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  1. 6,662 downloads
    logjam_logger (1.1.4) Syslog-compatible rails logger
  2. 725 downloads
    logline (0.0.1) A Ruby library for reading the Final Draft FDX file format
  3. 2,755 downloads
    log-listener (0.0.4) Gem to run after tests looking for log ERROR, really simple
  4. 772 downloads
    logman (0.1.0) Logman is Web Console/API for gathering logs from various sources and analyzing them. Logs are sa...
  5. 353 downloads
    logman_rails (0.0.1) This is Rails client library for Logman. Library tracks exceptions in Rails and sends them to Log...
  6. 6,225 downloads
    log_master (0.2.0) Creates and emails a simple report for a set of log (or text) files. Useful for aggretating small...
  7. 285 downloads
    logme (0.0.1) Provides logger method for both class and instance object
  8. 544 downloads
    log_me (1.0) Adds customized logging functionality to ActionController and ActiveRecord in a Rails application.
  9. 16,733 downloads
    log-me (0.0.8) LogMe is a simple way to configure log in your gem. It's especially useful when you need to log W...
  10. 18,243 downloads
    logmein (0.2.8) A UI plugin that sits on top of authlogic to provide basic security (i.e. restricted acce...
  11. 5,076 downloads
    logmerge (1.0.3) Logmerge contains two utilities logmerge and ip2name. logmerge merges Apache access logs into o...
  12. 296 downloads
    log_minimal (0.0.1) Ruby port of Log::Minimal.
  13. 1,917 downloads
    log_mixin (1.1.2) The LogMixin module provides (you guessed it) a mixin to make logging more convenient. It is int...
  14. 1,086 downloads
    logn (0.0.2) Logn parses and filters log files
  15. 89 downloads
    lognotifier (0.0.1) Log notifier will check for patterns on log files and send a notifications to pagerduty if there ...
  16. 2,516 downloads
    logo (0.1.5) longer description of your gem
  17. 3,551 downloads
    logonxc (0.4.0) Parse basic logo and output NXC for Lego Mindstorms
  18. 395 downloads
    logophobia-feedbag (0.5.103) Ruby's favorite feed auto-discoverty tool
  19. 1,305 downloads
    logophobia-feedzirra (0.0.31) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  20. 140 downloads
    logophobia-logophobia-feedbag (0.5.101) Ruby's favorite feed auto-discoverty tool
  21. 139 downloads
    logophobia-logophobia-feedzirra (0.0.31) A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it domin...
  22. 243 downloads
    logor (0.1.0) Basic LOGO interpreter
  23. 12,223 downloads
    logotomy (0.0.1) Give Rails Logging a Lobotomy.
  24. 408 downloads
    log_packer (0.0.3) Log Packer is a tool to package rails log to log/archive folder
  25. 2,760 downloads
    logparser (0.1.1) Parse log files using a simple syntax.
  26. 3,391 downloads
    logplex (0.0.1.pre.4) Publish and Consume Logplex messages
  27. 5,637 downloads
    logplex-client (0.1.8) A client and library for Logplex
  28. 3,416 downloads
    log_plus (3.0.0) Enhances default Rails logging with custom log prefixes, max log sizes, and more.
  29. 5,085 downloads
    logpoop (1.1.1) This gem installs a script called 'logpoop' that, when run, fills up your active terminal session...
  30. 6,327 downloads
    logporter (0.1.4) syslog servlet for ruby