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  1. 1,584 downloads
    jsgem-jquery (1.8.2.pre1) jQuery for Rails Asset Pipeline
  2. 974 downloads
    jsgem-jquery-layout (1.2.0.pre1) jQuery Layout for Rails Asset Pipeline
  3. 481 downloads
    jsgem-jquery-ui (1.9.1.pre1) jQuery-UI for Rails Asset Pipeline
  4. 7,202 downloads
    js-get (0.1.7) command line interface to install js libraries
  5. 369 downloads
    jsh (0.0.1) Interactive shell for JavaScript which is written in Ruby.
  6. 8,060 downloads
    jshint (0.0.2) It achieves this by linting your code through a library called JSHint which catches most code sme...
  7. 3,580 downloads
    jshint4r (0.1.3) jshint runner for ruby
  8. 53,266 downloads
    jshint_on_rails (1.0.3) JSHint wrapped in a Ruby gem for easier use
  9. 178,833 downloads
    jshintrb (0.2.4) Ruby wrapper for JSHint. The main difference from jshint gem it does not depend on Java. Instead,...
  10. 266 downloads
    jshint-rb (1.1.1) JSHint wrapped in a Ruby gem for easier use
  11. 379 downloads
    jshint_ruby (0.1) API to lint your javascript source code from ruby
  12. 877 downloads
    js_hooks (0.0.4) Manages JavaScript hooks for Rails controllers and views
  13. 1,080 downloads
    jsign (0.0.1) Jsign uses OpenSSL to sign JSON serialisations. The signed objects are valid JSON objects themsel...
  14. 1,973 downloads
    jSignature (0.0.6) The library gemify javascripts from jSignature
  15. 2,160 downloads
    js_include (0.9.5) A Rails extension to ensure single inclusion of JS
  16. 580 downloads
    js_info (0.1.1) Make javascript alert, confirm and prompt as controller level methods
  17. 10,966 downloads
    jsinstrument (0.2.5) Instrument JavaScript source code to monitor code coverage in pure Ruby
  18. 18,802 downloads
    jslint (1.2.0) This gem provides an easy way to use jslint with your programs. It comes with rhino and it will ...
  19. 5,323 downloads
    jslint-johnson (1.0.4) Ruby gem wrapper for a jslint cli. Uses the Johnson library for performance reasons targeted for...
  20. 163,794 downloads
    jslint_on_rails (1.1.1) JSLint JavaScript checker wrapped in a Ruby gem for easier use
  21. 9,926 downloads
    jslintrb (0.7.0) jslintrb is a packaged version of Douglas Crockford's JSLint JavaScript code checker. jslintrb u...
  22. 2,573 downloads
    jslint-rb (0.6) Ruby wrapper to run and format JSHint, using execJS. It supports commandline arguments or a YAML ...
  23. 6,323 downloads
    jslintrb_v8 (1.0.4) Run JSLint from Ruby
  24. 2,908 downloads
    jslint-source (2012.08.11) A RubyGem packaging of the JSLint code quality utility.
  25. 6,631 downloads
    jslint-v8 (1.1.2) Ruby gem wrapper for a jslint cli. Uses the The Ruby Racer library for performance reasons targe...
  26. 1,222 downloads
    js-log-cucumber (1.0.2) Behaviour Driven Development with elegance and joy
  27. 5,362 downloads
    js_message (0.0.2) Pass structured json messages between html and a rails application
  28. 588 downloads
    jsmestad-audit_trail (0.1.5) Log transitions on a state machine to support auditing and business process analytics.
  29. 9,567 downloads
    jsmestad-chargify (0.3.3) Ruby wrapper for the Chargify API
  30. 2,231 downloads
    jsmetric (0.1.1) Cyclometric complexity analyser for Javascript