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  1. 10,753 downloads
    kirk (0.1.8-java) Kirk is a wrapper around Jetty that hides all of the insanity and wraps your Rack application in ...
  2. 14,295 downloads
    kisaweb (0.0.10) Ruby Gem for interfacing with the SSL Kisaweb API
  3. 589 downloads
    kismet-gpsxml (0.2.0) A quick solution to model Kismet-generated gpsxml log files and output to CSV
  4. 27,449 downloads
    kiss (1.8.9) An MVC web application framework using Rack, Sequel, and Erubis.
  5. 134 downloads
    kissable (1.0.0a1) Track and identify users via cookie in order to run A/B tests.
  6. 1,152 downloads
    kiss_amazon_mws (0.0.2) Sending updates to Amazon Marketplace Web Service
  7. 1,989 downloads
    kissfft (0.0.2) Provides access to the KissFFT library for performing fast-fourier transforms from Ruby
  8. 4,229 downloads
    kissgen (0.0.3) A Simple Code Generator
  9. 173 downloads
    kissifer-filter-url-by-remote-user (0.0.2) Rack middleware to allow/deny access to remote user by http method, path and query params.
  10. 1,286 downloads
    kissifer-hash-persistent (0.3.2) Library of base classes to simplify persisting objects and collections to a moneta store
  11. 170 downloads
    kissifer-json-attributes (0.0.0) Module to help with initialising/setting/getting object attributes from json strings
  12. 175 downloads
    kissifer-rack-accept-only (0.1.0) Allows checking of reply content type with request accept types. Also allows contracting of downs...
  13. 168 downloads
    kissifer-rack-application-json-to-text-json (0.1.0) Only for debugging/testing. Transforms application/json content type into text/json for display i...
  14. 174 downloads
    kissifer-rack-guest-list (0.0.0) Distributed sharing of username/password combinations for use with HTTP basic auth
  15. 175 downloads
    kissifer-rack-http-for-objects (0.0.0) Module to help your objects that respond to http requests via a Rack env
  16. 175 downloads
    kissifer-rack-reflect-env (0.1.2) Stops downsteam processing, dumps env.inspect into the reply body, sets Content-Type if given. De...
  17. 178 downloads
    kissifer-rack-safe-deposit-box (0.0.0) Course-grained access control based on URL path (env['PATH_INFO'])
  18. 176 downloads
    kissifer-rack-ticket-office (0.0.1) Rack middleware to allow/deny access to remote user by http method, path and query params.
  19. 165 downloads
    kissifer-sinatra-options-route (0.1.0) Provides a DSL-level options_route method for catching HTTP OPTIONS method in a request
  20. 167 downloads
    kissifer-sinatra-response-header-helpers (0.1.2) Some event-level methods to easily set response headers
  21. 177 downloads
    kissifer-utils (0.0.1) Library of potentially useful stuff that I haven't (yet) found elsewhere
  22. 36,547 downloads
    kissmetrics (2.0.0) Use the KISSmetrics HTTP API to identify and alias users, track events, and set properties.
  23. 976 downloads
    kissmetrics_rails (0.0.1) A basic rails wrapper for kissmetrics
  24. 2,181 downloads
    kissy-rails (0.1.1) This gem provides Kissy and the kissy-ujs driver for your Rails 3 application.
  25. 16,542 downloads
    kit (1.2.0) Kit is a framework for making simple management tools called kits.
  26. 10,673 downloads
    kitabu (1.0.6) A framework that generates PDF and e-Pub from Markdown, Textile, and HTML files.
  27. 166 downloads
    kitamomonga-mechanize ( The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites. Mechanize automatically ...
  28. 1,268 downloads
    kitc (0.1.1) Compiles (Processes) HTML files written with the Kit language
  29. 2,821 downloads
    kitchen (0.0.3) kitchen gives you access to a whole array of objects to really test that your code doesn't do som...
  30. 1,096 downloads
    kitchen-all (0.2.0) A Test Kitchen driver that includes all the drivers known to man/computer