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  1. 838 downloads
    localizator (0.0.1) This plugin provides two simple rake tasks to help keeping tranlations in sync with the default l...
  2. 2,995 downloads
    localize (0.2) Lightweight, ruby-way localization solution
  3. 8,408 downloads
    localized (0.0.8) This gem allows you to set locale using a subdomain and url helper support for switching sites.
  4. 41,343 downloads
    localized_country_select (0.9.9) Localized "country_select" helper with Rake task for downloading locales from's CLDR
  5. 7,102 downloads
    localized_each_validator (1.0.3) Adds an abstract EachValidator superclass that you can use to create localizable validations.
  6. 9,852 downloads
    localized_fields (0.2.0) Helps you to create forms with localized fields using Mongoid.
  7. 2,132 downloads
    localized_gems (0.1.1) Cross platform utility for installing gems on a per project basis
  8. 2,814 downloads
    localized_language_select (0.2.0) Localized language select for Rails 2.3+ with options to control languages to display
  9. 896 downloads
    localized_model_generator (0.1.2) extends the active_record:model generator with locale files in /config/locales. The Translations ...
  10. 10,914 downloads
    localized_scaffold (0.9.7) Localized Rails scaffolding with style...
  11. 4,018 downloads
    localized_url_for (0.0.4) Localize urls by injecting :locale param into url_for
  12. 2,494 downloads
    localize_multi_digit (4.0.4) localize_multi_digit localizes digits from String, Fixnum, Float, Date, Time, ActiveSupport::Time...
  13. 2,899 downloads
    localizer (0.1.2) Includes localization helpers for: routing, views and controllers.
  14. 3,014 downloads
    localjob (0.4.1) Simple, self-contained background queue built on top of POSIX message queues.
  15. 15,987 downloads
    localmemcache (0.4.4) Localmemcache is a library for C and ruby that aims to provide an interface similar to memcached...
  16. 10,319 downloads
    localmemcache_store (0.0.8) A Rails cache store implementation for localmemcache
  17. 1,516 downloads
    local_message (0.0.3) Routes messages across a local network.
  18. 3,399 downloads
    localmotive (0.1.3) a rails engine for local development
  19. 1,525 downloads
    localocracy-observational (0.2.5) Observational with :only and :except options
  20. 1,768 downloads
    localocracy-remit (0.0.5) An API for using the Amazon Flexible Payment Service (FPS).
  21. 1,522 downloads
    localone (0.1.0) Add Object#with and Kernel.let to your repertoire to crack down on local variables.
  22. 5,960 downloads
    local-openid (0.4.0) local-openid allows users with shell accounts on servers to authenticate with OpenID consumers by...
  23. 10,207 downloads
    local_pac (0.10.2) This gem helps you to serve proxy.pacs locallly
  24. 6,678 downloads
    localport (0.1.4) localport is a local application management system
  25. 886 downloads
    local_port (0.1.0) Gives you tools to find out which ports on your system are free to use
  26. 575 downloads
    localresolv (1.0.0) A DNS server which returns for any domain you provide
  27. 959 downloads
    localsampler (0.0.2) Just a local gem
  28. 70 downloads
    localshelf (0.0.1.pre) Localshelf allows users to manage and share their ebooks within a local network through its web i...
  29. 171 downloads
    localshred-track-r (1.0.0) track-r is a library that provides wrapper classes and methods for accessing PivotalTracker's pub...
  30. 507 downloads
    local-sources (0.0.1) A tool for using gem sources that are referenced locally