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  1. 1,478 downloads
    kvs-foreigner (0.2.2) Foreign keys for Rails migrations
  2. 1,484 downloads
    kwaff (1.0.0) Kwaff is a pretty tool to convert Kwaff format document into XML document, and also convert XML i...
  3. 2,851 downloads
    kwala (0.9.1) Kwala is a pluggable code quality build system with the ability to due CI + Mascot Driven Develop...
  4. 155,419 downloads
    kwalify (0.7.2) Kwalify is a parser, schema validator, and data binding tool for YAML and JSON.
  5. 14,743 downloads
    kw_apn (0.5.4) Apple Push Notification Library by Kupferwerk. Supports extended format with feedback.
  6. 7,828 downloads
    kwartz (3.2.0) Kwartz is a template system which realized the concept 'Independence of Presentation Logic'(I...
  7. 5,447 downloads
    kwatable (0.3.0) Kwatable is a pretty tool to generate SQL and DTO from database table definition. Kwatable reads ...
  8. 3,698 downloads
    kwikemon (0.0.9) Read & write simple monitors using Redis.
  9. 2,638 downloads
    kwoon (0.0.2) A helper utility for running Coding Dojos
  10. 383 downloads
    kwyjibo (0.1.0) CoAuthor: J├ęssica Alejandra Ramos Villarreal
  11. 748 downloads
    k-yamada-net-ssh (2.3.0) Net::SSH: a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol. It allows you to write programs...
  12. 31,077 downloads
    kyanite (0.8.4) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  13. 76 downloads
    kyathos (0.0.1.a) A gem to manage feature flags
  14. 432 downloads
    kyle (0.0.2) A password manager for paranoids.
  15. 19,014 downloads
    kynetx_am_api (0.2.30) Using this gem you can access the Kynetx Application API. This api allows developers a way ...
  16. 2,335 downloads
    kyotocabinet (1.0) Kyoto Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. The database is a simple data fi...
  17. 2,532 downloads
    kyotocabinet-java (0.3.0-java) Wrapper for Kyoto Cabinet's Java library for use with JRuby, to provide the same interface as the...
  18. 10,389 downloads
    kyotocabinet-ruby (1.27.1) Kyoto Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. The database is a simple data fi...
  19. 1,054 downloads
    kyotor (0.0.1) Kyotor is OEM (Object-Entry-Mapper) framework for Kyoto Cabinet in Ruby
  20. 4,168 downloads
    kyoto_record (0.0.5) "KyotoRecord": Kyoto Cabinet wrapper for Ruby binding. Scannable. Indexable. A programming inter...
  21. 25,258 downloads
    kyototycoon (0.6.1) KyotoTycoon client for Ruby
  22. 1,727 downloads
    kyototycoon-client (0.0.5) KyotoTycoon binary access module, supports get(bulk), set(bulk), remove(bulk), and play LUA script.
  23. 500 downloads
    kyototycoon-objects (1.0.0) Using KyotoTycoon as Ruby objects
  24. 109 downloads
    kyotoyu (0.0.1) HI
  25. 219 downloads
    kyoto_yumi (1.0.1) Ruby on Rails learning.
  26. 1,504 downloads
    kyruus-bootstrap-sass ( Kyruus modifications to Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome
  27. 16,476 downloads
    kytoon (1.4.3) A set of Rake tasks that provide a framework to help automate the creation and configuration serv...
  28. 909 downloads
    kyu (0.1.0) SQS background processing for Ruby
  29. 1,554 downloads
    kyusik-google_analytics (1.1.5) By default this gem will output google analytics code forevery page automatically, if it's config...