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  1. 3,413 downloads
    lockup (1.2.1) A simple gem to more elegantly place a staging server or other in-progress application behind a b...
  2. 3,132 downloads
    loco (0.0.6) Count lines of code in project files, excluding a bunch of common defaults, and show (a) for each...
  3. 921 downloads
    loco2-geokit (0.0.1) Geokit with better Geonames support
  4. 14,458 downloads
    loco_bill (0.1.2) A ruby wrapper for interacting with's developer API
  5. 408 downloads
    locode (0.1.0) The Locode gem gives you the ability to lookup UN/LOCODE codes.
  6. 4,893 downloads
    loco-liquid-filters (0.0.15) Liquid filters for Citrrus' LocomotiveCMS site
  7. 3,002 downloads
    locomotion (0.0.6) Geolocation library for RubyMotion
  8. 362 downloads
    locomotiva-braspag (0.1.6) braspag gem to use Braspag gateway
  9. 1,935 downloads
    locomotive (0.0.1) Ruby representation of the Pathfinder-Algebra (http://www-db.informatik.uni-...
  10. 27,889 downloads
    locomotive-aloha-rails ( Seamlessly integrates Aloha Editor into the Rails 3.2 asset pipeline.
  11. 7,957 downloads
    locomotive_carrierwave ( Upload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them on different back...
  12. 1,658 downloads
    locomotive_cmd (0.0.2) The LocomotiveCMS binary tool
  13. 61,896 downloads
    locomotive_cms (2.5.5) LocomotiveCMS is a next generation CMS system with sexy admin tools, liquid templating, and inlin...
  14. 1,246 downloads
    locomotivecms_builder (1.0.0.alpha1) The LocomotiveCMS builder is a site generator for the LocomotiveCMS engine
  15. 793 downloads
    locomotivecms_common (0.0.2) The LocomotiveCMS Common is a shared libraries package
  16. 6,613 downloads
    locomotivecms-liquid (2.6.0) A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup.
  17. 65 downloads
    locomotivecms_models (0.0.1.pre.alpha) Persistence framework for LocomotiveCMS. Default adapters: YAML
  18. 19,766 downloads
    locomotivecms_mounter (1.4.1) Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an online engine
  19. 7,719 downloads
    locomotivecms-search (0.3.5) LocomotiveSearch is an engine which integrates ActiveSearch into LocomotiveCMS.
  20. 6,954 downloads
    locomotivecms_solid (0.2.2) The Solid gem from the TigerLily team but modified to work with LocomotiveCMS
  21. 7,047 downloads
    locomotivecms-solid ( The Solid gem from the TigerLily team but modified to work with LocomotiveCMS
  22. 537 downloads
    locomotivecms_steam (0.1.1) The LocomotiveCMS steam is a front end server LocomotiveCMS libraries
  23. 15,024 downloads
    locomotivecms_wagon (1.4.0) The LocomotiveCMS wagon is a site generator for the LocomotiveCMS engine
  24. 6,427 downloads
    locomotive-heroku (0.1.0) Enhance the LocomotiveCMS engine in order to make it run on Heroku
  25. 12,810 downloads
    locomotive_jammit-s3 ( Jammit-S3 is an extension to the awesome Jammit library that handles deployment to s3 and clo...
  26. 40,575 downloads
    locomotive_liquid (2.4.2) A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup. Extended with liquid templa...
  27. 18,910 downloads
    locomotive_mongoid_acts_as_tree ( Port of the old, venerable ActsAsTree with a bit of a twist
  28. 4,911 downloads
    locomotive-mongoid_migration (0.0.7) ActiveRecord::Migration ported to Mongoid
  29. 13,745 downloads
    locomotive-mongoid-tree (0.6.2) A tree structure for Mongoid documents using the materialized path pattern
  30. 1,113 downloads
    locomotive_plugin_joiner (0.1.12) This gem is for everybody wants some extras on logomotiveCMS.