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  1. 1,188 downloads
    link_thumbnail (0.1.0) Given a URL, retrieves thumbnail images (similar to when you share a link on Facebook or Digg).
  2. 15,090 downloads
    link_thumbnailer (2.2.3) Ruby gem generating thumbnail images from a given URL.
  3. 721 downloads
    linkto (0.1.1) linkto - link_to helpers for google search, bing search, flickr photo search, flickr photo tag, etc.
  4. 12,929 downloads
    link_to_action (0.3.0) link_to for specific actions
  5. 5,454 downloads
    link_to_active_state (1.0.7) A simple gem to implement active states on links using the standard Rails `link_to` helper.
  6. 1,935 downloads
    link_to_function_helper (0.1.0) Puts the link_to_function back in a non-UJS way. Handy if you're trying to save time doing a Rail...
  7. 2,539 downloads
    link_to_only_valid_path (0.9.3) link to only valid path
  8. 2,400 downloads
    link_to_profile (0.0.4) Generate profile links for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others
  9. 460 downloads
    link_to_social (1.0.0) Easily create sharing links for all of the major social networks using a simple link_to_social tag.
  10. 543 downloads
    link_to_ujs (0.0.1) link_to_function with ujs magic
  11. 2,787 downloads
    linkup (1.1.0) From:
  12. 1,775 downloads
    link_url (0.0.5) Convert any image url into the image tag sepratedly and remain other url normal by using LinkUrl....
  13. 386 downloads
    link_with_icon (0.0.1) Wrapper for the link_to method to include icons.
  14. 8,371 downloads
    linky ( A library for safely linking keywords to urls within HTML content.
  15. 2,975 downloads
    linnaeus (1.2.0) Linnaeus provides a redis-backed Bayesian classifier. Words are stemmed, stopwords are stopped, a...
  16. 11,271 downloads
    linner (0.7.3) HTML5 Application Assembler
  17. 24,120 downloads
    linode (0.7.10) This is a wrapper around Linode's automation facilities.
  18. 775 downloads
    linodeapi (0.0.4) Wraps the Linode API with multiple levels of interaction
  19. 657 downloads
    linode_dynamic_dns (1.0.1) Dyn decided to charge for this functionality, so I wrote a few lines of code to fix it
  20. 1,948 downloads
    linode-incandescent (0.6.2) This is a wrapper around Linode's automation facilities.
  21. 563 downloads
    linode-rolling-restart (0.0.1) Capistrano script for restarting multiple servers behind Linode NodeBalancer without causing down...
  22. 4,489 downloads
    linotype (0.0.6) linotype implements that game mechanic of Letterpress for iOS by atebits software. The program ...
  23. 1,102 downloads
    linqr (0.1.0) Linq like sytax for querying multiple-datasources
  24. 137 downloads
    lintci-rubocop (0.0.1) A small wrapper around Rubocop that standardizes the command for LintCI
  25. 2,222 downloads
    lint_fu (0.5.3) This tool helps identify bugs in your code. It is Rails-centric but its modular design allows sup...
  26. 1,333 downloads
    lint_report (0.0.1) collates the output generated by running gem_lint against the most recent version of every public...
  27. 115 downloads
    lint_trap (0.0.1) Parses the output of various linters.
  28. 16,959 downloads
    linux_admin (0.9.1) LinuxAdmin is a module to simplify management of linux systems. It should be a single place to m...
  29. 9,842 downloads
    linux_container (1.8) Ruby gem for ephemeral LXC linux containers
  30. 6,829 downloads
    linux_fortune (0.0.5) A gem that provides a wrapper for the linux fortune program