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  1. 1,404 downloads
    load_balanced_tire (0.11) Tire is a Ruby client for the ElasticSearch search engine/database. It provides Ruby-like ...
  2. 1,895 downloads
    loadcfg (0.2) Allow you to load any configuration constants from config/whatever.yml
  3. 7,716 downloads
    load_data_infile (0.4.1) MySQL LOAD DATA INFILE support for ActiveRecord
  4. 614 downloads
    loaded_dice (0.1.0) Simulates a loaded die with n sides. Perfect for non homogenous randomisation needs.
  5. 670 downloads
    loaded_plugins (0.1.2) Adds Rails.plugins, a list all of the plugins that Rails has loaded
  6. 1,179 downloads
    loader (1.1.0) dsl for gem helper calls such like relative folder calls that independ on the Dir.pwd or File.ex...
  7. 2,888 downloads
    loaderio (0.0.5) ruby api client
  8. 433 downloads
    loaderio-cli (1.0.0) is a service which provides possibility to test your application against 50k concurrent...
  9. 104 downloads
    loadfile (0.1.0) A ruby gem to manipulate .opt and .log files for Concordance® / Opticon®, .lfp files for ...
  10. 2,635 downloads
    load_glob (1.0.1) Load all files matching a given glob, resolving dependencies automagically
  11. 7,296 downloads
    loadjs (0.0.6) A Javascript loader function to load page specific code for Rails apps.
  12. 337 downloads
    loadmaster_assets (0.0.12) Description of LoadmasterAssets.
  13. 1,352 downloads
    load-me (0.1.0) Facilitates working with ruby $LOAD_PATH with some static functions
  14. 1,519 downloads
    load_model (0.2.2) Rails Controller plugin that provides easy and useful macros for tying models and requests together
  15. 1,058 downloads
    load_path (0.2.1) Cleaner way to setup your load path
  16. 8,199 downloads
    load_path_find (0.0.6) Convenient way to find stuff on the load path.
  17. 2,062 downloads
    load_resource (1.0.5) Loading all your resources before the action not only makes your code cleaner, but also makes aut...
  18. 489 downloads
    load_resource_rails (1.0.1) Loading all your resources before the action not only makes your code cleaner, but also makes aut...
  19. 823 downloads
    load_runner (1.0.0) Load Runner Ruby Gem allows you to run a block of code many times in parallel, stagger execution ...
  20. 13,317 downloads
    loady (0.8.0) CSV file loader with simple logging
  21. 4,324 downloads
    loaf (0.3.0) Loaf helps you manage breadcrumbs in your rails app. It aims to handle crumb data through easy ds...
  22. 2,769 downloads
    lob (1.2) Lob API Ruby wrapper
  23. 952 downloads
    lobber (0.0.4) A commandline tool to quickly push a directory to AWS S3
  24. 5,698 downloads
    lobby (0.0.27) Lightweight authentication for my projects
  25. 13,967 downloads
    lobot (3.0.0) Rails generators that make it easy to spin up a CI instance in the cloud.
  26. 8,970 downloads
    lobster (0.2.7) Simple loop job runner service.
  27. 1,692 downloads
    lobstr (0.0.2) deployments so easy, even a zoidberg can do it
  28. 999 downloads
    local_assets (0.4.0) Allows you to use a CDN in production but seamlessly load assets from localhost in development. G...
  29. 3,090 downloads
    local_authority (0.0.5) Local authority information and links to further datasets
  30. 1,173 downloads
    localbitcoins (0.0.4) Ruby wrapper for the LocalBitcoins API