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  1. 21,046 downloads
    knjappserver (0.0.30) Which supports a lot of undocumented stuff.
  2. 1,089 downloads
    knjdbrevision (0.0.3) Can create/alter tables, columns, indexes and even table rows. Supports callbacks when certain ev...
  3. 83,493 downloads
    knjrbfw (0.0.110) Including stuff for HTTP, SSH and much more.
  4. 757 downloads
    knjtasks (0.0.3) A longer description will come...
  5. 9,316 downloads
    knmi (0.3.1) A set of methods to query the KNMI HTTP get form for daily climate data and select a variety of m...
  6. 4,614 downloads
    knn (0.0.1) Simple K Nearest Neighbour algorithm
  7. 3,226 downloads
    knnball (0.1.0) Implements K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm using a KDTree in Ruby. Usefull for sorting geolocation o...
  8. 464 downloads
    knocker (0.3.3) Uses a config file to knock on a host and execute command(s), tries to mimic .ssh/config function
  9. 11,513 downloads
    knock-knock ( This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  10. 1,326 downloads
    knoc-knoc (0.0.1) A library to tell you who is there.
  11. 2,390 downloads
    knockout-assets (0.0.2) Prepares the SHA values of CDN assets in a JS hash. Knockout templates can then refer to them wit...
  12. 34,168 downloads
    knockoutjs-rails ( Knockout is a JavaScript library that helps you to create rich, responsive display and editor use...
  13. 10,415 downloads
    knockout-rails (1.0.1) Include the knockout.js and some of its extensions so you can pick what you need. Adds the suppor...
  14. 3,225 downloads
    knod (0.8.0) An http server built using Ruby's standard library
  15. 597 downloads
    knodes (0.3) See API documentation at
  16. 5,325 downloads
    knot (0.0.2) Knot
  17. 1,223 downloads
    knotice-ruby-statsd (0.0.4) knotice statsD client on top of statsd-ruby
  18. 1,329 downloads
    knotify (0.0.3) Web Notification Gem
  19. 512 downloads
    knowledge_base (0.1.0) Knowledge Base is a bunch of models for Ruby on Rails that you probably need to build your own
  20. 3,734 downloads
    kns_email_endpoint (0.1.2) The Kynetx Email Endpoint is a ruby gem that makes setting up an email endpoint very simple.
  21. 23,778 downloads
    kns_endpoint (0.2.0) Build a Kynetx Endpoint in Ruby. Adds the ability to raise, or signal, events on the KNS Plat...
  22. 2,272 downloads
    knu (0.0.4) Client Knu Webservice
  23. 1,224 downloads
    knuckler (1.0.1) A game for knuckleheads
  24. 511 downloads
    knu-friendfeed (0.1.5) This is a Ruby library to provide access to FriendFeed API's. It implements official API's as we...
  25. 96 downloads
    knu-mechanize ( The Mechanize library is used for automating interaction with websites. Mechanize automatically ...
  26. 295 downloads
    knu-perlstorable (0.1.3) A Ruby module that emulates deserialization of Perl's Storable module.
  27. 101 downloads
    knu-svn2git (1.3.1) A tool for migrating svn projects to git
  28. 1,574 downloads
    knut_tools (0.1.0) The knut_tools-gem contains some usefull scripts, including rake/testtask in selected directory, ...
  29. 810 downloads
    knykode (0.0.1) provides postal,telephone and other common codes in Kenya
  30. 1,539 downloads
    koa (0.0.7) Gem of tools for Koala