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  1. 1,562 downloads
    james-bond (0.0.1) James is a bond framework for web development that offers MVC framework and Ruby friendly method ...
  2. 156 downloads
    jamescallmebrent-earworm (0.0.3) Earworm can identify unknown music using MusicDNS and libofa.
  3. 432 downloads
    jamescallmebrent-rumblr (0.0.2) Ruby client for the Tumblr API
  4. 145 downloads
    jamescook-ezcrypto (0.7.4) EzCrypto is an easy to use wrapper around the poorly documented OpenSSL ruby library.
  5. 10,192 downloads
    jamescook-pow (0.1.6) Ruby 'puts' with shell colors.
  6. 143 downloads
    jamescook-ruby-imagebam (0.2.0) ruby-imagebam interfaces with the ImageBam API to easily upload your images to ImageBam's image h...
  7. 146 downloads
    jamescook-uuid (2.0.3) UUID generator for producing universally unique identifiers based on RFC 4122 (http://www.ietf.or...
  8. 4,363 downloads
    jamesearl-rails-settings (1.0.5) Ruby Gem that makes managing a table of key/value pairs easy. Think of it like a Hash stored in y...
  9. 562 downloads
    james_ford (0.0.0) a gem giving practical and pragmatic advice
  10. 1,646 downloads
    jamesgolick-ASS (0.1.0) Asynchronous Service Stages for Distributed Services
  11. 1,519 downloads
    jamesgolick-cassandra (0.8.2) A Ruby client for the Cassandra distributed database.
  12. 179 downloads
    jamesgolick-draper (1.1.1a) Draper adds an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails apps.
  13. 1,574 downloads
    jamesgolick-webby (0.9.5) *Webby* is a fantastic little website management system. It would be called a *content management...
  14. 281 downloads
    JamesHarrison-reve (0.0.119) Reve is a Ruby library to interface with the Eve Online API
  15. 146 downloads
    jameskilton-patron (0.4.3) Ruby HTTP client library based on libcurl
  16. 142 downloads
    jameskilton-rice (1.2.0) Rice is a C++ interface to Ruby's C API. It provides a type-safe and exception-safe interface in...
  17. 700 downloads
    jamesmacaulay-asset_cloud (0.5.4) An abstraction layer around arbitrary and diverse asset stores.
  18. 976 downloads
    jamesn-softlayer-ruby ( A module and class factory for SoftLayer's customer portal API
  19. 276 downloads
    jamesotron-digitalnz (0.1.2) A small gem to interface with the DigitalNZ API
  20. 2,068 downloads
    jamesottaway (0.0.2) I am a gem!
  21. 37,720 downloads
    jamespath (0.5.1) Like XPath, but for JSON and other structured objects.
  22. 1,220 downloads
    jamesrampton (0.0.2) A simple gem that puts my website
  23. 146 downloads
    james-rc-rest (2.2.1) JAMES' VERSION OF This library makes it easy to implement REST-like web services APIs.
  24. 973 downloads
    james-ruminant (0.9.6) A ruby library to regurgitate MOO products
  25. 819 downloads
    jameswilding-magpie (0.1.5) A simple Ruby interface to Twitter's search API
  26. 283 downloads
    jameswilding-passgen (2.0.0) Passgen generates random, alphanumeric passwords of up to twenty characters, which can be made me...
  27. 299 downloads
    jameswilding-secret (2.1.2) secret generates random, alphanumeric passwords of up to twenty characters, and kinda-random memo...
  28. 980 downloads
    Jam_Func (0.1.1) Run a group of functions with flow control.
  29. 5,448 downloads
    jamie (0.1.0.beta4) A Chef convergence integration test harness
  30. 3,429 downloads
    jamie-bluebox (0.4.0) Jamie::Driver::Bluebox - A Blue Box block API driver for Jamie