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  1. 590 downloads
    japonica (0.2.0) CLI tool for generating email orderforms for yahoo and mbok auctions with japonica
  2. 2,635 downloads
    japr (0.3.1) Jekyll Asset Pipeline reborn adds asset preprocessing (CoffeeScript, Sass, Less, ERB, etc...
  3. 1,297 downloads
    jar (0.0.1) i am waiting to upload this
  4. 263 downloads
    jara (1.0.0-java) Build self-contained JAR artifacts and publish them to S3
  5. 3,312 downloads
    jar-dependencies (0.1.1) manage jar dependencies for gems and keep track which jar was already loaded using maven artifact...
  6. 3,312 downloads
    jared (0.0.5) A Ruby powered Digital Assistant (RDA)
  7. 937 downloads
    JaredKuolt-robustthread (0.5.2) Trivial module that allows you to create threads that are not killed if the process exits cleanly
  8. 1,083 downloads
    jared_string_extend (0.0.1) The library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the size of the ...
  9. 559 downloads
    jargon (0.0.1) find buzzwords online
  10. 952 downloads
    jarhead (0.0.3) A better way to interact with Java.
  11. 3,977 downloads
    jarib-celerity ( Celerity is a JRuby library for easy and fast functional test automation for web applications. I...
  12. 928 downloads
    jarib-cuketagger (0.7.2) batch tagging of cucumber features and scenarios
  13. 993 downloads
    jaribio_formatter (0.1.0) Provide the necessary code to record execution results in Jaribio while running tests in RSpec
  14. 143 downloads
    jarib-win32console ( This gem packages Gonzalo Garramuno's Win32::Console project, and includes a compiled binary for ...
  15. 2,510 downloads
    jaro (0.0.3) Adds String#^ for measuring string similarity
  16. 4,310 downloads
    jarodluebbert-twitter_oauth (0.3.8) twitter_oauth is a Ruby library for talking to twitter using the new oauth method.
  17. 1,554 downloads
    jaro_winkler (1.3.1) It's a implementation of Jaro-Winkler distance algorithm, it uses C extension and will fallback t...
  18. 2,117 downloads
    jarrett-quarto (1.6.3) Quarto is a Ruby framework for generating collections of documents from XML. It steps in where XS...
  19. 141 downloads
    jarrett-rbbcode (0.1.0) RbbCode is a customizable Ruby library for parsing BB Code. RbbCode validates and cleans input. I...
  20. 2,550 downloads
    jartools (0.0.1) jartools provides a busybox of command-line tools for examining the contents...
  21. 2,054 downloads
    jarvis (0.1.5) Jarvis offers an easy to use framework for creating note generation techniques that allow you to ...
  22. 48,033 downloads
    jar_wrapper (0.1.8) Wrapper for executable java jar file.
  23. 1,187 downloads
    jaryl (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  24. 136 downloads
    jasherai-oniguruma (1.1.1) Ruby bindings to the Oniguruma[] regular expression lib...
  25. 2,375 downloads
    jashmenn-activerecord-jdbc-adapter (1.2.0) activerecord-jdbc-adapter is a database adapter for Rails\' ActiveRecord component that can be us...
  26. 1,174 downloads
    jashmenn-activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter ( Install this gem to use MySQL with JRuby on Rails.
  27. 796 downloads
    jashmenn-apriori (0.2.2) Ruby Apriori is a library to efficiently find item association rules within large sets of transac...
  28. 142 downloads
    jashmenn-basket (0.0.2) Easily process and sort a directory of files.
  29. 1,097 downloads
    jashmenn-dalli (1.0.3) High performance memcached client for Ruby
  30. 1,005 downloads
    jashmenn-feedzirra (0.1.3) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...