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  1. 2,159 downloads
    kbam (0.4.5) Simple gem that makes working with raw MySQL in Ruby efficient and fun! It's basically a query st...
  2. 766 downloads
    kbaum-cucumber (0.4.5.pre) A BDD tool written in Ruby
  3. 1,517 downloads
    kbaum-mail ( A really Ruby Mail handler.
  4. 3,609 downloads
    kbaum-mongo (0.19) A Ruby driver for MongoDB. For more information about Mongo, see
  5. 3,582 downloads
    kbaum-mongo_ext (0.19) C extensions to accelerate the MongoDB Ruby driver. For more information about Mongo, see http://...
  6. 5,693 downloads
    kbaum-munger ( A different and possibly longer explanation of
  7. 5,567 downloads
    kbaum-pickle ( Easy model creation and reference in your cucumber features
  8. 2,996 downloads
    kbaum-rails_sequel (0.2.2) rails_sequel allows you to quickly use Sequel Toolkit as your ORM in Ruby on Rails
  9. 1,637 downloads
    kbaum-rchardet (1.3) Character encoding auto-detection in Ruby. As smart as your browser. Open source.
  10. 1,377 downloads
    kbaum-resque-priority (0.1) Provides Resque with three levels of (named) priority for a single queue.
  11. 2,728 downloads
    kbaum-resque-retry ( resque-retry provides retry, delay and exponential backoff support for resque jobs. Featur...
  12. 2,376 downloads
    kbaum-webrat (0.5.1) Webrat lets you quickly write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. ...
  13. 1,230 downloads
    kb-authlogic (2.1.7) A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.
  14. 148 downloads
    kb-bash (1.0.0.alpha.0) Bash runner plugin for Kitchen Busser (kb)
  15. 2,124 downloads
    kb-config (1.0.1) Configure things. Like a boss.
  16. 1,831 downloads
    kb-configurator (1.0.0) Fatten your models with key/value pairs
  17. 1,303 downloads
    kbl (0.2.1) Building KKBOX Playlist and serialize to KBL format.
  18. 2,408 downloads
    kblog (0.0.4) Kblog is a very simplistic and lightweight mountable blog-engine for rails provides simple helper...
  19. 140 downloads
    kbloom-Hebruby (1.2.2) Hebruby is a Ruby library to convert julian dates to hebrew dates, and vice-versa.
  20. 1,727 downloads
    kb-redstorm (0.6.6) JRuby integration & DSL for the Storm distributed realtime computation system
  21. 1,082 downloads
    kb-simple-metrics (0.0.13-java) A simple JRuby wrapper around codahale's metrics package
  22. 423 downloads
    kbv2app (0.0.1) Erzeuge aus dem KBV-Prüfassistent automatisch eine Mac OS X App.
  23. 515 downloads
    kcache (1.0.1) Multi fetch data for memcache
  24. 2,056 downloads
    kcaco (0.0.2) Helpers for dealing with exceptions
  25. 3,616 downloads
    kcapifony (2.1.6) kCapistrano is an open source tool for running scripts on multiple servers. It’s primary use ...
  26. 7,938 downloads
    kcar (0.4.0) kcar features an HTTP parser that will convert a bytestream into a 3-element array suitable for u...
  27. 25,221 downloads
    kch-dominion (1.0.0) Extract TLD information from a domain name.
  28. 149 downloads
    kch-git_remote_branch (0.3.0) git_remote_branch is a learning tool to ease the interaction with remote branches in simple situa...
  29. 138 downloads
    kch-rubycas-server ( Provides single sign-on authentication for web applications using the CAS protocol.
  30. 1,824 downloads
    kch-ya2yaml (0.29.1) An UTF8 safe YAML dumper.