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  1. 8,043 downloads
    locomotive_carrierwave ( Upload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them on different back...
  2. 1,725 downloads
    locomotive_cmd (0.0.2) The LocomotiveCMS binary tool
  3. 64,735 downloads
    locomotive_cms (2.5.6) LocomotiveCMS is a next generation CMS system with sexy admin tools, liquid templating, and inlin...
  4. 1,315 downloads
    locomotivecms_builder (1.0.0.alpha8) The LocomotiveCMS builder is a site generator for the LocomotiveCMS engine
  5. 865 downloads
    locomotivecms_common (0.0.2) The LocomotiveCMS Common is a shared libraries package
  6. 7,664 downloads
    locomotivecms-liquid (2.6.0) A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup.
  7. 80 downloads
    locomotivecms_models (0.0.1.pre.alpha) Persistence framework for LocomotiveCMS. Default adapters: YAML
  8. 21,798 downloads
    locomotivecms_mounter (1.4.4) Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an online engine
  9. 8,389 downloads
    locomotivecms-search (0.3.5) LocomotiveSearch is an engine which integrates ActiveSearch into LocomotiveCMS.
  10. 8,022 downloads
    locomotivecms_solid (0.2.2) The Solid gem from the TigerLily team but modified to work with LocomotiveCMS
  11. 8,122 downloads
    locomotivecms-solid ( The Solid gem from the TigerLily team but modified to work with LocomotiveCMS
  12. 621 downloads
    locomotivecms_steam (0.1.1) The LocomotiveCMS steam is a front end server LocomotiveCMS libraries
  13. 16,536 downloads
    locomotivecms_wagon (1.5.0) The LocomotiveCMS wagon is a site generator for the LocomotiveCMS engine
  14. 495 downloads
    locomotive_ecommerce_plugin (1.0.6) Locomotive plugin for ecommerce including a shopping cart
  15. 6,737 downloads
    locomotive-heroku (0.1.0) Enhance the LocomotiveCMS engine in order to make it run on Heroku
  16. 12,853 downloads
    locomotive_jammit-s3 ( Jammit-S3 is an extension to the awesome Jammit library that handles deployment to s3 and clo...
  17. 41,790 downloads
    locomotive_liquid (2.4.2) A secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup. Extended with liquid templa...
  18. 19,112 downloads
    locomotive_mongoid_acts_as_tree ( Port of the old, venerable ActsAsTree with a bit of a twist
  19. 4,995 downloads
    locomotive-mongoid_migration (0.0.7) ActiveRecord::Migration ported to Mongoid
  20. 13,824 downloads
    locomotive-mongoid-tree (0.6.2) A tree structure for Mongoid documents using the materialized path pattern
  21. 293 downloads
    locomotive_page_redirect_plugin (0.1.1) Allows CMS designers to assign a locomotive model that defines page redirestions.
  22. 1,444 downloads
    locomotive_plugin_joiner (0.1.12) This gem is for everybody wants some extras on logomotiveCMS.
  23. 2,224 downloads
    locomotive_plugins (1.1.1) This gem allows developers to create plugins for Locomotive CMS with particular functionality. Se...
  24. 248 downloads
    locomotive_search_ext_plugin (1.0.0) Provides search display tag.
  25. 314 downloads
    locomotive_sort_plugin (0.4.0) Allows designers to sort content types multiple different ways.
  26. 28,978 downloads
    locomotive-tinymce-rails ( Seamlessly integrates TinyMCE into the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline.
  27. 693 downloads
    locus (0.1.0) The gem uses the downloadable database for retrieving additional information about p...
  28. 1,664 downloads
    locust (0.0.3) Locust is a signature and load testing tool, designed primarily to trip DoS signatures.
  29. 2,351 downloads
    locu_wrapper (0.0.3) LocuWraper - a really simple locu wrapper
  30. 627 downloads
    lodash-assets (0.0.1) Use compiled Lo-Dash templates with Sprockets