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  1. 1,504 downloads
    LibrarySolution (0.1.0) A Ruby wrapper for TLC's Library.Solution v3.3.5 OPAC Web Services API.
  2. 768 downloads
    library_statistics (0.0.5) A gem to track the performance of different categories of books in a library
  3. 3,557 downloads
    LibraryStatistics (0.0.4) A gem to track the performance of different categories of books in a library
  4. 28,777 downloads
    library_stdnums (1.4.1) A simple set of module functions to normalize, validate, and convert common library standard numbers
  5. 2,880 downloads
    librarything-api (0.1.1) Gem for accessing the LibraryThing API
  6. 2,034 downloads
    librato-logreporter (0.2.1) Provides a simple interface to log Librato metrics to your log files in l2met format.
  7. 246,784 downloads
    librato-metrics (1.4.0) An easy to use ruby wrapper for Librato's Metrics API
  8. 992 downloads
    librato-metrics-memcached (0.0.1) Pull stats from memcached and push to Librato Metrics
  9. 1,711 downloads
    librato-metrics-taps (0.3.7) Taps for extracting metrics data and publishing to Librato Metrics
  10. 893 downloads
    libratonator (0.0.1) Experimental CLI tool to pipe Graphite's Carbon data to Librato Metrics
  11. 39,366 downloads
    librato-rack (0.4.5) Rack middleware to report key app statistics and custom instrumentation to the Librato Metrics se...
  12. 84,181 downloads
    librato-rails (0.11.1) Report key app statistics to the Librato Metrics service and easily track your own custom metrics.
  13. 2,295 downloads
    librato-rake-deploytrack (0.0.9) Rake tasks to keep track of your deploys in Librato Metrics, using the Annotationstreams! Librato...
  14. 4,365 downloads
    librato-sidekiq (0.1.2) Sidekiq hooks to push stats into Librato
  15. 4,539 downloads
    librato_silverline_api (1.0.3) This Gem is a wrapper for the Librato Silverline API. It adapts the basic behavior of ActiveResou...
  16. 1,565 downloads
    librato-storm-kafka (0.0.2) Collects metrics from a storm-kafka setup and publishes them to Librato
  17. 4,307 downloads
    libravatar (1.2.0) provides avatar image hosting (like Their users may associate avata...
  18. 3,984 downloads
    libreconv (0.9.0) Convert office documents to PDF using LibreOffice.
  19. 1,021 downloads
    librepdf (0.0.2) This software changes a document into PDF by Libreoffice assistance under JRuby.
  20. 920 downloads
    libreservice (0.0.2) Adds a service layer on top of the Libreconv gem
  21. 209 downloads
    libretto (2.0) get lyrics, easy.
  22. 10,406 downloads
    librevox (0.9) EventMachine-based Ruby library for interacting with the open source telephony platform FreeSwitch.
  23. 851,909 downloads
    librex (0.0.999) This has been replaced by the 'rex' gem (~> 2.0.2)
  24. 1,063 downloads
    librmdp (0.0.2) A ruby implementation of the ZeroMQ majordomo pattern v0.1
  25. 4,740 downloads
    librmpd (0.1.1) A library for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
  26. 750 downloads
    librr (0.0.2) It is a tool to to index & search your text based documentation system. It use solr for f...
  27. 23,157 downloads
    librrd (1.0.4) Ruby bindings for librrd. Extracted from the RRDtool source.
  28. 4,970 downloads
    librtmp (0.1.4) Provides a wrapper for the librtmp library in Ruby to allow use of the RTMP streaming protocols
  29. 6,605 downloads
    libsaml (2.4.5) Libsaml makes the creation of SAML 2.0 messages easy. The object structure is modeled after the S...
  30. 577 downloads
    lib_serial (0.0.5) Linux/MacOS serial port gem without native c code