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  1. 3,991 downloads
    jqueryui_widgets (1.0) Wrapper around jQueryUI controls for use with page-object gem
  2. 2,364 downloads
    jquery_ujs_extended (0.0.3) Extends html5 attributes capabilities of jquery-ujs
  3. 1,309 downloads
    jquery_underscore-rails (0.1.0) This is just an underscore add-on of André's jquery-rails which provides a Rails generator to ins...
  4. 607 downloads
    jQuery-URL-Parser-Rails (0.0.1) Simple way to integrate the url parameters jquery plugin in the asset pipeline of rails
  5. 341 downloads
    jquery_validation (0.0.2) It will handle validations inline
  6. 7,748 downloads
    jQuery-Validation-Engine-rails (0.0.2) jQuery-Validation-Engine jquery plugin for rails project.
  7. 47,934 downloads
    jquery-validation-rails (1.12.0) Integrate the jQuery Validation plugin into the Rails asset pipeline
  8. 5,947 downloads
    jquery-validator (0.3.0) Uses the model validation logic you have already defined to generate javascript validation using ...
  9. 166 downloads
    jquery-visibility-rails (1.0.7) Provides the jquery-visiblity library
  10. 546 downloads
    jquery_visualize (0.0.2) This is gem for jQuery-Visualize plugin.
  11. 1,021 downloads
    jquery-waypoints-rails (0.0.1.alpha) This gem just adds jquery-waypoints to your ASSets
  12. 1,236 downloads
    jquery-week-calendar (0.1) Wrapper for
  13. 558 downloads
    jquery-wookmark-rails (0.0.1) integrate jquery wookmark plugin into rails asset pipline
  14. 670 downloads
    jquery-zoom-rails (0.0.3) Jack Moore's jQuery image zoom plugin for rails
  15. 934 downloads
    jquery-ztree-rails (1.0.2) jquery ztree resources files packaged for the Rails asset pieline
  16. 1,288 downloads
    jquids (0.2.1) Integrating the jQueryUI date picker for Rails
  17. 763 downloads
    jqvmap-rails ( JQVMap is a jQuery plugin that renders Vector Maps. It uses resizable Scalable Vector Graphics (...
  18. 4,605 downloads
    jr (0.1.3) Jr. lets you communicate with an HTTP JSON RPC server.
  19. 1,003 downloads
    jrack_handlers (1.0.1-java) Rack handler implementations for Java webservers, such as Webbit
  20. 98,956 downloads
    jrails (0.6.0) Using jRails, you can get all of the same default Rails helpers for javascript functionality usin...
  21. 4,334 downloads
    jrails_auto_complete (0.2.2) Adds autocomplete support to rails inputs, using jQuery-UI; it works similarly to the original ra...
  22. 1,425 downloads
    jrails_ui (0.0.1) Helper Methods for use with websites implementing the jQuery-UI toolkit
  23. 755 downloads
    jraiman_progressbar (1.0.1) A progressbar with a floating percentage value above the bar.
  24. 1,519 downloads
    jramos-activerecord-activesalesforce-adapter (2.3.6) ActiveSalesforce (ASF) is a Rails connection adapter that provides direct access to
  25. 1,098 downloads
    JRank (0.1.0) Adds easy to use JRank search to any website
  26. 1,482 downloads
    jraw (0.8.2) JRAW is a Ruby ANT Wrapper for describing Apache ANT tasks in ruby instead of XML.
  27. 3,833 downloads
    jrb (0.4.0) JRB is a trivial templating engine that allows you to use plain Ruby files as templates.
  28. 1,450 downloads
    j_rb (0.0.2) One day this will be a world leading ruby framework.
  29. 1,313 downloads
    jrb_handler (1.0.0) Jrb Handler makes it easy to write JSON web services in Rails 3. Keep your views in views, no...
  30. 655 downloads
    jrb-libsvm (0.1.2-java) JRuby language bindings for libsvm