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  1. 1,805 downloads
    lame (0.0.3) FFI powered library for the LAME MP3 encoder.
  2. 1,515 downloads
    lame_adapter (0.1) A Ruby interface to the command line options for lame. Support for most common features.
  3. 4,181 downloads
    lamed (0.3.0) Yet another LaMe Ruby Web Framework
  4. 1,972 downloads
    lame_encoder (0.1.1) A Ruby interface to the command line options for lame. Support for most common features.
  5. 5,775 downloads
    lamer (0.1.2) Ruby wrapper for the LAME library. Currently wraps around the LAME executable so you can use LAME...
  6. 572 downloads
    lampwick (0.0.1) "Pull repositories and create puppet environment branches"
  7. 363 downloads
    lana (0.0.0) lana is awesome
  8. 86 downloads
    lanaya ( Lanaya provide a easy way to let you debug HTTP requests.
  9. 530 downloads
    lancat (1.0.0) lancat is a program which allows files and other data to be quickly transferred over the local ne...
  10. 2,205 downloads
    landable (1.9.2) Landing page storage, rendering, tracking, and management API
  11. 116 downloads
    landable_publicist (0.0.1) Landing page storage, rendering, tracking, and management FrontEnd / API
  12. 252 downloads
    landagent (0.1.0) Super simple postgres multi-tenancy
  13. 1,465 downloads
    landb (0.0.4) This is a WSDL dynamic wrapper for lanDB to puppet use. It's writen from Anastasis Andronidis as ...
  14. 783 downloads
    landescape (0.0.2) A library for handling escape sequence
  15. 3,493 downloads
    landing_page (1.0.4) Minimal, flexible, unobstrusive rails 4 engine for an email subscription form. It collects name, ...
  16. 1,245 downloads
    landlady (0.0.4) Using a subdomain mapping design pattern, Landlady takes advantage of PostgresQL SCHEMA_SEARCH_PA...
  17. 1,048 downloads
    landlord (0.1.0) A command-line tool for managing multiple virtual-host configurations on a web server
  18. 7,082 downloads
    landrush (0.14.0) Forget about IPs in Vagrant - Automated DNS for your VMs This Vagrant plugin spins up a lightwei...
  19. 40,329 downloads
    landslider (0.5.28) Landslider is a ruby interface to the Landslide SOAP-based API
  20. 5,383 downloads
    lane_groove (0.1.1) A small HTTP configuration server. Eats YAML, returns JSON, XML, YAML and rb. Restricts requests ...
  21. 7,014 downloads
    lanekit (0.7.0) LaneKit is an iOS Objective-C code generator for integration with RestKit. It generates models, r...
  22. 1,933 downloads
    lang (0.1.0) Language tags implementation. Features: basic and extended filtering (RFC 4647), canonicalization...
  23. 1,475 downloads
    langa (1.0.0) Automatic natural language recognition from arbitrary textfiles
  24. 1,334 downloads
    langalex-authlogic_oauth2 (1.1.0) Authlogic OAuth2 is an extension of the Authlogic library to add OAuth2 support. OAuth2 can be us...
  25. 1,543 downloads
    langalex-cijoe (0.0.1) CI Joe is a simple Continuous Integration server.
  26. 1,313 downloads
    langdect (0.1.0) A rubygem to detect the language of a text (using Google Language Detector)
  27. 1,510 downloads
    langhelp (0.9.8) Langhelp creates an index of documents of various programming languages and shell commands. Langu...
  28. 1,353 downloads
    langis (0.1.0) Langis is a Rack inspired publish-subscribe system for Ruby. It has flexible message...
  29. 8,038 downloads
    langouste (0.1.6) Gem and console tool for translation through various online services (google translate, babelfish...
  30. 8,788 downloads
    langrove ( eventmachine based networked daemon framework