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  1. 259 downloads
    logstash-filter-cidr (0.1.1) The CIDR filter is for checking IP addresses in events against a list of network blocks that migh...
  2. 87 downloads
    logstash-filter-clone (0.1.0) A clone will be made for each type in the clone list. The original event is left unchanged.
  3. 85 downloads
    logstash-filter-mutate (0.1.0) The mutate filter allows you to perform general mutations on fields. You can rename, remove, repl...
  4. 138 downloads
    logstash-filter-punct (0.1.0) Strip everything but punctuation from a field and store the remainder in a separate field. This i...
  5. 567 downloads
    logstash-filter-translate (0.1.4) A general search and replace tool which uses a configured hash and/or a YAML file to determine re...
  6. 82 downloads
    logstash-filter-xml (0.1.0) Takes a field that contains XML and expands it into an actual datastructure.
  7. 2,321 downloads
    logstash-formatters (1.0.3) Logstash formatters for Ruby Logger
  8. 205 downloads
    logstash-input-file (0.1.0) Stream events from files.
  9. 35 downloads
    logstash-input-log-courier (1.0.21.ga82ca4c) Log Courier Input Logstash Plugin
  10. 425 downloads
    logstash-lib (1.3.2) gem containing logstash code mainly for the purposes of doing programmatic validation of configur...
  11. 32,183 downloads
    logstash-lite (0.2.20110505142231) scalable log and event management (search, archive, pipeline)
  12. 27,618 downloads
    logstash-logger (0.7.0) Ruby logger that writes directly to LogStash
  13. 426 downloads
    logstash-output-elasticsearch (0.1.1) Output events to elasticsearch
  14. 39 downloads
    logstash-output-log-courier (1.0.21.ga82ca4c) Log Courier Output Logstash Plugin
  15. 8,851 downloads
    logstash_rails (0.3.2) Send events from Rails to Logstash without logger foo.
  16. 3,625 downloads
    logstash_sqs (0.0.10) Logstash SQS Client
  17. 3,837 downloads
    logstats (0.0.3) Generates a simple HTML file based upon my custom timesheet format.
  18. 37,086 downloads
    logster (0.1.6) UI for viewing logs in Rack
  19. 3,857 downloads
    logs_tf (0.0.3) A gem to interface with the API
  20. 798 downloads
    logstomp (0.0.1) svlogd processor to send logs to Stomp destination
  21. 836 downloads
    logstream (0.0.4) Logstream is an Acquia service for streaming logs from Acquia Cloud.
  22. 193 downloads
    logstuff (0.0.2) Structured Logging for use with Logstash
  23. 60,938 downloads
    log_switch (1.0.0) Extends a class for singleton style logging that can easily be turned on an...
  24. 1,367 downloads
    logtool (0.0.2) logtool is a Rails log parser that can accepts complex queries
  25. 22,707 downloads
    logtrend (0.9.20101209201344) logtrend is an HTTP log parser built on top of event machine, generating rrd graphs of usage matc...
  26. 8,263 downloads
    logtwuncator (0.1.6) A win32 log file truncator and archiver with windows service
  27. 1,654 downloads
    logue (1.0.1) A module that adds logging/trace functionality.
  28. 20,967 downloads
    logutils (0.6.0) Another Logger
  29. 1,280 downloads
    log_view (0.2.1) log_view is a parallel monitoring logs gem who uses ssh connection to make tail on described file...
  30. 705 downloads
    logvisible (0.0.1) Create easy to see log statements for debugging in Rails applications