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  1. 1,044 downloads
    latex-tools (0.1) The latex-tools gem is a collection of classes that facilitate the writing of various elements of...
  2. 2,214 downloads
    latex-to-unicode (0.1.4) Replaces LaTeX math-mode markup with Unicode characters wherever possible.
  3. 2,836 downloads
    lathe (0.0.9) Generator for minxing365's plugin developer.
  4. 1,653 downloads
    lather (1.4.0) Lather is an easy way to watch files and do something when they change. By default, it checks for...
  5. 1,970 downloads
    latinchart (0.0.2) This gem allows one to generate a chart of the full conjugations of one of each of the 5 paradi...
  6. 3,412 downloads
    latinirb (0.4.0) This gem takes initial data describing a LatinVerb and allows this is be instantiated into an IRB...
  7. 3,012 downloads
    latinum (0.3.0) Latinum is a simple gem for managing resource computations, including money and minerals.
  8. 3,227 downloads
    latinverb (0.9.5) This gem takes the four principal parts of a standard Latin verb and then fully conjugates that v...
  9. 3,427 downloads
    latte (0.0.4) Talks DNS and passes queries back to a query resolver build by you that just talks Ruby
  10. 88 downloads
    lattes (0.0.1) A crawler and parser to the CurrĂ­culo Lattes.
  11. 1,806 downloads
    lattice (0.2.0) A concurrent realtime web framework for Ruby
  12. 2,404 downloads
    launch (2.0.0) launch is a wrapper for liblaunch which lets you load, unload, reload, submit, remove, start, sto...
  13. 9,438 downloads
    launch-agent (0.8.1) A library to use launchd easily
  14. 4,515 downloads
    launchbg (0.0.16) Permite iniciar commando del sistema operativo en background y retorna inmediatamente. Si Rails.e...
  15. 900 downloads
    launchbox (0.0.5) Connect your app to Launchbox for all your service integrations in one place.
  16. 6,346 downloads
    launchcraft ( Simple cli launcher for minecraft
  17. 1,401 downloads
    launchdr (3) One stop shop for launchd property list creation. The doctor is *in*!
  18. 175 downloads
    launchd_tools (0.5.0) Provides tools for converting from command line arguments to a formatted launchd plist and vice v...
  19. 967 downloads
    launchit (0.0.1) Kinda like Quicksilver but from terminal
  20. 608 downloads
    launchkey (0.2.0) LaunchKey is evolving user authentication and killing passwords with physical multi-factor authen...
  21. 9,773 downloads
    launchpad (0.3.0) This gem provides an interface to access novation's launchpad programmatically. LEDs can be light...
  22. 1,285 downloads
    launchr (1.1.0) --In development-- Launchr is meant as an easy-to-use stand in replacement for launchctl. Launchr...
  23. 436 downloads
    launchrock (1.0.0) A ruby gem to integrate with the launchrock API
  24. 443 downloads
    launchrock-sync (1.0.0) A ruby gem to sync between launchrock and mailing list providers
  25. 1,055 downloads
    launch_tracks (0.1.0) Automaticlly start Rack applications on demand using launchd.
  26. 6,057,041 downloads
    launchy (2.4.2) Launchy is helper class for launching cross-platform applications in a fire and forget manner. Th...
  27. 2,712 downloads
    launchy_opensearch (1.1.0) This program allows to parse OpenSearch XML files and include them as search engines in the Weby ...
  28. 2,695 downloads
    launchy-opensearch (1.2.1) LaunchyOpenSearch is a Ruby library and commandline tool that allows to parse OpenSearch XML file...
  29. 6,053 downloads
    laundry (0.0.8) A soapy interface to ACH Direct's service.
  30. 842 downloads
    laurem (0.0.2) nothing really