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  1. 10,816 downloads
    logical-insight (0.4.7) Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware. Rails 3 compatible versio...
  2. 45,018 downloads
    logical_model (0.6.1) LogicalModel allows to use a resource as a model. It is based on web presentation http://www.slid...
  3. 2,263 downloads
    logical_tabs (0.8.0) LogicalTabs assists in the creation of a tabbed panel UI for Rails apps with several adva...
  4. 1,105 downloads
    logicea (0.0.2) Logicea supports Euruko 2013 because we believe in Ruby and its growing passionate community whic...
  5. 392 downloads
    logick (0.0.0) It's my first gem.
  6. 2,151 downloads
    logicle (0.1.1) Logicle is a simulator for testing and solving simple circuits composed of basic logical elements...
  7. 4,991 downloads
    logicmonitor_simple (0.1.3) Simple API client for LogicMonitor
  8. 512 downloads
    Logic_test (0.0.1) test
  9. 622 downloads
    logification (0.0.6) Logging made simple
  10. 3,606 downloads
    logify (0.2.0) Logify is an incredibly light-weight Ruby logger with a developer-friendly API and no dependencie...
  11. 1,842 downloads
    login (0.1.1) Devise and Omniauth defaults
  12. 10,432 downloads
    login_generator (1.2.2) Generates Rails code implementing a login system for your Rails app.
  13. 2,341 downloads
    loginprompt (0.0.3) A simple gem to integrate Rails apps with the loginPrompt service.
  14. 3,981 downloads
    loginradius (0.1.4) Enables token authentication against
  15. 992 downloads
    login_radius (1.0.1) Ruby wrapper for LoginRadius API v2
  16. 4,541 downloads
    login_sugar_generator ( A modification of the Salted Hash Login Generator that works with Rails 1.1.[456]
  17. 1,872 downloads
    loginza (0.2.0) Loginza - an interactive JavaScript widget provides visitors to your sites, a wide range of optio...
  18. 13,645 downloads
    logirel (0.1.6) The gem works by having as its dependencies everything you need to get started with OSS and pr...
  19. 6,451 downloads
    logit (1.0.4) Easily add custom logging abilities to your Ruby or Rails application.
  20. 4,267 downloads
    logjam (1.1.0) LogJam is a library to simplify the use of logging across libraries and applications.
  21. 2,219 downloads
    log_jam (0.0.2) LogJam is a proxy to another logger. Say, the Rails logger. This gem intercepts the log message a...
  22. 55,003 downloads
    logjam_agent (0.11.3) Logjam logger and request information forwarding
  23. 6,764 downloads
    logjam_logger (1.1.4) Syslog-compatible rails logger
  24. 745 downloads
    logline (0.0.1) A Ruby library for reading the Final Draft FDX file format
  25. 2,827 downloads
    log-listener (0.0.4) Gem to run after tests looking for log ERROR, really simple
  26. 817 downloads
    logman (0.1.0) Logman is Web Console/API for gathering logs from various sources and analyzing them. Logs are sa...
  27. 379 downloads
    logman_rails (0.0.1) This is Rails client library for Logman. Library tracks exceptions in Rails and sends them to Log...
  28. 243 downloads
    logmaster (0.1.1) A wrapper around ruby stdlib Logger with emailing capabilities
  29. 6,305 downloads
    log_master (0.2.0) Creates and emails a simple report for a set of log (or text) files. Useful for aggretating small...
  30. 307 downloads
    logme (0.0.1) Provides logger method for both class and instance object