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  1. 829 downloads
    listen360-rubyXL ( rubyXL is a gem which allows the parsing, creation, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel (.xlsx/.x...
  2. 1,252 downloads
    listenandcopy (0.0.3) A simple gem, based on listen, that copies files to a new destination when it detects changes
  3. 340 downloads
    listener (0.1.0) Share the LISTEN functionality of a single PG connection
  4. 412 downloads
    lister (0.0.2) Simulates setting up a Treasure Hunt (scavenger hunt) in the form of a linked list.
  5. 4,265 downloads
    list-for (0.0.4) list-for is a list builder for an array of objects, easily allowing overriding of how any aspect ...
  6. 900 downloads
    ListFunctions (0.2) Advanced Sass list functions
  7. 1,765 downloads
    listify (0.2.0) Rails plugin that generates HTML lists from ruby array and hash objects
  8. 2,914 downloads
    listingcheck_api (0.2.1) Ruby API to use the ListingCheck REST API.
  9. 1,059 downloads
    listings (0.0.2) DSL to create listings for active-record models.
  10. 1,073 downloads
    listit (0.0.1) A simple gem for creating simple lists
  11. 3,615 downloads
    listjs-rails (1.1.1) List.js automated install for Rails 3.1+
  12. 8,575 downloads
    listlace (0.2.2) Listlace is an mpd (music player daemon) client with a Ruby shell as the interface.
  13. 1,119 downloads
    listless (0.1.0) A gem for converting Ruby Arrays to HTML unordered lists
  14. 1,097 downloads
    listof (0.0.9) List me up
  15. 786 downloads
    listrophy-suprails (0.2.1) This project is intended to be a replacement for the "rails" command. It does not replace the ra...
  16. 1,748 downloads
    lists (0.0.2) Simple engine to manage lists
  17. 598 downloads
    lists_by_days_redis (0.0.1) Useful for debugging and tracking different events in application.
  18. 2,676 downloads
    lists_constant (0.2.2) Easily create localization-friendly constant lists
  19. 1,126 downloads
    list_select (0.0.1) Provides a simple helper to get an HTML select list of any lists defined in your locales fil...
  20. 922 downloads
    list-tool (1.0.5) A tool to manage lists of strings (like todos) in your app or terminal
  21. 1,428 downloads
    list-utils (0.1) list-utils adds several list-related methods and method aliases to the Array class. Among its ins...
  22. 4,116 downloads
    listview (2.1.0) Example:
  23. 3,206 downloads
    listy (0.0.7) "A bunch of helpers to create fancy lists"
  24. 8,485 downloads
    liszt (0.1.3) Liszt is an alternative to acts_as_list and sortable that uses atomic Redis operations to maintai...
  25. 5,672 downloads
    lit (0.2.4) Translate your apps with pleasure (sort of...) and for free. It's simple i18n web interface, buil...
  26. 14,083 downloads
    lita (3.3.1) A multi-service chat bot with extendable behavior.
  27. 4,399 downloads
    lita-animate (1.0.0) A Lita handler for fetching gifs from Google.
  28. 1,568 downloads
    lita-answers (0.0.2) A Lita handler for a question answering (QA) system. Allows you to use CRUD operations and simple...
  29. 717 downloads
    lita-ascii-art (0.0.2) A Lita handler that generates ASCII art.
  30. 614 downloads
    lita-baby_elephant (0.0.5) Get a baby elephant gif from /r/babyelephants'