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  1. 8,623 downloads
    local_cache (1.2.2) Similar to Rails' built in MemoryStore, but adds size limit and expiration.
  2. 1,345 downloads
    local_cdn (0.3.0) Allows you to use a CDN for static content in production and still load assets in development whe...
  3. 794 downloads
    localconfig (0.2.0) local configuration for ruby (web) apps ...
  4. 1,147 downloads
    local_config (0.1.0) Allows a local configuration file to modify Rails environment.
  5. 2,239 downloads
    localdev (0.3.1) Localdev manages part of your hosts file and lets you specify domains to host locally. You can qu...
  6. 431 downloads
    local-domains (0.1.0) A simple tool to help keeping your /etc/hosts file up-to-date
  7. 7,071 downloads
    localdroptasks (0.2.0) Simple build output (drop) tasks for Rake.
  8. 378,577 downloads
    locale (2.1.0) Ruby-Locale is the pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization.
  9. 156,758 downloads
    localeapp (0.8.1) Synchronizes i18n translation keys and content with so you don't have to manage tra...
  10. 5,034 downloads
    localeapp-handlebars_i18n (0.0.1) A localeapp reporter for working with handlebars templates with localizations.
  11. 2,396 downloads
    locale_assistant (0.9.3) locale_assistant is lightweight commandline tool which helps you manage those big yaml files when...
  12. 2,683 downloads
    locale_base (0.0.4) locale_base is a way to easily translate yaml locale files from one language to another
  13. 2,587 downloads
    locale-data-import (0.1.1) Rails plugin to easily generate locale files (.yml) from locale data like territories...
  14. 2,009 downloads
    locale_dating (0.1.1) LocaleDating generates wrapper methods around the attributes you want to support editing ...
  15. 613 downloads
    locale_detect (0.0.4) Detect Locale for Rails app using request, session or accept-language headers.
  16. 7,177 downloads
    locale_detector (0.3.1) Parses HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE http header and sets the I18n.locale based on that, if it's missing i...
  17. 5,482 downloads
    locale_flash (1.0.0) locale_flash lets you create flash messages easily with I18n fallbacks
  18. 3,360 downloads
    locale_js (0.2.2) Make Rails i18n available in javascript
  19. 8,271 downloads
    local-env (0.0.1) Ruby on Rails engine to easily add values to ENV from a configuration yaml file
  20. 33,595 downloads
    locale_rails (2.0.5) Ruby-Locale for Ruby on Rails is the pure ruby library which provides basic functions for loc...
  21. 2,896 downloads
    locale_routing (0.2.2) A library for configuring/parsin locales from url params or hostname for I18n.
  22. 4,251 downloads
    locale_schema (0.0.6) This gem provides a hierarchy for I18n defaults
  23. 2,894 downloads
    locale_selector (1.93.1) Wraps and improves ruby-gettext, provides UI for locale selection, maintains user preferences.
  24. 5,145 downloads
    locale_setter (0.4.0) Automatically set per-request locale in Rails applications
  25. 441 downloads
    locales_export_import (0.4.2) Used for exporting locale yaml files to CSV format. CSV files are then being imported into Excel,...
  26. 7,574 downloads
    local_eval (0.2.7) instance_eval without changing self
  27. 152 downloads
    LocalFileCache (0.0.1) simple file cache
  28. 1,067 downloads
    local_gateway (0.1) A Local Gateway -developed by InSTEDD- implemented in Ruby for testing purposes.
  29. 2,917 downloads
    local_gem (0.1.4) You have the beginnings of a ruby library and you want to access it quick. You don't want to both...
  30. 2,164 downloads
    local-geocoder (0.1.2) Reverse geocodes lng, lat pairs into country codes (plus State and Counties within the US). Runs ...