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  1. 627 downloads
    lodash-assets (0.0.1) Use compiled Lo-Dash templates with Sprockets
  2. 45,872 downloads
    lodash-rails (2.4.1) Lo-Dash for the Rails asset pipeline
  3. 1,340 downloads
    lodestone (0.2.0) A DSL to set perms on a dir in a sane way
  4. 168 downloads
    lodestone-assert-agile (0.4.1) Assertion Sugar. Better block assertions - Forked from
  5. 12,521 downloads
    lodging (0.0.13) A software model in Ruby for the greenhouse gas emissions of a lodging
  6. 170 downloads
    loe-contacts (1.0.14) A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including Yahoo, Gm...
  7. 329 downloads
    loe-hypodermic (0.1.2) Opens a .docx file and returns a plain text string of the contents and optionally returns the thu...
  8. 649 downloads
    loe-icagent (1.0.5) TODO
  9. 2,073 downloads
    loe-iclassify-interface (1.1.0) Module for interfacing with iclassify.
  10. 782 downloads
    loess (1.0.0) Perfect if you want to plot a line graph or scatter plot and a loess regression
  11. 320 downloads
    loe-super-ebs-pruner-9000 (1.0.1) Thins EBS volume snapshots.
  12. 1,427 downloads
    lofis (0.0.2) Lofis is a small helper to fix lexicographical order for international sorting.
  13. 192 downloads
    loft-harmony (1.0.0) Watches a directory for changes to upload to a server via FTP
  14. 5,085 downloads
    log (1.1.0) logging data to file, console etc. Data can be pushed using info\warning\error\debug-levels categ...
  15. 2,941 downloads
    log2counter (0.0.5) Convert (analyse) Apache log files to COUNTER CSV.
  16. 9,819 downloads
    log2json (0.1.26) Log2json lets you read, filter and send logs as JSON objects via Unix pipes. It is inspired by Lo...
  17. 4,160 downloads
    log2json-loggers (0.1.11) Log2json lets you read, filter and send logs as JSON objects via Unix pipes. It is inspired by Lo...
  18. 297 downloads
    log2layout (0.0.1) Pulls Wiki URLs from Excel spreadsheet and automates image downloading.
  19. 1,336 downloads
    log2sock (0.0.6) log2sock allows you to send logs to a UNIX domain socket. Its usage is similar to the Ruby 'logge...
  20. 8,918 downloads
    log4ever (0.1.5) log4ever is simple logger for evernote. It is available as an extension of log4r.
  21. 3,739 downloads
    log4j2log4r (0.0.1) An adapter for log4j to implement the log4r interface.
  22. 497 downloads
    log4javascript-rails (1.4.6) Injects Log4javascript js into your asset pipeline.
  23. 640 downloads
    log4j-jars ( Log4j jars
  24. 14,130 downloads
    log4jruby (0.4.0) Log4jruby is a thin wrapper around the Log4j Logger. It is geared more toward those who are ...
  25. 5,275 downloads
    log4net ( log4net is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. lo...
  26. 3,011,505 downloads
    log4r (1.1.10) See also:
  27. 343 downloads
    log4r-azure (0.9.0) log4r-azure allows you to use Windows Azure Table Storage as a log outputter in Log4r. No more HA...
  28. 12,828 downloads
    log4r-color (1.2.2) See also:
  29. 13,076 downloads
    log4r-exceptionable (0.8.0) Failure handlers for rack and resque that log failures using log4r. It is expected that these lo...
  30. 2,489 downloads
    log4r-fluent (0.0.3) Log4R Outputter for fluent