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  1. 1,056 downloads
    jrack_handlers (1.0.1-java) Rack handler implementations for Java webservers, such as Webbit
  2. 100,456 downloads
    jrails (0.6.0) Using jRails, you can get all of the same default Rails helpers for javascript functionality usin...
  3. 4,513 downloads
    jrails_auto_complete (0.2.2) Adds autocomplete support to rails inputs, using jQuery-UI; it works similarly to the original ra...
  4. 1,489 downloads
    jrails_ui (0.0.1) Helper Methods for use with websites implementing the jQuery-UI toolkit
  5. 873 downloads
    jraiman_progressbar (1.0.1) A progressbar with a floating percentage value above the bar.
  6. 1,577 downloads
    jramos-activerecord-activesalesforce-adapter (2.3.6) ActiveSalesforce (ASF) is a Rails connection adapter that provides direct access to
  7. 1,159 downloads
    JRank (0.1.0) Adds easy to use JRank search to any website
  8. 1,545 downloads
    jraw (0.8.2) JRAW is a Ruby ANT Wrapper for describing Apache ANT tasks in ruby instead of XML.
  9. 4,066 downloads
    jrb (0.4.0) JRB is a trivial templating engine that allows you to use plain Ruby files as templates.
  10. 1,557 downloads
    j_rb (0.0.2) One day this will be a world leading ruby framework.
  11. 1,377 downloads
    jrb_handler (1.0.0) Jrb Handler makes it easy to write JSON web services in Rails 3. Keep your views in views, no...
  12. 712 downloads
    jrb-libsvm (0.1.2-java) JRuby language bindings for libsvm
  13. 256 downloads
    jr-cli (0.0.2) jr is jq like JSON processor. Its script can be written in Ruby
  14. 4,234 downloads
    jrclj (1.0.1) Helper library for working with Clojure from JRuby.
  15. 700 downloads
    jredshift (0.0.6) Convience wrapper for using Redshift with JRuby.
  16. 1,512 downloads
    jreject_rails (0.0.1) Asset Pipeline gem for jReject
  17. 111 downloads
    jreject-rails (0.1.0) This gem provides JReject for your Rails application.
  18. 3,961 downloads
    jreport (0.0.14) Create a report easily.
  19. 5,759 downloads
    jretlang (0.3.0) A JRuby package of jretlang
  20. 9,395 downloads
    jrexml (0.5.3) JREXML is an add-on for JRuby that uses a Java pull parser library to speed up REXML.
  21. 177 downloads
    jreynolds-god (0.7.13) God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.
  22. 175 downloads
    jrhicks-static_generators (0.1) Generate attractive interfaces that are easy to edit.
  23. 3,257 downloads
    jrhicks-static-generators (0.5.0) Generate attractive interfaces that are easy to edit.
  24. 177 downloads
    jrhicks-static-scaffolds (0.1) Generate attractive interfaces that are easy to edit.
  25. 495 downloads
    jrhicks-ubuntu-machine ( Capistrano recipes for setting up and deploying to a Ubuntu Machine
  26. 24,096 downloads
    jrjackson (0.2.7) A mostly native JRuby wrapper for the java jackson json processor jar
  27. 1,474 downloads
    jrmey-eventmachine (0.12.12) EventMachine implements a fast, single-threaded engine for arbitrary network communications. It's...
  28. 2,877 downloads
    jrmey-mysqlplus (0.1.4) Enhanced Ruby MySQL driver
  29. 3,292 downloads
    jrmvnrunner (0.1.7) This gem allows you to specify the jar-dependencies of your project and run your tasks with the c...
  30. 683 downloads
    jroes-jekyll (0.5.4) Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator.