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  1. 1,512 downloads
    leetpassword (0.1.2) leetpassword creates a password with 1 or 2 random leet words.
  2. 1,465 downloads
    leetspeak (0.1.1) A fun utility to play with strings by converting them to leetspeak
  3. 966 downloads
    leffen-kafka-rb (0.0.15) kafka-rb allows you to produce and consume messages using the Kafka distributed publish/subscribe...
  4. 3,160 downloads
    leftbrained-ar_mailer (2.1.13) Forked from adzap-ar_mailer to allow parallel processing of emails by different worker servers. E...
  5. 2,060 downloads
    leftplayer (0.1.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  6. 30,576 downloads
    leftright (0.9.1) leftright is kind of like the redgreen gem. It makes passing tests look green, exceptions yellow,...
  7. 5,630 downloads
    leftronic (0.0.3) Leftronic is an amazing dashboard-as-a-service company, but I wanted to work with them in ruby, s...
  8. 4,821 downloads
    leftronicapi (1.2.0) Provides a set of functions to update Leftronic dashboard widgets with custom data. Data is submi...
  9. 3,535 downloads
    left_side (1.0.3) It provide left_side and highlight function web app, base on cells and for rails app
  10. 2,898 downloads
    legacy (0.2.0) Bring some magic to ActiveRecord for legacy databases
  11. 18,953 downloads
    legacy_data (0.2.1) Create ActiveRecord models from an existing database
  12. 2,148 downloads
    legacy_enum (0.1.1) Allows you to address enumerated integer columns as more sane and readable symbols
  13. 10,721 downloads
    legacy-fernet (1.6.3) Delicious HMAC Digest(if) authentication and encryption
  14. 1,354 downloads
    legacy_mailers (0.1.1) Brings back the legacy ActionMailer 2.3 API to ActionMailer 3.x
  15. 13,636 downloads
    legacy_migrations (0.3.7) Rails plugin for transferring or updating data between two db structures.
  16. 747 downloads
    legacy_model_generator (0.0.1) Model from legancy database
  17. 1,367 downloads
    legacy_woes (0.2.0) Tools for legacy databases and ActiveRecord
  18. 2,399 downloads
    legal_beagle (0.0.3) This tool was originally developed by for use in generating contracts and agreements....
  19. 3,359 downloads
    legal-docs (0.0.5) legal-docs provides a customisable privacy policy and terms of service, backed by I18n that can u...
  20. 1,343 downloads
    legalese (0.0.1) parser and grammar for german legal texts
  21. 4,685 downloads
    legalizer (0.2.5) A simple ruby wrapper around the RightSignature API
  22. 8,152 downloads
    legal_markdown (0.4.11) This gem will parse YAML Front Matter of Markdown Documents. Typically, this gem would be calle...
  23. 3,189 downloads
    legal-poo (0.0.3) Legal poo makes it easier to generate legal text for copyrighting and licensing your work.
  24. 17,090 downloads
    legato (0.3.0) Access the Google Analytics Core Reporting and Management APIs with Ruby. Create models for metri...
  25. 942 downloads
    legendastv-crawler (0.1.0) Crawler for to see the most dowloaded subtitles
  26. 680 downloads
    legiblate (0.0.2) Converts HTML in Sharepoint's RSS to a hash
  27. 2,645 downloads
    legion (0.1.0) Concurrent processing made easy... even for MRI.
  28. 3,979 downloads
    legislation-uk (0.0.3) Ruby API for accessing UK Legislation hosted at
  29. 5,905 downloads
    legit (0.0.15) A collection of scripts for common git tasks to simplify and improve workflow.
  30. 3,848 downloads
    legit-the-git (0.0.7) Git hooks to help keep accurev and git in sync