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  1. 11,041 downloads
    jruby-jms (1.0.0) JRuby-JMS is a Java and Ruby library that exposes the Java JMS API in a ruby friendly way. For JR...
  2. 3,372 downloads
    jruby-kafka (0.1.0) this is primarily to be used as an interface for logstash
  3. 445,974 downloads
    jruby-launcher (1.1.0-java) Builds and installs a native launcher for JRuby on your system
  4. 7,088 downloads
    jruby-ldap (0.0.2) Port of Ruby/LDAP to JRuby
  5. 16,604 downloads
    jruby-lint (0.4.1) This utility presents hints and suggestions to give you an idea of potentially troublesome spot...
  6. 1,954 downloads
    jruby_mahout (0.2.2) JRuby Mahout is a gem that unleashes the power of Apache Mahout in the world of JRuby. Mahout is ...
  7. 958 downloads
    jruby-management (0.0.1-java) JRuby JMX Management Tools
  8. 1,471 downloads
    jruby-mapdb (1.2.0-java) MapDB wrapper for JRuby
  9. 12,670 downloads
    jruby-memcache-client (1.7.2) A drop in replacement for Ruby's memcache-client.
  10. 678 downloads
    jruby-memcache-client-thoughtworks (1.8.0) A drop in replacement for Ruby's memcache-client.Now with a stable jruby-memcached-release jar.
  11. 26,819 downloads
    jruby-memcached (0.5.5) jruby memcacached client which is compatible with memcached gem
  12. 772 downloads
    jruby-metrics (0.0.1-java) Ruby wrapper for Yammer's Java Metrics Library
  13. 1,985 downloads
    jruby-msgpack (0.0.2) MessagePack for JRuby using the native Java library
  14. 3,647 downloads
    jruby-notify (0.4.0) JRuby-Notify is an thin wrapper around the JNotify library.
  15. 8,136 downloads
    jruby-on-hadoop (0.0.6) JRuby on Hadoop
  16. 1,293,429 downloads
    jruby-openssl (0.9.4) JRuby-OpenSSL is an add-on gem for JRuby that emulates the Ruby OpenSSL native library.
  17. 8,716 downloads
    JRuby-OpenSSL (0.1) JRuby-OpenSSL is an add-on gem for JRuby that emulates the Ruby OpenSSL native library.
  18. 1,926 downloads
    jruby-openssl-maven ( JRuby-OpenSSL is an add-on gem for JRuby that emulates the Ruby OpenSSL native library.
  19. 504,532 downloads
    jruby-pageant (1.1.1) This is a convenience gem packaging required JNA/JSCH jars.
  20. 3,048 downloads
    jruby-parser (0.5.1) A Gem for syntactically correct parse trees of Ruby source
  21. 4,642 downloads
    jruby-pgp (0.3.0) PGP for JRuby
  22. 14,994 downloads
    jruby-poi (0.9.0) A rubyesque library for manipulating spreadsheets and other document types for jruby, using Apach...
  23. 4,633 downloads
    jruby-prof (0.1.0) A Ruby level profiler for JRuby
  24. 222 downloads
    jruby-profiler-callgrind-printer (1.0.0-java) Provides callgrind output for the JRuby profiler
  25. 1,522 downloads
    jruby-quartz (1.2) Jruby-Quartz is a wrapper library for the Java based Quartz scheduling framework.
  26. 458,036 downloads
    jruby-rack (1.1.14) JRuby-Rack is a combined Java and Ruby library that adapts the Java Servlet API to Rack. For JRub...
  27. 1,279 downloads
    jruby-rack-jetty (0.2.0) A basic adapter that lets you run rack applications with jetty under JRuby
  28. 1,248 downloads
    jruby-rack-mainspring (0.1.0) The mainspring poweres clockwork. Implements a thread based clockwork adapter on top of JRuby-Rac...
  29. 2,868 downloads
    jruby-rack-metrics (0.0.3) A simple rack app wrapper that gathers request metrics using Coda Hale's metrics library
  30. 1,002 downloads
    jruby-rack-standalone-jetty (0.0.1) A simple standalone jetty launcher for jruby rack apps