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  1. 235 downloads
    link_preview_generator (1.0.0) Instantly get preview elements for a link
  2. 2,940 downloads
    linkr (0.1.1) Resolves urls to the canonical version. It does this by following redirects in the headers or bod...
  3. 1,940 downloads
    links (0.30.0) During the first stage of a security test, it's useful to enumerate website urls without making t...
  4. 125,869 downloads
    linkscape (0.3.2) Provides an interface to SEOmoz's suite of APIs, including the free and site intelligence APIs.
  5. 175 downloads
    links_crawler (0.0.1) check how many links are available inside the website
  6. 29,634 downloads
    linkser (0.0.15) Linkser is a link parser for Ruby. It gets an URI, tries to dereference it and returns the releva...
  7. 2,213 downloads
    linkshare (0.1.0) Ruby library to interface with Linkshare report and product apis. Forked from Ian Ehlerts linksha...
  8. 2,419 downloads
    linkshare_api (0.2.0) Ruby wrapper for LinkShare Publisher Web Services. See
  9. 3,145 downloads
    link_shrink (0.0.8) Shrink those long and nasty links into a shorter URL
  10. 969 downloads
    links_processor (0.5.1) Fetches meta and embed information for any link.
  11. 5,434 downloads
    linkterm (0.1.0) A text mining tool based on Rough Sets Theory
  12. 1,162 downloads
    link_thumbnail (0.1.0) Given a URL, retrieves thumbnail images (similar to when you share a link on Facebook or Digg).
  13. 14,031 downloads
    link_thumbnailer (2.2.3) Ruby gem generating thumbnail images from a given URL.
  14. 644 downloads
    linkto (0.1.1) linkto - link_to helpers for google search, bing search, flickr photo search, flickr photo tag, etc.
  15. 12,548 downloads
    link_to_action (0.3.0) link_to for specific actions
  16. 5,253 downloads
    link_to_active_state (1.0.7) A simple gem to implement active states on links using the standard Rails `link_to` helper.
  17. 1,898 downloads
    link_to_function_helper (0.1.0) Puts the link_to_function back in a non-UJS way. Handy if you're trying to save time doing a Rail...
  18. 2,504 downloads
    link_to_only_valid_path (0.9.3) link to only valid path
  19. 2,306 downloads
    link_to_profile (0.0.4) Generate profile links for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others
  20. 431 downloads
    link_to_social (1.0.0) Easily create sharing links for all of the major social networks using a simple link_to_social tag.
  21. 512 downloads
    link_to_ujs (0.0.1) link_to_function with ujs magic
  22. 2,735 downloads
    linkup (1.1.0) From:
  23. 1,640 downloads
    link_url (0.0.5) Convert any image url into the image tag sepratedly and remain other url normal by using LinkUrl....
  24. 358 downloads
    link_with_icon (0.0.1) Wrapper for the link_to method to include icons.
  25. 8,206 downloads
    linky ( A library for safely linking keywords to urls within HTML content.
  26. 2,849 downloads
    linnaeus (1.2.0) Linnaeus provides a redis-backed Bayesian classifier. Words are stemmed, stopwords are stopped, a...
  27. 10,301 downloads
    linner (0.7.1) HTML5 Application Assembler
  28. 23,259 downloads
    linode (0.7.10) This is a wrapper around Linode's automation facilities.
  29. 657 downloads
    linodeapi (0.0.4) Wraps the Linode API with multiple levels of interaction
  30. 592 downloads
    linode_dynamic_dns (1.0.1) Dyn decided to charge for this functionality, so I wrote a few lines of code to fix it