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  1. 7,189 downloads
    keybox (1.2.1) A set of command line applications and ruby libraries for secure password storage and password ge...
  2. 4,380 downloads
    keychain (0.2.3) A simple shell tool for managing passwords
  3. 1,322 downloads
    keychain_manager (0.0.1) A gem to access the Mac OS X Keychain Access app.
  4. 389 downloads
    keychain_osx (0.0.2) A ruby wrapper to add Certificates to a temporary keychain
  5. 2,141 downloads
    keycodes (0.0.2) Provides a mapping of symbols to common keycodes used in interacting with web browsers, intended ...
  6. 1,110 downloads
    key_control (0.0.5) Provides a Hash-like syntax for storing and retrieving data from the system's keyctl util...
  7. 4,033 downloads
    keycutter (0.2.0) Multiple gemcutter accounts? Manage your keys with ease.
  8. 880 downloads
    keyczar (0.0.1) This is a Ruby library for the Keyczar cryptographic toolkit.
  9. 2,509 downloads
    keyczar-jruby (0.0.3) This is a JRuby library for the Java Keyczar cryptographic toolkit.
  10. 3,290 downloads
    keyczar_ruby (0.2.0) ruby wrapper for keyczar crypto library
  11. 22,005 downloads
    key-db (5.0.0) A database acessible via keys. Wrapped everything in a module. To create a database:
  12. 9,667 downloads
    keydown (0.9.2) Bastard child of Slidedown, deck.js and organic fair trade Bolivian coffee
  13. 219 downloads
    keyed_archive (0.1.0) A Ruby gem for working with files produced by NSKeyedArchiver.
  14. 11,421 downloads
    keyhole (0.1.7) longer description of your gem
  15. 2,145 downloads
    KeyholeIO (0.2) Keyhole.IO, the database-as-a-service that's so iosome, is a real-time, streaming, key-value pair...
  16. 1,434 downloads
    key-installer (1.1) Tiny utility to install SSH keys onto remote machines
  17. 1,658 downloads
    keymail (0.3.1) Instead of using passwords, keymail sends an email with a link that logs your user in automatically.
  18. 8,393 downloads
    keymaker (0.1.0) A multi-layer REST API wrapper for neo4j.
  19. 1,215 downloads
    keyman (1.1.1) A simple library for managing distributed SSH keys
  20. 3,499 downloads
    keymap (0.3.2) Helping Ruby developers and their companies, unlock their key-value store data, through associati...
  21. 1,508 downloads
    keymaster (0.0.6) A gem that updates ssh authorized_keys on an instance
  22. 1,847 downloads
    keymaster-rails (1.0.2) Keymaster.js, bundled for Rails 3.0 and up.
  23. 1,103 downloads
    keyme-fingerprint (0.0.7) Load and verify fingerprints scanned using a U.are.U fingerprint scanner.
  24. 274 downloads
    keyme-rice (1.5.1.keyme) Rice is a C++ interface to Ruby's C API. It provides a type-safe and exception-safe interface in...
  25. 681 downloads
    key_metrics (0.0.2) Simple API for integration with 360Metrics
  26. 7,619 downloads
    keynote (0.2.3) A presenter is an object that encapsulates view logic. Like Rails helpers, presenters help you k...
  27. 2,894 downloads
    keynote_driver (0.0.3) bbbb
  28. 1,433 downloads
    keyp (0.0.7) Keyp is a key:value manager with a command line tool and library API to make managing authenticat...
  29. 2,994 downloads
    Keypad (1.0.1) The Keypad module provides methods to determine all sequences of letters associated to a given nu...
  30. 360 downloads
    key_path (1.0.0) Keypath-based collection access extensions for Ruby.