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  1. 1,447 downloads
    loada (0.2.0) A gem wrapper to include Loada via the asset pipeline
  2. 1,749 downloads
    loadable (1.2.1) Loadable modifieds Ruby's load/require system to handle "load wedges", which work much like route...
  3. 6,216 downloads
    loadable_component (0.1.1) Ruby implementation of
  4. 7,539 downloads
    loadaboy (0.3.0) LoadaBoy is a load testing gem.
  5. 2,975 downloads
    load_and_authorize_resource (0.4.0) Auto-loads and authorizes resources in your controllers in Rails 4 and up.
  6. 2,170 downloads
    loadat (0.0.2) loaddat is a Ruby on Rails Rake task that loads data in <tablename>.dat into MySQL database that ...
  7. 6,008 downloads
    load_balance_client (0.1.3) Simple wrapper around RestClient to make load balanced http requests
  8. 584 downloads
    load_balanced_rest_client (1.0.2) Automatically load balances a Rest Client, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of redundancy witho...
  9. 1,641 downloads
    load_balanced_tire (0.11) Tire is a Ruby client for the ElasticSearch search engine/database. It provides Ruby-like ...
  10. 2,126 downloads
    loadcfg (0.2) Allow you to load any configuration constants from config/whatever.yml
  11. 8,375 downloads
    load_data_infile (0.4.1) MySQL LOAD DATA INFILE support for ActiveRecord
  12. 752 downloads
    loaded_dice (0.1.0) Simulates a loaded die with n sides. Perfect for non homogenous randomisation needs.
  13. 798 downloads
    loaded_plugins (0.1.2) Adds Rails.plugins, a list all of the plugins that Rails has loaded
  14. 4,912 downloads
    loader (1.4.2) dsl for gem helper calls such like relative folder calls that independ on the Dir.pwd or File.ex...
  15. 3,488 downloads
    loaderio (0.0.5) ruby api client
  16. 558 downloads
    loaderio-cli (1.0.0) is a service which provides possibility to test your application against 50k concurrent...
  17. 261 downloads
    loadfile (0.1.0) A ruby gem to manipulate .opt and .log files for Concordance® / Opticon®, .lfp files for ...
  18. 2,873 downloads
    load_glob (1.0.1) Load all files matching a given glob, resolving dependencies automagically
  19. 925 downloads
    load_impact (0.0.3) Dynamically generate Load Impact user scenarios.
  20. 9,192 downloads
    loadjs (0.0.6) A Javascript loader function to load page specific code for Rails apps.
  21. 462 downloads
    loadmaster_assets (0.0.12) Description of LoadmasterAssets.
  22. 1,478 downloads
    load-me (0.1.0) Facilitates working with ruby $LOAD_PATH with some static functions
  23. 1,636 downloads
    load_model (0.2.2) Rails Controller plugin that provides easy and useful macros for tying models and requests together
  24. 600 downloads
    loadmop (0.0.5) loadmop assits in loading OMOP Vocabulary files and OMOP CDMv4-compatible CSV files into your dat...
  25. 1,501 downloads
    load_path (0.2.1) Cleaner way to setup your load path
  26. 8,871 downloads
    load_path_find (0.0.6) Convenient way to find stuff on the load path.
  27. 2,648 downloads
    load_resource (1.0.5) Loading all your resources before the action not only makes your code cleaner, but also makes aut...
  28. 614 downloads
    load_resource_rails (1.0.1) Loading all your resources before the action not only makes your code cleaner, but also makes aut...
  29. 995 downloads
    load_runner (1.0.0) Load Runner Ruby Gem allows you to run a block of code many times in parallel, stagger execution ...
  30. 15,151 downloads
    loady (0.8.0) CSV file loader with simple logging