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  1. 458 downloads
    line_ending (0.0.1) A little mixin to change the line endings of files. Supports Mac, Unix and Windows ending convers...
  2. 17,652 downloads
    linefit (0.3.2) LineFit does weighted or unweighted least-squares line fitting to two-dimensional data (y = a + b...
  3. 257 downloads
    line_head_washer (0.0.1) LineHeadWasher remove start of target pattern charactors.
  4. 303 downloads
    line_iterator (0.1.0) Provides methods to more easily work with line-oriented text file and records within those files
  5. 2,140 downloads
    lineman (0.9.1) Lineman provides clean output for your tests, giving you one line for each test that shows the na...
  6. 640 downloads
    linemanager (0.1.2) LineManager is a thin wrapper over Foreman that allows programmatically starting and stopping p...
  7. 21,308 downloads
    linen (0.8.3) Linen is a library which can be used to build a command-line interface for any purpose. It featu...
  8. 673 downloads
    line-okuru (1.0.0) ActionView helpers for creating NAVER LINE share buttons.
  9. 3,054 downloads
    lineparser (0.1.13) Lineparser is suited to parsing configuration files, however it can parse any type of text file w...
  10. 2,916 downloads
    linepipe (0.2.0) Process data one step at a time.
  11. 3,588 downloads
    liner (0.2.4) A liner for Ruby objects. Add attribute, inspection, serialization, and equality methods.
  12. 8,107 downloads
    lines (0.2.0) structured logs for humans
  13. 662 downloads
    line_send_button (0.1.0) LINE Send button helper
  14. 1,156 downloads
    lines-engine (0.1.12) LINES lets you manage your posts in a clear, consistent frontend. The gracefully slender editor k...
  15. 1,442 downloads
    linesetter (0.1.0) Reformats a given paragraph to fit on 78-character-wide lines, retaining the left indent in s...
  16. 2,830 downloads
    linesource (0.1.0) Walks one or more text files, which may be gzipped, allowing line-by-line processing of the contents
  17. 24,816 downloads
    line-tree (0.3.18) Line-tree parses indented lines of text and returns an array representing a tree structure.
  18. 5,899 downloads
    line_up (0.1.2) No more need to maintain two separate redis connections when using namespaces. LineUp does not ev...
  19. 10,114 downloads
    lingo ( Lingo is an open source indexing system for research and teachings. The main functions of Lingo a...
  20. 7,365 downloads
    lingohub (0.2.1) Client library and command-line tool to translate Ruby based apps with lingohub.
  21. 424 downloads
    lingohub_shield (0.0.1) Generate a PNG shield for locales for the Lingohub service.
  22. 6,035 downloads
    lingohub_utils (1.0.6) Util library used by lingohub
  23. 1,489 downloads
    lingotek-cli (0.1.1) Client lib for lingotek apis
  24. 2,957 downloads
    lingotek-client (0.2.0) Client lib for lingotek apis
  25. 7,904 downloads
    lingq (0.3.1) Gem for interacting with the API of It's a language learning website, and it's pretty...
  26. 2,889 downloads
    lingr_bot (0.0.5) A Ruby wrapper for the Lingr Bot API
  27. 14,873 downloads
    lingua (0.6.2) Provides sentence splitting, syllable, and text-quality algorithms.
  28. 10,429 downloads
    linguara (0.0.7) Gem to integrate with linguara api
  29. 6,693 downloads
    linguify (0.6.0) Linguify is a linguistic compiler allowing you to compile and execute plain english.
  30. 4,852 downloads
    linguine (0.0.7) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.