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  1. 5,181 downloads
    locale_setter (0.4.0) Automatically set per-request locale in Rails applications
  2. 454 downloads
    locales_export_import (0.4.2) Used for exporting locale yaml files to CSV format. CSV files are then being imported into Excel,...
  3. 7,583 downloads
    local_eval (0.2.7) instance_eval without changing self
  4. 156 downloads
    LocalFileCache (0.0.1) simple file cache
  5. 1,069 downloads
    local_gateway (0.1) A Local Gateway -developed by InSTEDD- implemented in Ruby for testing purposes.
  6. 2,920 downloads
    local_gem (0.1.4) You have the beginnings of a ruby library and you want to access it quick. You don't want to both...
  7. 2,170 downloads
    local-geocoder (0.1.2) Reverse geocodes lng, lat pairs into country codes (plus State and Counties within the US). Runs ...
  8. 328 downloads
    localhook (0.1.0) Localhook makes it super easy to connect public webhook endpoints with development environments.
  9. 6,959 downloads
    localhost (0.4.1) Serve web apps from your localhost to the Internet
  10. 1,105 downloads
    localhostapp (0.0.1) Serve web apps from your localhost to the Internet
  11. 5,851 downloads
    localio (0.0.16) Automatic Localizable file generation for multiple platforms (Rails YAML, Android, Java Propertie...
  12. 1,091 downloads
    localist-asset_sync (0.2.0) After you run assets:precompile your assets will be synchronised with your S3 bucket or Rackspace...
  13. 1,074 downloads
    localist-feedzirra (0.2.1) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  14. 1,150 downloads
    localist-instagvram (0.6.2) A Ruby wrapper for the Instagram REST and Search APIs
  15. 8,001 downloads
    localite (0.5.6) An easy to use localization gem.
  16. 2,385 downloads
    localityjs-rails (1.5) Locality provides you with a javscript object that contains a state/country map, and abbreviation...
  17. 851 downloads
    locality-uuid (1.0.0) This is a UUID class intended to help control data locality when inserting into a distributed dat...
  18. 3,025 downloads
    localizable (1.2) An easy way to localize fields of MongoMapper::Document classes
  19. 4,824 downloads
    localization (3.1.0) A dirt simple localization gem
  20. 13,209 downloads
    localization_generator (1.0.8) Localization utility for Rails apps
  21. 1,267 downloads
    localization-middleware (0.1.0) Middleware that plays the connection between the url and I18n.
  22. 806 downloads
    localizator (0.0.1) This plugin provides two simple rake tasks to help keeping tranlations in sync with the default l...
  23. 2,936 downloads
    localize (0.2) Lightweight, ruby-way localization solution
  24. 8,204 downloads
    localized (0.0.8) This gem allows you to set locale using a subdomain and url helper support for switching sites.
  25. 38,213 downloads
    localized_country_select (0.9.9) Localized "country_select" helper with Rake task for downloading locales from's CLDR
  26. 6,928 downloads
    localized_each_validator (1.0.3) Adds an abstract EachValidator superclass that you can use to create localizable validations.
  27. 9,705 downloads
    localized_fields (0.2.0) Helps you to create forms with localized fields using Mongoid.
  28. 2,076 downloads
    localized_gems (0.1.1) Cross platform utility for installing gems on a per project basis
  29. 2,673 downloads
    localized_language_select (0.2.0) Localized language select for Rails 2.3+ with options to control languages to display
  30. 820 downloads
    localized_model_generator (0.1.2) extends the active_record:model generator with locale files in /config/locales. The Translations ...