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  1. 774 downloads
    kinectable (0.0.1) The kinectable gem implements a simple DSL for using a Kinect to recognize gestures.
  2. 1,267 downloads
    kinectaby (0.0.1) Kinectaby is a Ruby binding to the libfreenect OS Kinect library.
  3. 1,063 downloads
    kinetic (0.0.5) A powerful yet simple AMQP worker framework
  4. 2,825 downloads
    kinetosis (0.0.2-x86_64-darwin-10) Read the XYZ orientation from the Sudden Motion Sensor in most Macbooks.
  5. 207 downloads
    king (0.0.1) Who is this king? I am.
  6. 16,110 downloads
    king_dtaus (2.0.4) DTA/DTAUS and DTAZV are text-based formats to create bank transfers for german banks. This gem cr...
  7. 2,613 downloads
    king_hmac (1.0.1) A Ruby Gem for authenticating HTTP requests using a HMAC
  8. 6,882 downloads
    kingkong (1.0.1) Have you ever wanted to shoot a message throught Twitter, have your app pick it up, do some work ...
  9. 5,970 downloads
    kingpin (0.7.1) Kingpin extends every ActiveRecord model to become a Pincaster pin automatically. Thus the model ...
  10. 4,065 downloads
    king_placeholder (1.0.3) Placeholder Parsing in Strings
  11. 7,521 downloads
    king_soa (0.0.6) Creating a SOA requires a centralized location to define all services within the SOA. KingSoa tak...
  12. 4,220 downloads
    king_tokens (2.0.1) Tokens are a usefull way to give users access to an application. This can be for a limited time o...
  13. 223 downloads
    king_tut (0.0.1) A command line tutorial runner
  14. 15,742 downloads
    king_views (1.1.6) Clean up your Forms using king_form for dl or labeled forms. Use king_list for an easy markup of ...
  15. 4,542 downloads
    kinit (0.1.3) A gem enforcer tool to check and enforce important gems and best pract...
  16. 1,742 downloads
    kinney (0.1.1) An oral history video clips site packaged as a Rails Engine gem.
  17. 2,532 downloads
    kinopoisk (0.0.3) Easely access the publicly available information on
  18. 2,785 downloads
    kinopoisk_parser (1.0.6) This gem allows you to easily search and access publicly available information about movi...
  19. 7,737 downloads
    kintama (0.1.11) It's for writing tests.
  20. 644 downloads
    kintone (0.0.4) kintone API client for Ruby.
  21. 4,375 downloads
    kioku (0.1.2) A leightweight key-value store solution written in pure Ruby. See the Homepage for more Infor...
  22. 7,940 downloads
    kiosk (0.3.7) Kiosk provides APIs for integrating WordPress content into a Ruby application: a base REST model ...
  23. 1,416 downloads
    kipatra (0.1.2) Cipango powered Sipatra server
  24. 6,255 downloads
    ki_pivotal (0.0.8) Kiseru Pivotal Tracker client
  25. 5,680 downloads
    kippt (3.0.1) Client library for using API
  26. 1,295 downloads
    kiqit (1.3.0) Queue any method in any class or instance with no need for additional Worker class and no extra code
  27. 41,277 downloads
    kiqstand (1.1.0) Mongoid Middleware for Sidekiq
  28. 351 downloads
    kiran_hola (0.0.0) A simple hello world gem
  29. 6,600 downloads
    kirby (4.2.2) A super-clean IRC bot with sandboxed Ruby evaluation, svn watching, and link-logging to
  30. 9,432 downloads
    KirbyBase (2.6.1) KirbyBase is a class that allows you to create and manipulate simple, plain-text databases. You c...