
  18. 4,626 downloads
    jmtest (0.0.5) test
  19. 961 downloads
    jmtk (0.4-java) A music library and domain-specific language for generating music via MIDI.
  20. 17,664 downloads
    jmx (0.9) Access and create MBeans in a friendly Ruby syntax
  21. 38,601 downloads
    jmx4r (0.1.4) jmx4r is a JMX library for JRuby
  22. 831 downloads
    jmx_client-parser (0.0.2) Utility to parse cmdline-jmxclient output into Ruby hash data.
  23. 129 downloads
    jnewland-bigdecimal-segfault-fix (1.0.1) Prevents users from exploiting the BigDecimal bugs and causing your application to segfault.
  24. 358 downloads
    jnewland-capsize (0.5.2) Capsize is a Capistrano plugin used to provide an easy way to manage and script interaction with ...
  25. 484 downloads
    jnewland-fireeagle ( Ruby wrapper for Yahoo!'s Fire Eagle
  26. 357 downloads
    jnewland-god_web (0.1.4) iPhone friendly web UI for God
  27. 238 downloads
    jnewland-pulse (0.4.2) Adds a pulse action to a Rails app
  28. 366 downloads
    jnewland-san_juan (0.0.4) Capistrano Recipies for God
  29. 125 downloads
    jnewland-scoped_search (0.7.1) Scoped search makes it easy to search your ActiveRecord-based models. It will create a named scop...
  30. 485 downloads
    jnewland-xttc (0.1.6) A command line bot for working with XTT, ENTP's rad time tracking app