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  1. 770 downloads
    json_in_batches (0.0.1) Encode json in batches
  2. 887 downloads
    json-inference (0.0.3) Given a bunch of JSON documents that are assumed to be similar, collects info about common struct...
  3. 2,777 downloads
    jsonip (1.0.7) Copy your IP to clipboard
  4. 629 downloads
    jsonism (0.0.4) Generate HTTP Client from JSON Schema.
  5. 3,444 downloads
    jsonit (0.0.3) Create JSON documents with ease
  6. 1,750 downloads
    jsonite (0.0.2) Jsonite provides a very simple DSL to build HAL-compliant JSON presenters.
  7. 622 downloads
    jsonizer (0.1.0) Module to easily provide json serialization Structurally inspired by
  8. 1,670 downloads
    jsonj-integration (1.2) Provides seemless integration of the jsonj library by adding conversion methods to hashes, lists ...
  9. 102,776 downloads
    json-jruby (1.5.0-java) A JSON implementation as a JRuby extension. You may now use the json gem directly.
  10. 40,482 downloads
    json-jwt (0.7.0) JSON Web Token and its family (JSON Web Signature, JSON Web Encryption and JSON Web Key) in Ruby
  11. 2,154 downloads
    json-kpeg (0.1.1) A simple JSON parser implemented using kpeg.
  12. 54,217 downloads
    json-ld (1.1.6) JSON::LD parses and serializes JSON-LD into RDF and implements expansion, compaction and framing ...
  13. 203 downloads
    jsonlint (0.1.0) Checks JSON files for correct syntax and no silly mistakes
  14. 538 downloads
    json_logger (0.1.0) A subclass of Ruby's standard `Logger` which makes it easy to write structured data to your log f...
  15. 11,891 downloads
    json-maglev- (1.7.5) This is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
  16. 4,075 downloads
    json_mapper (0.2.1) Ruby gem for mapping JSON data structures to Ruby classes
  17. 4,875 downloads
    json_matcher (0.0.5) A gem that matches similar json and ignores order
  18. 2,116 downloads
    json-merge_patch (1.1.0) An implementation of the json-merge-patch draft.
  19. 2,260 downloads
    json_minify (0.2.1) Pre-parser for JSON that removes C/C++ style comments and whitespace fr...
  20. 371 downloads
    json-minify (0.0.1) Pre-parser for JSON that removes C/C++ style comments and whitespace from formatted JSON, similar...
  21. 1,074 downloads
    jsonmodel (0.0.1) This gem allows you to create dynamic classes (models) based on a JSON Schema, providing validati...
  22. 1,034 downloads
    jsonmodel-formtastic (0.0.1) Just include it in your Gemfile and your JSONModels will quack as formtastic wants
  23. 1,485 downloads
    json-monitor (0.1.0) Logs in Json to CouchDB
  24. 2,833 downloads
    json-net ( The Json.NET library makes working with JavaScript and JSON formatted data in .NET simple. Quickl...
  25. 2,152 downloads
    json_object (0.0.2) A simple Ruby library for converting JSON objects into Ruby classes.
  26. 297 downloads
    jsonoid (0.0.1) A simple serverless NoSQL (JSON) document storage system
  27. 551 downloads
    jsonom (0.1.1) A tool for opening a JSON file and reading out a given property.
  28. 6,301 downloads
    jsonorama (0.1.5) for helping out with json apis
  29. 5,420 downloads
    json_output_helper (0.1.0) ActionController helper to normalize JSON output
  30. 3,518 downloads
    jsonp (0.0.1) JSONP helpers