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  1. 341 downloads
    last_tweet_redux (0.1.2) Runs a trivial background process that just fetches the last tweet and saves it to a Redis backen...
  2. 4,173 downloads
    latch (0.4.0) This is a really simple countdown latch for Ruby.
  3. 223 downloads
    latchsdk (1.1) This SDK allows developers to integrate Latch on their Ruby services. Latch is a service that let...
  4. 2,158 downloads
    late (0.0.3) Late is a gem that provides extremely fast C binding based time methods
  5. 664 downloads
    latent_object_detector (0.0.3) Flags frequently used words in method names as possible latent concepts.
  6. 4,010 downloads
    later (0.2.0) Lean Redis-backed event scheduling library for Ruby
  7. 25,205 downloads
    later_dude (0.3.3) LaterDude is a small calendar helper plugin for Rails with i18n support.
  8. 1,290 downloads
    laterpaper (0.1.0) Library for using the Instapaper API
  9. 4,181 downloads
    latest (0.4.0) Latest keeps us up to speed by querying for a gem's most recent version number. Yep,...
  10. 5,451 downloads
    latest_branch (1.0.3) Return the most-recently-updated folder starting with a common prefix.
  11. 1,488 downloads
    latest_ruby (0.0.3) Knows about MRI, Rubinius, JRuby, MagLev and MacRuby.
  12. 494 downloads
    latest_tweets (0.0.3) Simple twitter gem wrapper for grabbing the latest tweets from an account or query.
  13. 4,636 downloads
    latex (0.1.3) Latex is a LaTeX text generation library for Ruby.
  14. 25,681 downloads
    latex-decode (0.1.1) Decodes strings formatted in LaTeX to equivalent Unicode strings.
  15. 562 downloads
    latex_document (0.1.1) Latex document generator
  16. 112 downloads
    latex-flow (0.0.1) Latex-flow is a command-line tool to support LaTeX's workflow.
  17. 5,084 downloads
    latex-project-template (0.0.4) Create LaTeX project with git from template, which uses latexmk.
  18. 1,136 downloads
    latex-tools (0.1) The latex-tools gem is a collection of classes that facilitate the writing of various elements of...
  19. 2,548 downloads
    latex-to-unicode (0.1.4) Replaces LaTeX math-mode markup with Unicode characters wherever possible.
  20. 3,890 downloads
    lathe (0.0.12) Generator for minxing365's plugin developer.
  21. 1,733 downloads
    lather (1.4.0) Lather is an easy way to watch files and do something when they change. By default, it checks for...
  22. 2,129 downloads
    latinchart (0.0.2) This gem allows one to generate a chart of the full conjugations of one of each of the 5 paradi...
  23. 4,399 downloads
    latinirb (1.0.3) This gem takes initial data describing a LatinVerb and allows this is be instantiated into an IRB...
  24. 3,432 downloads
    latinum (0.3.0) Latinum is a simple gem for managing resource computations, including money and minerals.
  25. 3,917 downloads
    latinverb (1.0.2) This gem takes the four principal parts of a standard Latin verb and then fully conjugates that v...
  26. 98 downloads
    latinverb_chart_presenter (1.0.0) A library for displaying a LatinVerb
  27. 286 downloads
    latinverb_classifier (1.0.1) Library for classifying Latin verbs
  28. 204 downloads
    latinverb_deponent_string_deriver (1.0.0) Derives a "fake" description string for a LatinVerb to represent it in a deponent state
  29. 237 downloads
    latinverb_imperative_block (1.0.1) Extract ImperativeBlock from LatinVerb
  30. 263 downloads
    latinverb_imperatives (1.0.0) Component for LatinVerb to do imperatives calculation