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  1. 377 downloads
    laranja (1.0.0) Grab some valid brazilian fake data. For testing.
  2. 6,477 downloads
    laravel (0.7.2) Readily build new web applications using Laravel framework for PHP.
  3. 19,542 downloads
    larch (1.1.2) Larch copies messages from one IMAP server to another. Awesomely.
  4. 10,077 downloads
    lardawge-rfm (1.4.2) Rfm brings your FileMaker data to Ruby. Now your Ruby scripts and Rails applications can talk dir...
  5. 379 downloads
    large_binomials (1.0.0) Large binomials
  6. 4,791 downloads
    large-hadron-migrator (0.2.1) Migrate large tables without downtime by copying to a temporary table in chunks. The old table is...
  7. 1,271 downloads
    largentinas (0.1.0) mvc de las localidades departamento y provincias de la Argentina (migraciones con todas).
  8. 2,515 downloads
    large_object_store (1.1.0) Store large objects in memcache or others
  9. 4,811 downloads
    lark (0.0.2) A system for nodes to communicate state and presence through a redis cluster
  10. 4,292 downloads
    larkistrano (0.0.7) Collected recipes and code for working with Capistrano. Based on Rubaidhstrano but rebooted and g...
  11. 1,039 downloads
    larsburgess-rest-client (1.6.1) A simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra microframework style of specifyin...
  12. 4,082 downloads
    larsklevan-after_commit (1.0.6) A Ruby on Rails plugin to add an after_commit callback. This can be used to trigger methods ...
  13. 1,020 downloads
    larsklevan-json (1.5.1) This is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C.
  14. 934 downloads
    larsklevan_s3_swf_upload (0.3.2) Rails 3 gem that allows you to upload files directly to S3 from your application using flex for f...
  15. 1,680 downloads
    larsklevan-will_paginate (2.3.12) The will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for ActiveRecord pag...
  16. 2,436 downloads
    larva (0.9.0) Meducation helper services for our pub/sub network
  17. 8,651 downloads
    larynx (0.1.6) An evented application framework for the FreeSWITCH telephony platform
  18. 2,469 downloads
    las2witsml (0.1.5) A command line tool and a library for converting Log ASCII Standard (LAS) files to WITSML <log> o...
  19. 4,770 downloads
    lascivious (1.0.1) Easy interface between Rails & Javascript for KISSmetrics
  20. 1,789 downloads
    laser (0.7.0.pre1) Laser is an advanced static analysis tool for Ruby.
  21. 3,841 downloads
    lash (1.0.3) Lash will bundle and compress most common static assets using Googles closure compiler for JavaSc...
  22. 416 downloads
    lashd-product_api (0.1.0) Much longer explanation of the example!
  23. 1,984 downloads
    lash-sprites (0.3.2) A library to ease the dynamic generation of CSS spritesfrom a list of images or a css file. Supp...
  24. 2,224 downloads
    las_reader (0.0.4) A simple gem to read CWLS-LAS file format. File in this format will contain well log data in ASCI...
  25. 4,997 downloads
    lasso (0.3.0) Identity herding with OAuth
  26. 1,068 downloads
    last_commit (0.1.0) Simple utility class to get last commit info from git repository.
  27. 1,031 downloads
    lastdotfm (1.0.0) Simple wrapper for the API. Will return raw API results in an HTTParty hash.
  28. 296 downloads
    last-dup (0.0.3) Checks a given directory for music you already listened to using your handle
  29. 38,381 downloads
    lastfm (1.24.0) A ruby interface for web services version 2.0
  30. 1,551 downloads
    last_fm (0.1.0) A Ruby client for LastFm that feels like Ruby.