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  1. 1,595 downloads
    lolita-first-data (2.0.1) FirstData payment plugin using ActiveMerchant for use with Lolita CMS
  2. 11,969 downloads
    lolita-i18n (0.5.6) Lolita plugin, that enables .yml files management from administrative interface. Also faster acce...
  3. 23,809 downloads
    lolita-menu (0.4.1) Manage public menus for each project inside Lolita.
  4. 491 downloads
    lolita-paypal (1.0.1) Paypal payment plugin using ActiveMerchant for use with Lolita CMS
  5. 2,208 downloads
    lolita-report (0.1.0) Enable configuration and generate HTML view for Lolita resources, and also has ability to export ...
  6. 28,617 downloads
    lolita-translation (0.8.2) Lolita extension that allow users to change language and translate DB data.
  7. 6,925 downloads
    lolitra (0.1.3) Lolitra, build Sagas, a kind of Long Live Transaction (LLT), in less lines
  8. 3,362 downloads
    lolize (0.0.3) Colorize your ruby stdout with Lolcat
  9. 1,324 downloads
    loljira (0.0.1) command line utility for use with git to automatically create jira tickets
  10. 1,709 downloads
    lollipop (0.0.0) I promise I will do something useful with this.
  11. 4,541 downloads
    lol_multiple_uploads (1.3.0) You must create one account at for use this gem
  12. 1,297 downloads
    lolochu (0.0.2) lolchu
  13. 2,028 downloads
    lolreplay (0.1.1) Allows for access of the metadata in a LoL Replay .lrf file.
  14. 10,528 downloads
    lolsoap (0.5.1) A library for dealing with SOAP requests and responses. We tear our hair out so you don't have to.
  15. 513 downloads
    lol_sortable (0.0.1) Sort yours models with mongoid, jquery.ui.sortable
  16. 689 downloads
    LOLsp (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  17. 1,652 downloads
    lolspeak (1.0.0) Translates English text into LOLspeak.
  18. 392 downloads
    LoLStat (0.0.1) A barebones League of Legends API Wrapper
  19. 1,711 downloads
    lol_static (0.0.8) Fetches static content from the league of legends CDN
  20. 919 downloads
    lomadee (0.0.5) A lightweight Ruby wrapper for Buscapé API
  21. 4,084 downloads
    lomic (0.1.0) Lomic is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) intended to be used for Pomic, a programming version of...
  22. 1,535 downloads
    lomo (0.1.1) Apply a lomo filter to your pictures from the command line.
  23. 144 downloads
    lonbaker-tmail ( TMail is a Ruby-based mail handler. It allows you to compose stadards compliant emails in a very ...
  24. 6,030 downloads
    lonely_coder ( A gem for interacting with OKCupid as if it had an API.
  25. 142 downloads
    lonelyelk-file_path (0.2) FilePath is a ruby class to simplify file path interaction
  26. 2,403 downloads
    lonelyelk-gphoto4ruby (0.3.3) GPhoto4Ruby is Ruby wrapping around gphoto2 C library
  27. 4,291 downloads
    longbow (0.5.0) One codebase. Multiple App Store submission targets with different icons, launch images, info.pli...
  28. 32,530 downloads
    long-decimal (1.00.01) LongDecimal for numbers with fixed point
  29. 3,774 downloads
    longitude (0.1.2) Lets you easily using SCSS create responsive, mobile first layouts with minimal footprint in an u...
  30. 467 downloads
    long_tweet (0.0.1) Create a long tweet and have it posted for your followers in top-to-bottom order