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  1. 5,053 downloads
    lascivious (1.0.1) Easy interface between Rails & Javascript for KISSmetrics
  2. 1,844 downloads
    laser (0.7.0.pre1) Laser is an advanced static analysis tool for Ruby.
  3. 4,167 downloads
    lash (1.0.3) Lash will bundle and compress most common static assets using Googles closure compiler for JavaSc...
  4. 505 downloads
    lashd-product_api (0.1.0) Much longer explanation of the example!
  5. 2,140 downloads
    lash-sprites (0.3.2) A library to ease the dynamic generation of CSS spritesfrom a list of images or a css file. Supp...
  6. 2,556 downloads
    las_reader (0.0.4) A simple gem to read CWLS-LAS file format. File in this format will contain well log data in ASCI...
  7. 5,302 downloads
    lasso (0.3.0) Identity herding with OAuth
  8. 1,321 downloads
    last_commit (0.1.0) Simple utility class to get last commit info from git repository.
  9. 1,113 downloads
    lastdotfm (1.0.0) Simple wrapper for the API. Will return raw API results in an HTTParty hash.
  10. 489 downloads
    last-dup (0.0.3) Checks a given directory for music you already listened to using your handle
  11. 42,985 downloads
    lastfm (1.25.0) A ruby interface for web services version 2.0
  12. 1,635 downloads
    last_fm (0.1.0) A Ruby client for LastFm that feels like Ruby.
  13. 2,823 downloads
    lastfm12 (0.0.2) lastfm12 is a wrapper around the protocol version 1.2. This library can manipulate the la...
  14. 674 downloads
    lastfmbb (0.1.3) Uses the API to generate BBCode for pasting into your About Me section based on your top ...
  15. 1,258 downloads
    lastfm-cli (0.1.2-universal-darwin-9) lastfm-cli lets users choose radio stations, play songs, skip songs, "love" them or &qu...
  16. 1,104 downloads
    lastfm-client (0.0.3) API client
  17. 555 downloads
    lastfm-itunes (0.2.1) Easily create playlists of top Lastfm tracks from your iTunes library.
  18. 2,977 downloads
    lastfm-m3u (0.3) CLI tool to create m3u playlists of top artist tracks according to lastfm
  19. 1,577 downloads
    lastfm-path-finder (1.0.3) Gem for finding paths between artists in
  20. 4,217 downloads
    lastfm-tail (1.1.2) A small script, inspired by the Unix tail utility, for viewing recently-scrobbled tracks on
  21. 4,161 downloads
    lastfm_tools (1.1.1) A backuper, helper and data analyzer for API 2.0
  22. 1,710 downloads
    lastfm-top (0.2.0) A small script to view top artists, albums and tracks of a user.
  23. 1,205 downloads
    last_green_go_pipeline (1.2.2) friendly wrapper around the go-api-client that looks up the last green build of a Go.CD pipeline
  24. 5,410 downloads
    lastgroov (0.3.0) Now you can scrobble Grooveshark music!
  25. 1,044 downloads
    last_line (0.0.2) Explicitly allow GET requests for specific actions, verify authenticity token on GET
  26. 3,716 downloads
    last_mod_cache (1.0.2) An extension for ActiveRecord models that adds a a very easy to use caching layer for models that...
  27. 1,187 downloads
    lastpass (1.2.1) Unofficial LastPass API
  28. 1,396 downloads
    lastrb (0.1.0) Another ruby library for webservices
  29. 7,933 downloads
    last-resort (0.0.10) Last Resort is a Ruby gem for monitoring email sent by automated services (monit, logging package...
  30. 747 downloads
    last-seen-recipes-handler (0.0.2) A plugin for Chef::Knife which displays node metadata about the last chef run.