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  1. 1,869 downloads
    kerbaldyn (0.8.1) A library for Kerbal Space Program (KSP) calculation and simulation tools.
  2. 3,078 downloads
    kerberos (0.3) Kerberos binding for ruby
  3. 288 downloads
    kerfuffle (0.0.1) Reserving this name. Work in progress.
  4. 1,244 downloads
    kerio-ical (0.0.1) A Ruby interface to Kerio Mail server calendars
  5. 3,402 downloads
    kermit (1.0.4) Allows to retrieve info from diferent Data Streams for data mining purpouses
  6. 706 downloads
    kernel_assert (1.0.0) The assert method must be called with a block, and raises a RuntimeException if the block evaluat...
  7. 1,343 downloads
    kernel_hash (0.0.0) Adds a Kernel#Hash() method like Kernel#Array()
  8. 735 downloads
    kernel_let (1.0.0) Provide Kernel#let for binding names and values as block-local method
  9. 1,408 downloads
    kernul (1.0.0) A semi-centralized, highly extensible, and easy to manage generic web platform written in Ruby.
  10. 3,897 downloads
    kerplutz (0.1.3) Command-line option parser with subcommands that won't leave you feeling Kerplutz
  11. 1,361 downloads
    kerryb-httparty (0.4.4) Makes http fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy.
  12. 1,051 downloads
    kerryb-net-ssh-socks (0.0.3) Net::SSH::Socks is a library for programmatically creating a SOCKS proxy. Similar to Net::SSH::Se...
  13. 2,750 downloads
    kerryb-right_aws (1.10.2) == DESCRIPTION: The RightScale AWS gems have been designed to provide a robust, fast, and secure...
  14. 1,493 downloads
    kerryb-right_http_connection (1.2.5) RightScale's robust HTTP/S connection module
  15. 702 downloads
    keshav-actionwebservice (1.0.0) Adds WSDL/SOAP and XML-RPC web service support to Action Pack
  16. 3,248 downloads
    keso (0.2.0) Cottage cheees with lots of relational theory. Or mabye not so much theory =(
  17. 33,626 downloads
    kestrel-client (0.7.2) Ruby client for the Kestrel queue server
  18. 2,790 downloads
    kestrelrb (0.8.1) Kestrel is a queue server written in Scala that runs on the JVM and has a memcached wire API.
  19. 1,407 downloads
    ketchup (1.0.0) A Ruby interface to the API for Ketchup
  20. 4,078 downloads
    kete_browserid (0.0.6) An add-on for Kete ( that replaces normal login with a browserid based login.
  21. 1,598 downloads
    kete-feedzirra ( A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  22. 2,368 downloads
    kete_gets_trollied (0.0.3) Uses the trollied gem for adding item ordering to Kete.
  23. 763 downloads
    kete_trackable_items (0.0.1) A Kete application add-on that allows for tracking the location of an item in a physical archive ...
  24. 1,891 downloads
    kete_translatable_content (0.1.1) Kete Translatable Content is a gem that is an add-on for Kete web applications that takes advanta...
  25. 709 downloads
    Kevins-Studio-Game (1.0.0) This project was created using Pragmatic Studio's Ruby training
  26. 497 downloads
    kevinthompson (0.0.1) An alias for the kevin_thompson gem.
  27. 510 downloads
    kevin_thompson (0.0.1) A gem used to find information about Kevin Thompson
  28. 3,679 downloads
    kevorkian (2.0.3) Easy, extensible MarkDown editor.
  29. 1,342 downloads
    kev_the_dev_mad_mimi_mailer (0.0.8) Use Mad Mimi to send beautiful HTML emails using the ActionMailer API.
  30. 1,374 downloads
    kev_the_dev-mad_mimi_mailer (0.0.8) Use Mad Mimi to send beautiful HTML emails using the ActionMailer API.