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  1. 359 downloads
    luccasmaso-docsplit ( Docsplit is a command-line utility and Ruby library for splitting apart documents into th...
  2. 38,053 downloads
    lucene (0.5.0.beta.1) A lucene wrapper for JRuby
  3. 1,425 downloads
    lucene-dotnet ( Lucene.Net is a source code, class-per-class, API-per-API and algorithmatic port of the Java Lu...
  4. 2,179 downloads
    lucene_query (0.1) Query builder for the Lucene (and Solr) search engine.
  5. 1,106 downloads
    lucene_query_parser (0.0.1) Parser class and syntax checking script for validating Lucene queries
  6. 438 downloads
    lucent (0.0.1) A Test Execution Framework for Lucid
  7. 969 downloads
    luchadeer (0.3.1) The bombingest Giant Bomb API client library for Ruby.
  8. 1,039 downloads
    luchador (0.0.1) a luchador can be whatever yoy want it to be
  9. 13,951 downloads
    lucid (0.4.1) Lucid is a test framework that is designed to treat testing as a design activity by allow...
  10. 581 downloads
    lucid-gen (2.0.0) LucidGen generates test repositories for the Lucid framework. Lucid is an opinionated fr...
  11. 1,491 downloads
    lucidimagination-chargify ( Ruby wrapper for the SAAS and billing API
  12. 307 downloads
    lucidimagination-warbler ( Warbler is a gem to make a Java jar or war file out of any Ruby, Rails, Merb, or Rack application...
  13. 1,313 downloads
    lucid-tdl (1.1.0) Test Description Language
  14. 42,529 downloads
    lucid_works (0.9.4) Ruby wrapper for the LucidWorks REST API
  15. 7,411 downloads
    lucie (0.1.1) Command line utility framework
  16. 6,931 downloads
    lucie-bin (0.1.1) Command line utility framework
  17. 6,221 downloads
    lucie-cmd (0.1.1) Shell command for Lucie command line utility framework
  18. 6,995 downloads
    lucie-lib (0.1.1) Command line utility framework
  19. 2,143 downloads
    lucio (0.0.8) Lucio is intended to be a Lisp-like language developed in Ruby only for knowledge and fun.
  20. 10,873 downloads
    luck (0.1.6) Pure-ruby CLI UI system. Includes multiple panes in a display and multiple controls in a pane. lu...
  21. 3,500 downloads
    lucky (0.0.7) test gem
  22. 6,745 downloads
    lucy (0.2.1) Rails plugin for generating javascript files from Ruby objects
  23. 6,149 downloads
    lucy_cms (0.0.6) LucyCMS is a Rails 3 CMS that lives inside your Rails App, but does not interfere with it
  24. 1,096 downloads
    lucy-ffi (0.0.1) Lucy FFI Bindings for Ruby
  25. 4,359 downloads
    lucy-goosey (0.4.0) Simple, fast, and looose command line option parser.
  26. 1,113 downloads
    luddite (0.0.1) i am waiting to upload this
  27. 7,870 downloads
    ludo-roart (0.1.19) Interface for working with Request Tracker (RT) tickets inspired by ActiveRecord.
  28. 29,873 downloads
    ludy (0.1.15) Aims to extend Ruby standard library, providing some useful tools that's not existed in the stand...
  29. 1,664 downloads
    luego (0.2.0) Simplify your threads with future objects that turn into the thread value when it finishes
  30. 413 downloads
    lugg (0.0.2) A tiny command line utility to search through Rails server log files and display requests that me...